Call the Guards!

By Paizo

Whether your players are on the right side of the law or under arrest, no Game Master wants to spend time drawing interrogation rooms and holding cells. Fortunately, with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Watch Station, you don’t have to! This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use and captivatingly detailed fantasy set-pieces for the busy Game Master. Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Watch Station also connects with Pathfinder Map Pack: Sewer System, allowing you to create a customizable dungeon of your own design.

Don’t waste your time sketching when you could be playing. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Watch Station, you’ll always be ready whenever you need to call in the guard.

This portable, affordable map measures 24″ x 30″ unfolded, and 8″ x 10″ folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, Pathfinder Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!

And what are maps without miniatures? Don’t forget about our many Pathfinder Battles Miniatures options to fill your maps with heroes and villains alike—and many options from Reaper Miniatures are on sale now! Also, take a look at the 4 Pen and 6 Pen Mat Marker Set from Chessex.

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Special Modifications

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 July 2018

X-Wing Second Edition

Special Modifications

Learn How You Can Modify the First Major Competition for X-Wing™ Second Edition

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”
     –Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

This October, the world’s top X-Wing™ players will once again make their way to the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN to compete in the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. For these players, it’s a chance to enjoy top-level matches, to test their skills, and to vie for fantastic prizes. For everyone else, it’s a chance to see how X-Wing Second Edition captures the essence of fast-paced starfighter battles in the Star Wars galaxy.

The first major competitive event for the game’s second edition, the 2018 Coruscant Invitational is both the culmination of the 2018 System Open Series and an opportunity for fans everywhere to come together and share their love of the game. And this is an important point to reinforce: the Coruscant Invitational’s nod to the X-Wing community is more than lip service; you—as members of the community—are being invited to shape the event itself.

Then, after you help us shape the event, we’re inviting you to follow the action via Twitch, and we’ll reward some of you with prize giveaways. So how exactly does this work? Keep reading.

You Define the “Essence” of Each Faction

If you’re an X-Wing veteran, you’re almost certainly aware that your conversion to the game’s second edition will be facilitated by three different Conversion Kits—one for each of the game’s three initial factions: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy. These kits come with the punch board, ship cards, and upgrade cards you need for your first edition squadrons to make the jump to second edition.

If you’ve been paying attention to our previews and the second edition cards that have already appeared in the 2018 System Open Series, you also know that many of the second edition pilot and upgrade abilities differ from their first edition counterparts. Most of these honor their roots closely, making them immediately recognizable, even as their abilities reflect changes meant to improve gameplay. Some of the ship and upgrade cards in these Conversion Kits, however, are completely new to second edition.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll review dozens of the faction-specific upgrades for the Rebel, Imperial, and Scum factions, starting next week with a look at the Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit. Then, we’ll post a series of three Twitter polls, presenting you with four options from each faction, and we’ll ask you to vote for the upgrades you feel best reflect each faction’s “essence.”

What defines the essence of a faction in X-Wing Second Edition? That’s up for you to decide. Do you gravitate toward the most recognizable characters? Do you aim for the upgrades that best reflect a faction’s playstyle? Do look for game effects that no other faction can claim? Will you simply vote for the game effect you’d most like to see incorporated into the squads for your favorite faction?

However you cast your vote, you’ll be doing your part as a member of the larger X-Wing community to help tailor the 2018 Coruscant Invitational. Each participant in the 2018 Coruscant Invitational will be required to equip at least one copy of his or her faction’s “essential” upgrade.

Watch. Learn. Vote.

Play your part in the first major competitive event for X-Wing Second Edition. Over the next few weeks, stay tuned for a series of closer looks at the upcoming Conversion Kits. We’ll look at dozens of faction-specific upgrades, and in so doing, we’ll be highlighting some of the coolest changes between the game’s first and second editions.

Then, be sure to cast your vote for each faction’s most “essential” upgrade. Make sure, though, your vote’s for the upgrades you’ll most want to see people play at the 2018 Coruscant Invitational—because the winning upgrades will feature in each squadron list for the factions they belong to!

After the voting’s finished, we’ll post the results, and then—on October 6th and October 7th—you’ll get to see how X-Wing Second Edition rewards skillful play when we stream select matches at!

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A Most Distinguished Guide

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 July 2018

Legend of the Five Rings RPG

A Most Distinguished Guide

Preview Game Mastering in the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game

Order your own copy of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game at your local retailer or online through our website today!

A world of adventure awaits with the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game! Last week, we examined your first session of Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying from the perspective of the player characters, and today, we’re looking at how the Beginner Game makes it easy for you to handle a session in the shoes of the Game Master.

Choosing to take on the role of the Game Master can be intimidating. After all, you’re not only responsible for keeping the story moving, but engrossing players in the world. You’ll have to keep track of rules in one hand, while constantly presenting players with exciting new challenges and balancing the story on the other hand!

While this may seem like a big job, the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game gives you all the tools you need to run a successful game. Join us today as we examine how the Adventure Book can guide you through the challenges of your first adventure in the world of Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying. As with our preview from last week, this article features light spoilers for “The Topaz Championship” adventure. 

