The Weight of the Empire

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 7 August 2019

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

The Weight of the Empire

Announcing the Imperial Raider Expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing

“We will deal with your Rebel friends soon enough.”
   —Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars: A New Hope

The flames of Rebellion move quickly, sweeping across entire star systems in an instant. While fleets of Imperial Star Destroyers can extinguish these flames, it is far better to stamp out the embers before they spread. Now, a new ship is on the way to crush the embers of Rebellion wherever they can be found. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

Pre-order your own copy of the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

An advanced patrol vessel developed by the Empire, the Raider-class Corvette is built to strike swiftly and decisively wipe out any resistance. Capable of spewing out salvoes of ordnance or firing focused blasts at any target hapless enough to be caught in its killzone, the Raider is a terrifying opponent on the battlefield.

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add a Raider-class Corvette to either your Galactic Empire or First Order squadrons, including two ship cards and variety of upgrade cards inviting you to outfit your ship with Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints. You’ll also find everything you need to fly a Raider-class Corvette or any other huge ship, including a huge ship maneuver tool, a huge ship range ruler, a resource tracker, and a huge ship damage deck.

Read on for more information on the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack!

A Legacy of Fear

Stalking across the stars, the Raider-class Corvette is assigned to accomplish tasks that larger warships cannot. These sleek and powerful ships are often used for reconnaissance missions, surgical strikes, or suppressing enemy starfighters. The ship was so effective at these missions during the Galactic Civil War, in fact, that supporters of the First Order still make use of it in their fight against the Resistance. Though it has outlived the regime that created it, the Raider-class Corvette still spreads fear across the galaxy.

Although the Raider-class Corvette is one of the Empire’s smallest warships, it can be loaded with a surprising variety of ordnance, making it a threat to both enemy fighters and the larger ships that support them. To this end, the ship features concentrated batteries that further enhance its prodigious firepower, granting it an extra die while performing a primary, torpedo, or missile attack.

Harnessing the power of such as ship is not a task for a single pilot, of course, and the Raider-class Corvette operates most effectively with an entire crew to keep its systems up and running. Teams of Gunnery Specialists or ordnance experts can unlock even more potential in the ship’s weapons, using its energy to fire more accurately or ensure its deadly ordnance is ready to fire at a moment’s notice. At the same time, some of the Empire’s finest officers can take command, coordinating with the squadron’s smaller ships from the bridge.

With so many ways to outfit it for battle, it should be no surprise that the many Raider-class Corvettes in Imperial service differ drastically in their approach to space combat. With the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack, you can deploy these iconic ships to battle, making use of their unique capabilities to further your own strategic objectives.

The Raider-class Corvette can be flown as part of both Imperial and First Order Squadrons!

A central part of the elite Inferno Squad, the fearsome


for example, brings its own complement of starfighters to a battle. What’s more, the crew of this imposing ship are always coldly calculating their next move, gaining an additional calculate token after performing a calculate action. We’ll take a closer look inside the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack—including all the Title upgrade cards—in a future preview!

Harness the Might

From the Core Worlds to the far reaches of the Outer Rim, the Raider-class Corvette is ready to remind the galaxy of the long reach of the Empire. Harness its power and stamp out rebellion when the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack arrives in the fourth quarter of 2019! 

Launch your own Raider-class Corvette, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or through our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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