Twilight Imperium Pre-Order Program

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 11 August 2017

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition

Twilight Imperium Pre-Order Program

Pre-Order Twilight Imperium Today to Receive Limited Promotional Offers

With the announcement of the next chapter in the epic space opera that helped shape a generation of strategy games, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to launch pre-orders for Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition! To celebrate the game’s announcement and the 20th anniversary of Twilight Imperium, we are going to be offering some fantastic limited promotional items when they pre-order the game.

To pre-order Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition now, click here!

Pre-orders are a convenient way for fans of FFG to order new products ahead of their release dates. We always recommend that players pre-order FFG products through their local hobby games retailer to support and ensure the well-being of local hobby gaming communities.

To learn more about Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, please read our official announcement article here. For more information on the pre-order program and the exclusive limited edition content available, read on!

Creator Christian T. Petersen admires the twenty year legacy of Twilight Imperium.

Enter an Age of Twilight

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition not only offers players the definitive edition of crafting your own epic space saga, but marks the 20th anniversary of the entire line of Twilight Imperium games. To mark this momentous occasion, you can pre-order this fantastic game now from your friendly local retailer for the opportunity to receive exclusive limited content. Retailers should contact their distributors for more information on the program and these limited promotional items!

*The cover design for the hardcover rulebook is not yet final.

If you pre-order Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, you’ll have the opportunity to receive the Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition rulebooks bound together in a single volume hardback book. Not only will you be able to learn and teach the game at the pinnacle of style, but you’ll be treated to expanded fiction and content that paints the rich universe of Twilight Imperium in exacting detail. You’ll also find extensive gorgeous art that depicts these many disparate peoples coming together in war as they struggle to dominate the galaxy and lay claim to the desiccated throne of Mecatol Rex.

Additionally, you’ll have a chance to receive two beautiful limited edition 11 x 17 art prints with special commemorative branding that showcases twenty years of exacting world building and gorgeous design work that has brought this vibrant universe to life.

One print

showcases the box art in all its glorious detail, highlighting the varied races that are battling for supremacy of Mecatol Rex. The

other print

features the construction of one of the most powerful weapons that the races of Twilight Imperium are willing to bring to bear in the name of galactic superiority: the devastating War Sun.

Pre-order now from your local retailer or from FFG here and guarantee your access to this limited content!

For those coming to Gen Con 50, make sure to stop by the Fantasy Flight Games booth to find out more about the game and get your chance to demo it first before anyone else. 

For Mecatol Rex! For the Throne!

The war for the galaxy has never been more important. All the races of the universe are racing toward the empty throne on Mecatol Rex to lay claim as the new Emperors of the galaxy. Will you reach Mecatol Rex in time to stake your claim? Or you will be burnt to ash in the fires of war, another forgotten ambition lost to the annals of history?

These limited promotional copies will only be available while supplies last. Pre-order Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition (TI07) from your local retailer today or from FFG here!

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