The Topaz Championship

As the Game Master, your role starts before the session even begins—it’s recommended that you read through all of “The Topaz Championship” before you run it. After all, understanding the direction of the story gives you context during your sessions, and it can help you identify any tricky rules that you feel might need a bit of explanation for your players, helping the Topaz Championship run as smooth as possible.

Once you sit down at the table with one to four of your friends, the adventure begins—for all of you! You should plan to keep the provided Adventure Book close at hand, as it always offers guidance and even provides mini-scripts to read to players, helping to set the scene and immerse your players in the world of Rokugan. It even includes a handy pronunciation guide.

The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game also makes it easy for your players to jump right in and begin playing. We recommend that they first read through the Example of Play to help them visualize how the game is played. Then, after they select their characters, you’ll be able to help them jump right into the action by reading them the start of their adventure:

You’ll find the Adventure Book is your constant sidekick in your role as a Game Master, providing the answers you’re looking for and supporting your efforts throughout the adventure. It starts as soon as the players’ first encounter begins, as they come across a peasant with an overturned cart.

The players are, of course, free to ask the peasant any questions they can think of or take any action they would like to get around the cart. While this may seem daunting for you to handle as a Game Master, the Adventure Book covers many of the actions and questions that they players are likely to try, providing you with answers to give the samurai as the peasant, and mechanical consequences of the various ways that they can get around the cart. Of course, your players may try something completely unexepected, but you can simply do your best to adapt. This freedom of choice is essential to roleplaying games!

The Adventure Book provides you with answers to any questions your players may have!

The Beginner Game is certain to introduce concepts slowly as you play, not only helping players learn the game, but helping you to get a handle on the basics of becoming a Game Master before dealing with the more advanced concepts. For this first encounter, there aren’t even any skill checks for you to worry about, allowing you and your players to get your bearings in the Emerald Empire.

The House of the Laughing Carp

After this encounter with the peasant, your players find their way to the House of the Laughing Carp, which will be their home for the duration of the Topaz Championship. Here, the characters run into a young samurai named Hitoshi in a heated argument with the peasant innkeeper, who is in the process of informing him there are no vacancies at the House of the Laughing Carp.

This situation is on the edge. Hitoshi is on the cusp of an unacceptable outburst, one that could cost him considerably in terms of both honor and social standing. Being dismissed by a peasant is an insult to that same honor, though, and being forced to sleep rough in the town of Tsuma will not help his chances in the contest. If your players cannot defuse the situation, they could be caught in the fallout of whatever happens next. On the other hand, this could also be an opportunity to hurt a rival’s chances of winning the tournament, if they just push the samurai one step closer to the edge.

This gives players their first major decision to make, but whatever they choose, it is time for your first skill check together.

Skill checks are the backbone of Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying. When the player characters face some kind of challenge, you, as the Game Master, will call for a skill check, which sees your players rolling the custom dice that come included with the Beginner Game. A check can result in a mix of results: success (

), explosive success (

), opportunity (

), and strife (

). For this first check, strife and opportunity can be ignored, and your players only have to focus on succeeding at the task at hand.

While skill checks are a very mechanical part of the game, the Adventure Book offers you a full page of helpful reminders on how to handle them, meaning you can keep the game moving while answering any mechanical questions from the players.

Performing a skill check means that you and the player must work together to determine what approach the player is using, and you must determine a Target Number. The approach for each skill check is based in one of the five elements and determined by how the player is trying to make their check. The Target Number, on the other hand, is essentially the difficulty of the task, indicating how many successes the player needs to roll. Determining these numbers may seem tricky, but the Adventure Book provides a lot of guidance on how to determine these numbers. In fact, there is a full page dedicated to the possible responses of your player characters and what they mean mechanically.

While you may be a new Game Master, the guides present in the Adventure Book will make you look like a seasoned pro to your players, as you effortlessly determine Target Numbers and approaches. Like the peasant encounter above, just because a solution isn’t in the book doesn’t mean that your players can’t try it! If they suggest a course of action not covered in the Adventure Book, you can simply look at the table of sample Target Numbers on the back of the book to determine the difficulty of a task.

A chart of sample Target Numbers will help you determine how difficult a task should be!

However the situation shakes out, the Topaz Championship is just beginning, and the young samurai are in for the adventure of their lives.

If you are looking for additional advice, the back of the Adventure Book features a whole section dedicated to some of the trickier elements of becoming a Game Master, and a rulebook included in the Beginner Game can offer more mechanical insight. Even if you’re new to Rokugan or Game Mastering in general, the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

Your Next Adventure

The world of Rokugan is yours to explore. Once you and your players have completed the Topaz Championship, more adventures await! Look for a free follow-up adventure on the Fantasy Flight Games website once the Beginner Game is released, as well as three more downloadable character folios. A rulebook included with the game should give you all the information you need to successfully continue your story. But if your group still wants more, look for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Core Rulebook, coming this fall!

Lead your players into Rokugan with the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game (L5R01), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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Valar Dohaeris

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 July 2018

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Valar Dohaeris

Previewing Four House Intro Decks for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

“The man who fears losing has already lost.”
   –George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Order your own copy of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game House Intro Decks at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The battle for the Iron Throne rages on in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game! In this competitive Living Card Game® of battle and betrayal, the noble Houses of Westeros battle for power, using their military strength, manipulative intrigues, and political influence to gain any advantage. Embracing the world of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, each of these Houses feature a unique set of skills and strategies for you to explore, and if you’ve been waiting for a chance to join the fight, the time is now! 

Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at what awaits you in four of the House Intro Decks for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game: the House Tyrell Intro Deck, House Martell Intro Deck, House Targaryen Intro Deck, and the Night’s Watch Intro Deck—each available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Each House Intro Deck for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game features a carefully assembled set of cards, ready to play directly out of the box and designed to highlight the faction’s key strategies in battle against other House Intro Decks or custom decks by other players. Even experienced veterans will find value in these decks with extra copies of key neutral cards, House-specific alternate-art versions of


(Core Set, 27), and the chance to draw new players into the game with ready-made decks.

The Roses of Highgarden

The House Tyrell Intro Deck gives you the chance to choose your battleground, manipulating the challenges phase to fit your needs. With cards like

Ser Hyle Hunt

(Kingsmoot, 43) and

Septa Nysterica

(The Archmaester’s Key, 4), you can stand your opponent’s characters and remove them from challenges to ensure that their strength never exceeds your own. This is particularly helpful when you factor in cards like

Beacon of the South

(Sands of Dorne, 38), which offer powerful effects when you win a challenge by a significant margin.

This deck also features a variety of cards that let you scour your deck to find whatever you need to face the dangers at hand.

Alerie Tyrell

(Lions of Casterly Rock, 37) lets you search the top ten cards of your deck for a low-cost member of your House, such as a knight or lady, and bring them to your hand, while Songs like

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

(Core Set, 197) let you stack the top few cards of your deck—or your opponent’s! By manipulating the top of your own or your opponent’s deck and bringing whatever cards you need straight to your hand, you are sure to have an edge in any battle.

1x Fealty (Core Set, 27)
1x Wildfire Assault (Core Set, 26), 1x Time of Plenty (Lions of Casterly Rock, 51), 1x Counting Coppers (Core Set, 10), 1x Calm Over Westeros (Core Set, 8), 1x Called Into Service (Watchers on the Wall, 49), 1x A Song of Summer (Wolves of the North, 50) 1x A Noble Cause (Core Set, 4)
3x Garden Caretaker (Core Set, 188), 2x Highgarden Courtier (House of Thorns, 15), 3x Coutesan of the Rose (Core Set, 187), 2x Right (Core Set, 184), 2x Left (Core Set, 179), 1x Desmera Redwyne (House of Thorns, 13), 1x Hightower Spy (Favor of the Old Gods, 63), 2x Knight of the Reach (Guarding the Realm, 23), 1x Septa Nysterica (The Archmaester’s Key, 4), 2x Margaery Tyrell (Core Set, 181), 1x Elinor Tyrell (The Fall of Astapor, 43), 1x Ser Jon Fossoway (Watchers on the Wall, 37), 1x Ser Hyle Hunt (Kingsmoot, 43), 2x Alerie Tryell (Lions of Casterly Rock, 37), 2x The Knight of Flowers (Core Set, 185), 2x Randyll Tarly (Core Set, 183), 2x Mace Tyrell (Someone Always Tell, 103), 1x Brienne of Tarth (House of Thorns, 2), 3x The Queen of Thorns (Core Set, 186)
3x “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” (Core Set, 197), 1x “Lord Renly’s Ride” (Guarding the Realm, 24), 3x Growing Strong (Core Set, 195), 1x This Must Be Answered Fiercely! (Someone Always Tells, 104), 2x The Bounty of Highgarden (Kingsmoot, 44), 1x “Six Maids in a Pool” (House of Thorns, 23)
1x Heartsbane (Core Set, 191), 1x Beacon of the South (Sands of Dorne, 38), 1x Silver Hair Net (The Fall of Astapor, 44) 
3x Rose Garden (Core Set, 194), 2x Great Hall (Guarding the Realm, 38), 1x Gates of the Moon (Journey to Oldtown, 38), 1x Arbor Vineyard (The Red Wedding, 64), 1x Oldtown (Journey to Oldtown, 24), 1x The Honeywine (Watchers on the Wall, 38), 1x Redwyne Straits (House of Thorns, 18), 1x The Mander (Core Set, 193), 1x Highgarden (Core Set, 192)

The Vipers of Sunspear

Similar to the Tyrells, the House Martell Intro Deck features a heavy focus on manipulation. But where the desire of the Tyrells is born of ambition, the Martells are interested solely in revenge. Patient and cunning, this deck features cards like

Maester Caleotte

(Core Set, 107) and

His Viper Eyes

(Wolves of the North, 32) that focus on the long game, punishing your opponent for winning challenges. While your opponent may get out a fast start, you can bide your time until your moment to strike, then swing the game in your favor, leaving no time to for your enemy to form a counterstrategy.

This deck also immerses you in the vengeful theme and story of the House by exploring the Sand Snake trait. Oberyn Martell fathered eight daughters before meeting his demise at the hands of the Mountain in King’s Landing and he raised them as deadly warriors. Now, they are prepared to avenge his murder with his same ferocity.

