Thank you SO much Secret Weapon Miniatures for your sponsorship…

Thank you SO much Secret Weapon Miniatures for your sponsorship of the Lady of the Lake GT 2017!

We saw a tremendous surge in participation this year as we climbed to 46 players. And, based on the feedback and enthusiasm we’ve already received from players we are shooting for over 60 Kings of War players next year.

We set a new record for our charity fundraising as well. We raised $2,365 for charity this year, which exceeds our record from last year of $1,690. Most of the money we raised this year was earmarked for a local food shelf in which we work with a local nonprofit organization to turn every $1 donated into $10 worth of food. So, we raised approximately $20,000 worth of food for local needy families. The rest was given to the Children’s Miracle Network.

We couldn’t have done that without your generous support of our event.

From those families and all of us who enjoyed participating in the Lady of the Lake GT we truly thank you.

Here’s a video of our event:

We hope you choose to sponsor us again next year!

Kris Kapsner

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