Tutorial: Pimp my TriTube Pro

By Massive Voodoo

Hi all,

Hansrainer here 🙂

As promised before,
here is the tutorial on how to pimp your old tri-tube painting lamp:

This is the logical conclusion of my quest for a good painting lamp, started in my last article:

Put the grip back in the original position, put the screw back in and affix it with the wingnut. Of course without the lamp-head. 

Now you need to be a bit careful when inserting the 8 mm x 50 mm screw. Since the screw holding the wing-nut protrudes a little into the bolt-tunnel, you need to actually screw it in. Make sure its flush with the end of the “grip”.

Screw the hexagonal connection nut on the big screw.

You can prepare the LED-Panel by removing the barn doors (I did, they are of no use to me and the actually restrict the movement of the panel within its own U-frame. )

Now, shove the panels holding opening over the hexagonal nut, screw tight. For additional grip, you can add a piece of rubber between the screw and the nut, metal on metal connections like this can be somewhat slipping without it.

Plug in the power pack and test the panel. If you like it, attach the wiring to the boom with the cable ties:



Tube lamps tend to fade over time. Many LED-Lamps are suboptimal for painting due to poor light quality. Replacing the existing lamp-head of my Tri-Tube with a high quality, fotographers LED Panel was cheaper than buying the LED version of the Tri-Tube, has more than 3 times the output and significantly higher color reproduction quality.

In case you don’t own a Tri-Tube yet but like the idea, the cheapest lamp with the same heavy duty boom I found was at around 42€, so together with the panel, a complete new build would be about 160€, not cheap but doable.


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