Obara Sand

(Sands of Dorne, 5) and

Tyene Sand

(Sands of Dorne, 8) can make the challenges phase a nightmare for your opponent, while

Nymeria Sand

(Sands of Dorne, 7) punishes your enemy for claiming dominance. By hiding your true intentions from view until your plans have been carefully laid and set in motion, you can claim victory just as your opponent can feel it in their grasp, exacting a revenge that’s both rewarding and cruel.

1x Fealty (Core Set, 27)
1x Valar Dohaeris (The Archmaester’s Key, 20), 1x Time of Plenty (Lions of Casterly Rock, 51), 1x Retaliation (Watchers on the Wall, 47), 1x Counting Coppers (Core Set, 10), 1x Calm Over Westeros (Core Set, 8), 1x Calling the Banners (Core Set, 7), 1x A Game of Thrones (Core Set, 3)
3x Desert Scavenger (Core Set, 110), 3x House Dayne Knight (Core Set, 113), 2x Shadow City Bastard (Sands of Dorne, 16), 2x Greenblood Trader (Core Set, 112), 2x Loreza Sand (Sands of Dorne, 13), 1x Dorea Sand (The Archmaester’s Key, 16), 2x Dornish Spy (The Brotherhood Without Banners, 115), 2x Obella Sand (Sands of Dorne, 10), 1x Maester Caleotte (Core Set, 107), 1x Areo Hotah (Core Set, 103), 2x Palace Spearman (Core Set, 114), 2x Tyene Sand (Sands of Dorne, 8), 2x Nymeria Sand (Sands of Dorne, 7), 1x The Bastard of Godsgrace (House of Thorns, 31), 2x Obara Sand (Sands of Dorne, 5), 1x Darkstar (Kingsmoot, 55), 2x The Red Viper (Oberyn’s Revenge, 95), 1x Doran Martell (Sands of Dorne, 1), 2x Arianne Martell (Journey to Oldtown, 35)
2x His Viper Eyes (Wolves of the North, 32), 1x Change of Plans (Journey to Oldtown, 36), 2x Secret Schemes (The Red Wedding, 76), 2x Confinement (Core Set, 121), 1x No Use for Grief (Sands of Dorne, 22)
2x Beguiled (Sands of Dorne, 21), 2x Locked Away (The Brotherhood Without Banners, 116)
3x Blood Orange Grove (Core Set, 118), 3x The Roseroad (Core Set, 40), 1x The Kingsroad (Core Set, 39), 2x Dornish Fiefdom (The Fall of Astapor, 56), 1x Shandystone (Favor of the Old Gods, 76), 1x Hellholt (House of Thorns, 32), 1x Ghaston Grey (Core Set, 116), 1x Starfall (Sands of Dorne, 18), 1x Dorne (Sands of Dorne, 17)

The Mother of Dragons

In the aftermath of Robert’s rebellion, House Targaryen was pushed to near extinction. Once, no one in the Seven Kingdoms believed that this fallen family would return to power, but throughout A Song of Ice and Fire, this House has made the impossible come to pass, gather armies of loyal followers, now seen in the House Targaryen Intro Deck. This deck moves quickly, rewarding you for discarding cards from your hand with allies such as


(Sands of Dorne, 35), the

Dothraki Honor Guard

(Watchers on the Wall, 35), and

Ser Barristan Selmy

(Lions of Casterly Rock, 35).

But ultimately, this House Intro Deck is built around

Daenerys Targaryen

(Core Set, 160) and her Dragons. While she has her own strengths in battle, when you combine her with


(Core Set, 164),


(Core Set, 166), and


(Core Set, 161), she gains a plethora of special abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with in any challenge. If you further pair the mother of dragons with her Companions like


(Kingsmoot, 53) and

Grey Worm

(The Fall of Astapor, 53), you will quickly lay waste to your enemy’s board to claim your victory with fire and blood.

1x Fealty (Core Set, 27)
1x Wildfire Assault (Core Set, 26), 1x Time of Plenty (Lions of Casterly Rock, 51), 1x Summons (Core Set, 22), 1x Retaliation (Watchers on the Wall, 47), 1x Rebuilding (Core Set, 19), 1x Power Behind the Throne (Core Set, 18), 1x Calling the Banners (Core Set, 7)
3x Targaryen Loyalist (Core Set, 170), 1x Viserys Targaryen (Core Set, 167), 3x Handmaiden (Core Set, 169), 2x Freedmen (The Brotherhood Without Banners, 113), 3x Braided Warrior (Core Set, 168), 2x Viserion (Core Set, 166), 1x Ser Jorah Mormont (Core Set, 165), 1x Missandei (Sands of Dorne, 35), 1x Jhiqui (Kingsmoot, 53), 2x Rhaegal (Core Set, 164), 2x Drogon (Core Set, 161), 2x Unsullied (Core Set, 171), 2x Dothraki Honor Guard (Watchers on the Wall, 35), 1x Qotho (House of Thorns, 37), 1x Ser Barristan Selmy (Lions of Casterly Rock, 35), 1x Magister Illyrio (Core Set, 163), 2x Khal Drogo (Core Set, 162), 2x Grey Worm (The Fall of Astapor, 53), 3x Daenerys Targaryen (Core Set, 160)
2x Words are Wind (House of Thorns, 44), 2x Waking the Dragon (Core Set, 178), 1x Dragon Sight (Wolves of the North, 36), 3x Fire and Blood (Core Set, 177), 2x Dracarys! (Core Set, 176), 2x To Go Forward You Must Go Back (Someone Always Tells, 114), 2x Consuming Flames (Journey to Oldtown, 34)
1x Breaker of Chains (The Red Wedding, 74)
1x The Roseroad (Core Set, 40), 3x Illyrio’s Estate (Core Set, 175), 2x Great Hall (Guarding the Realm, 38), 2x Slaver’s Bay Port (All Men Are Fools, 14), 1x Jade Sea Dromond (Sands of Dorne, 42), 1x Plaza of Punishment (Core Set, 173)

