We have had a BLAST this week!

We have had a BLAST this week! looking through your New Years Hobby Resolutions – and you are going to have a busy year if they are to come true! we are looking forward to seeing a lot of great posts online during the year. The winner of the competition has been notified and will be posted next week – here is a bit of inspiration for your own New Years Resolution:

Kris Owrey
This year I resolve to crack the riddle of keeping the water mug and the coffee mug on the painting table at the same time, while lowering the content of acrylic paint in my digestive system.

Caleb Decker
Step 1: win this brush
Step 2: sell this brush
Step 3: buy paint for my first army (Tyranids)
Step 4: wish I had a brush

Paul Smith
1 – Not to glue all the fingers of both hands together…..again.
2 – Complete at least 1 project from 2014
3 – Complete at least 1 project from 2015
4 – Complete at least 1 project from 2016
5 – Complete at least one project from 2017
6 – Complete a project undertaken in 2018
7 – Stop leaving projects unfinished
8 – Practice wet blending more
9 – Create a proper painting area
10 – Thin my paints and always apply 2 thin coats

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