The Ikwen Uprising 15mm Kickstarter underway now

Loud Ninja Games has a second Kickstarter ending July 1st 2019 now running to expand the well loved Ikwen.  Ikwen are alien freedom fighters who fit right into any science fiction setting.  Go
Alternative Armies manufactures and sells Loud Ninja Games miniatures from here in Scotland.  We shall also be the people behind the molding and production of the Ikwen Uprising upon its funding.  We will be sending out all pledges to the UK and Europe while Eli the chap behind Loud Ninja Games will be handling the North American backers.  You can see the existing codes as well as the existing Ikwen on our website HERE.
This Kickstarter campaign comes from the heart from a talented life long wargamer and roleplayer who has a vision of creating a 15mm scale story of an alien world called Kwiell.  A modest funding target offering good value.  Work is currently underway on RAP047 Ikwen with Assault Rifles pack two.  Sculpted by Sean Harrison.
There is a mighty fine vehicle included in this project which I am looking forward to getting on the table.  Alternative Armies has taken on the role of sculpting this vehicle and all of its variants.  Cool!
To keep up to date with what Loud Ninja Games is doing we suggest following their Facebook page HERE.  You can also join the Alternative Armies Tabletop Wargaming Group on Facebook HERE for all of our latest news.
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