The Brotherhood of the Watch

The Night’s Watch Intro Deck features an emphasis on defensive tactics, using powerful locations like

The Wall

(Core Set, 137) to accumulate power and fulfill your duty of defending Westeros from the terrors the dwell in the frozen lands beyond. If you can recruit men from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide spread of challenge icons to hold your defenses, the extra two power that you gain each round can lead you victory with an unmatched efficiency.

But you cannot hope to win the game of thrones with defense alone. When the time comes to strike back against the proud lords of Westeros, you can prevent your opponent from recruiting to their ranks with

Septon Cellador

(Someone Always Tells, 105) and then attack with your Wildling allies like


(All Men are Fools, 17), using 

Jon Snow

(Watchers on the Wall, 5) to lead them in multiple attacks and claim victory once your enemy’s defense is weakened. The great families have had their chance to lead the realm to peace and prosperity, and all they have done is feed their own greed and ambition. Your duty is to defend the realm, and if war is how you must accomplish that task, then so be it.

1x Fealty (Core Set, 27)
1x Valar Dohaeris (The Archmaester’s Key, 20), 1x Trade Routes (House of Thorns, 51), 1x Sneak Attack (Core Set, 21), 1x Ranger’s Cache (Wolves of the North, 52), 1x Marched to the Wall (Core Set, 15), 1x Late Summer Feast (All Men Are Fools, 20), 1x Building Orders (Core Set, 6)
3x Steward at the Wall (Core Set, 133), 3x Messenger Raven (Core Set, 130), 2x Builder at the Wall (Watchers on the Wall, 16), 2x Wildling Bandit (Lions of Casterly Rock, 41), 2x Defender of the Wall (Oberyn’s Revenge, 85), 2x Samwell Tarly (Core Set, 127), 1x Young Spearwife (Wolves of the North, 40), 2x Veteran Builder (Core Set, 134), 1x Yoren (Core Set, 129), 1x Maester Aemon (Core Set,125), 1x Septon Cellador (Someone Always Tells, 105), 2x Recruiter for the Watch (The Fall of Astapor, 45), 2x Ranging Party (Core Set, 132), 2x Ygritte (All Men Are Fools, 17), 1x Ser Denys Mallister (Watchers on the Wall, 7), 1x Dalla (Watchers on the Wall, 40), 1x Benjen Stark (Core Set, 122), 1x Othell Yarwyck (The Red Wedding, 65), 2x Old Bear Mormont (Watchers on the Wall, 3), 3x Jon Snow (Watchers on the Wall, 1)
2x “Off to Gulltown” (Sands of Dorne, 44), 2x Now My Watch Begins (Watchers on the Wall, 23), 1x Take the Black (Core Set, 139)
 2x Sworn to the Watch (Watchers on the Wall, 22), 1x Weirwood Bow (Watchers on the Wall, 43), Longclaw (Core Set, 135)
3x The Roseroad (Core Set, 40), 3x The Kingsroad (Core Set, 39), 1x The Shadow Tower (Wolves of the North, 34), 1x Queenscrown (Watchers on the Wall, 19), 1x Bridge of Skulls (Lions of Casterly Rock, 32), 2x Underground Vault (The Fall of Astapor, 46), 1x Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (All Men Are Fools, 6), 1x Castle Black (Core Set, 136), 3x The Wall (Core Set, 137) 

All Men Must Serve

As you become better acquainted with each of the factions that now vie for power, you must choose whom you will pledge your sword to. Will you aid the courtly Tyrells, the patient Martells, or the commanding Targaryens? Or will you decide that none of these families deserve the Iron Throne and commit yourself to the Night’s Watch? You can no longer afford to stand idle—the time for action has come. Join the battle for the Iron Throne!

Pre-order your copy of the House Tyrell Intro Deck (GT41), House Martell Intro Deck (GT42), House Targaryen Intro Deck (GT43), and the Night’s Watch Intro Deck (GT44) at your local retailer or on the Fantasy Flight Games website today!

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The copyrightable portions of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is © 2015 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Licensed by George R.R. Martin. The names, descriptions, and depictions applied to this game are derived from works copyrighted by George R.R. Martin, and may not be used or reused without his permission. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition, its expansion titles, Living Card Game, LCG, the LCG logo and Fantasy Flight Supply are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

By Paizo

Whether the heroes are searching for the ultimate mother lode of starmetals or hiding out from the law on a deserted space rock, no Game Master wants to spend their time drawing every crater, outcropping, and tunnel. Fortunately, with Starfinder Flip-Mat: Asteroid, you don’t have to! This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use science-fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. This double-sided map features the rugged surface of a rocky planetoid on one side and a grimy mining station nestled beneath the asteroid’s surface on the other, providing the perfect setting for any space-based adventure.

Don’t waste time sketching when you could be playing. With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Asteroid, you’ll always be ready next time your players go rock hopping!

And what are maps without miniatures? We have many options from Reaper Miniatures on sale now—and a new 6 Pen Mat Marker Set is available from Chessex!

And be sure to check out the other great Starfinder products available here on!

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Battle for Control of the Lotus Galaxy!

By Paizo

Lead your clan to victory in Starship Samurai, an epic, fast-paced game of area control, fought among the stars of the Lotus Galaxy! Take command of the galaxy’s mightiest clans to secure your claim to the emperor’s throne. Explore a world of political intrigue and earth-shattering combat from acclaimed designer Isaac Vega (Dead of Winter, Ashes).

As the leader of your clan, you will command massive fleets used to seize key locations and battle your enemies. Play battle cards to sway the outcome of each conflict in your favor and destroy your enemy’s fleet. But war is not the only path to victory. You will need to spend your resources and political influence to manipulate the lesser clans to aid you in your quest to claim the throne. Each lesser clan you sway to your Alliance Track will further strengthen your clan’s supremacy.

Take a look at the other great Plaid Hat Games products available here on!

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Gen Con 2018 Newsletter



Gen Con is near! We’ve been pretty busy gearing up for the best four days in gaming (August 2nd – 5th) and can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store this year for the big event. If you’re making your way to Indianapolis this year, be sure to stop by our booth (Booth #1129)!

In this special edition newsletter, we’re covering all things Gen Con. You can find details on our Tyrant Tournament, our upcoming releases, and all of the awesome promotions we’ll have at the Indiana Convention Center below. 

We’re jumping off the top rope and bringing down an elbow drop of awesome onto this year’s Tyrant Tournament at Gen Con. That’s right; if you’re one of the lucky qualifying entrants, you’ve got a chance to win yourself a Malifaux 2018 Champion belt. While it might not keep your pants up, this beauty will definitely look great draped on your shoulder or hanging triumphantly above your minis collection. 

But there’s only one way to claim this prize: you gotta win. Make sure to bring your A-game so that you can rightfully claim that you’re the best (of who showed up)! 

We’ve got a bunch of promotions that we’re offering this year at Gen Con. You can find a list of our promos below:

  • Get a FREE He-kome model when you spend $100 or more (available in person and during online Gen Con sales).

  • Get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a Mansion when you purchase any 2 Edge of the Quarantine Zone Wyrdscape terrain boxes. The Mansion will be delivered to your provided address, at release (available in person and during online Gen Con sales – which will be automatically registered).
  • Play a demo of The Other Side for a chance to win a gift box from one of the Allegiances, delivered to you at release. 


  • Get a raffle ticket for each $50 you spend for a chance to win one of the many goodies we’ll have to offer at our raffle at the end of Gen Con!

Every year, we like to offer something special at Gen Con, and this year’s no different. While you might have already seen our preview of this year’s NightMARE Gremlin box, we’ve still got a lot more to get excited about. Above, you can catch a glimpse of one of our promotional offers exclusive to Gen Con: a He-kome, a male Shikome!

There is one little thing we’re doing differently this year. Like the color of the Burning Man’s flames, our schedule is shifting a bit. The next Malifaux book won’t be coming to Indianapolis. But don’t worry – the sky’s not falling. We’ve got some big plans for our friends across the Breach coming in the new year, and you’ll be able to hear about those plans soon. 

Below you can find a list of the pre-releases we’ll have at Gen Con. 



WYR20140 Domador De Cadaveres $16.00
WYR20141 Monster Hunters $21.00
WYR20142 Riotbreaker $24.00
WYR20352 Neil Henry $11.00
WYR20353 Paul Crockett $11.00
WYR20442 Bultungin $21.00
WYR20445 Hinamatsu $15.00
WYR20540 Freikorps Engineer $18.00
WYR20541 Prospector $21.00
WYR20642 Bayou Smuggler $18.00
WYR20643 Gautraeux Bokor $24.00
WYR20731 Gwyneth Maddox $11.00
WYR20732 Charm Warder $24.00
WYR20907 The Undying Encounter Box $60.00
WYR20908 Backdraft Encounter Box $60.00
WYR21094 Alt Graves and Tannen Box $25.00
WYR21096 Alt Lenny w/ Pig $20.00
WYR21097 Alt Rogue Necromancy $35.00
WYR21098 Alt Vanessa $15.00
WYR21099 Alt Ototo $15.00
WYR30108 Through the Breach: Above the Law $40.00
WYR30208 Through the Breach: Penny Dreadful – Northern Sedition $28.00
WYR20247 Gravediggers $24.00
WYRWS016 Wyrdscapes – Abandoned Store $60.00
WYRWS017 Wyrdscapes – Solarium $65.00
WYRWS018 Wyrdscapes – Haunted Spires $60.00
WYRWS019 Wyrdscapes – Pathways $50.00
WYRWS020 Wyrdscapes – Makeshift Defenses $55.00

Wyrd has a variety of media available for free to everyone.

  • Every Wednesday, a new wallpaper is available on our website for Wallpaper Wednesday. There is a large collection of Malifaux options available, as well as a variety of options for some of our other games.
  • We have a free ezine available, Wyrd Chronicles. The Chronicles have stories, hobby articles, RPG adventures, and more! Be sure to check out this magazine, currently available on DriveThruRPG.
  • Most Mondays, we release a look at something upcoming in our Monday Preview. These are a great opportunity to see what Wyrd is working on and what’s coming down the pipeline. We have a lot of things to show off, so check back every Monday!
  • Every other Thursday, we release a free podcast called the Tales of Malifaux as part of our Breachside Broadcast. This podcast goes through the Malifaux fiction one story at a time, starting all the way back to the first book in the first edition. It’s a great way to catch up on our old stories or go through them again.

Are you ready for the best four days in gaming? We’ve got more announcements to share at Gen Con, and there’s only one way to be the first to find out. If you’re making your way to Indianapolis, why don’t you make the trip to the Wyrd booth and say hello? We’ll see you there!



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By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 13 July 2018

Arkham Horror: The Card Game


A Designer Journal With Matt Newman of Arkham Horror: The Card Game

No matter where you run, you can never escape what you are.

In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, players step into the roles of Arkham’s bravest investgators as they struggle to solve eldritch mysteries while being assailed by all manner of cultists, ghouls, and monsters. The players who embody these characters are just as varied as the investigators themselves. But beyond being a Seeker, Guardian, Mystic, Rogue, or Survivor, how do gamers fit into the game? To find out, today we meet with Matt Newman to discuss the various types of players you’ll encounter in your journeys through Arkham, and how you can incorporate them into your games to bring your investigations to the next level!

Matt Newman on Arkham’s Player Archetypes

Hello, fellow investigators!

In today’s designer journal, I’ll be exploring the concept of player archetypes: a type of gaming personality, consisting of that player’s desires, goals, and motivations. These archetypes are useful to designers, presenting us with questions like, “Which type of player is going to enjoy this card/scenario the most?” or, “Do we have enough in this cycle to satisfy each player type?” Archetypes can also be useful to you as a player, helping you identify the spark that excites you, and how to best take advantage of that feeling.

In the past, we’ve identified several player archetypes that fit our competitive Living Card Games® like A Game of Thrones: The Card Game or Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. But Arkham Horror: The Card Game differs from these games in a number of ways, and as development for Arkham Horror: The Card Game continued, I noticed several new player archetypes that didn’t quite fit the past definitions. In this entry, I’ll be discussing these new player archetypes, the steps I take to challenge each type of player, and how you can use these to enhance your gaming experience.

The Ritualist

First and foremost, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is (obviously) a card game, and when the players who embrace this type of game gather for their nightly rituals, nothing is more sacred than the cards themselves. The Ritualist is the card gamer embodied. They love building decks, finding complex combos, and exploring synergies—enjoying deck building just as much as gameplay. The Ritualist also enjoys discussing spoiled cards on forums, theorizing new deck builds, and tinkering with existing decks.

For Ritualists, a large part of the experience of Arkham Horror: The Card Game occurs not during gameplay, but between games. Therefore, to serve these players, it is important that we ensure the card pool has enough depth to warrant ongoing discussion and experimentation. Opening expansions with new player cards is particularly exciting for the Ritualist, especially when their investigator has experience to burn!

We challenge Ritualists by including cards that create new synergies and shed new light on strategies from previous expansions. Some investigators, such as

Carolyn Fern

(To Fight the Black Wind, 10) are designed specifically for Ritualists, with complex deckbuilding options that challenge these players to find the right combination of cards to suit their playstyle. The more we can make a Ritualist think “How can I build around this card?” the better.

The Slayer

The Slayer has the most fun when they feel awesome. This player relishes cards with powerful, splashy effects, and generally enjoys playing with higher-level cards and lots of experience. For this reason, they often go out of their way to earn more victory points, and they may judge their success or failure in a scenario based on how much experience was earned.

Despite the name, Slayers don’t always play combat characters. A Slayer may be a Seeker who tries to discover as many clues as possible in a single action, or a Rogue who loads up with Exceptional cards. We tempt these Slayers with eye-catching cards that often require lots of experience or that are difficult to play.

Of course, this is Arkham, so the encounter deck must rise accordingly. It’s important that Slayers feel peaks and valleys of power—they can’t be powerful all the time, or there is no satisfaction. We challenge Slayers by creating terrors that are extremely difficult to defeat, giving them the chance to shine or—yes—to fail. We also provide Slayers with optional experience points that are difficult to earn, forcing them to work for their high-level cards. A good rule of thumb: if it fills the rest of the table with “ooohs” and “aaahs,” it’ll make the Slayer smile.

The Detective

The Detective approaches each scenario like a new puzzle to solve. While winning the game is a somewhat abstract concept in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, this player wants to achieve the best outcome possible. As a result, they are equally concerned with both encounter and player cards. Encounter cards are the unique puzzles the Detective must ‘solve’ with the player cards at their disposal. This player enjoys making the most of Standalone Mode and also replaying scenarios, exploring a scenario’s intricacies to find the “best” route to victory.

When building a deck, Detectives prefer efficiency over flashiness. Cheaper, faster, leaner—Detectives want their decks to feel like well-oiled machines capable of adapting to any situation. As such, they love cards that save actions or perform basic functions like gaining resources or drawing cards. We add player cards to the pool which cater to these players’ desire to find the right “tool” to solve each puzzle. While they may not be perfect for every scenario, they are fantastic in the right situation.

We challenge Detectives by creating scenarios with unique objectives, like defeating the invisible Broods in Undimensioned and Unseen, or escaping the madman’s death traps in The Labyrinths of Lunacy. We also create scenarios where success is not binary, like The Midnight Masks, inviting Detectives to try again and again to get the best possible outcome. Finally, Ultimatums and Achievements create additional opportunities for Detectives to put their skills to the test.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller loves reading, listening to, and telling stories. For this player, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is more than just a card game—it’s an interactive storytelling experience. As a result, they most enjoy playing through a scenario for the very first time, becoming engrossed in the story and experiencing the unknown. A scenario’s narrative is more important to the Storyteller than its mechanics, and they enjoy discussing it with the community after a pack is released, recalling their favorite moments and predicting what might happen next. The Storyteller might also be more familiar with mythos literature, and they enjoy when the game aligns with the source material.

While gameplay can take a backseat to narrative for Storytellers, the stories that emerge from their individual games are often memorable for such players. Using a


(Core Set, 38) to thwart a deadly enemy while discovering the last clue you need or saying,

“I’ll see you in hell!”

(A Phantom of Truth, 189) and going out in a blaze of glory—these are the moments that Storytellers love to experience.

For these players, we aim to create fun and surprising narratives that leave a lingering impression long after the game ends. This may include a difficult moral choice, a stinging betrayal, or a gruesome fate. We also do our best to ensure the story and flavor text are engrossing. Finally, we challenge the Storyteller with cards that inspire players to use their own imagination to enhance the narrative. Roleplaying is an exercise in joint storytelling, so cards that leave things open to interpretation force players to question the scenario and their own sanity—did someone just put the straitjacket on them, or did they just not notice it until now? Storytellers are invited to fill the gaps and determine for themselves what is the truth, and what is madness.

The Nihilist

The Nihilist has the most fun when laughing death in the face. This player loves difficult games, either because they love a challenge, or because they enjoy the implications of everyday people facing impossible horrors with little chance of success. Generally, the higher the odds are stacked against the investigators, the more the Nihilist enjoys the experience, even if they are defeated in the end. That said, the Nihilist isn’t necessarily a masochist. Feeling the excitement and tension of a difficult scenario is one thing—feeling completely hopeless is another. It is therefore important that the Nihilist feels they have a shot at victory, even if that shot is long.

For Nihilists, we craft situations with an overwhelming sense of pressure and tension, without making them impossible. Spawning the

Ghoul Priest

(Core Set, 116) in The Gathering is one such make-or-break moment. If at this moment you grinned or laughed, you might be a Nihilist. After all, for Nihilists, being admitted to Arkham Asylum is just part of the fun. We also challenge Nihilists by creating cards or situations that seem difficult on their face, such as cards that outright kill investigators, or scenarios that feature cruel depictions of investigators’ fates and objectives with seemingly impossible requirements. When they can meet the towering odds with a smirk and a wink, this is the Nihilist’s time to shine.

Playing with Archetypes

You may find that you fall into more than one of these archetypes, or even all of them. You might have originally become interested in Arkham Horror: The Card Game as a fan of the setting (20% Storyteller) and found that you most enjoyed overcoming these horrors by splattering them to bits with a shotgun (80% Slayer). Or, you might be a veteran LCG player who loves deckbuilding above all else (70% Ritualist), but also enjoys the puzzle-solving aspect of each scenario (30% Detective). It’s also common for investigators to play the game for different reasons at different times, depending on their mood or group dynamics.

Archetypes can also be useful in determining which investigators to use. For a Slayer, an ostentatious investigator with a high value in one stat like

Mark Harrigan

(The Path to Carcosa, 1) is a compelling option, whereas a Storyteller might prefer an investigator whose backstory ties into the narrative, like

Ursula Downs

(The Forgotten Age, 2). Investigators are intentionally diverse in order to appeal to a broad range of player types. While not everybody may enjoy playing as

Calvin Wright

(The Forgotten Age, 5), the Nihilist sure will!

Thanks for reading this designer journal. Don’t agree with the archetypes I’ve identified? That’s great! Post your ideas on our forums—I’m interested in hearing which archetypes you identify as and what experiences you’ve had with Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Enjoy the game, and as always, be careful out there. Arkham is a dangerous place for humans.

Embrace Your Fate

Thanks, Matt!

Do you fall into these archetypes, or are you something new entirely? To find out, join the ivestigation in Arkham Horror: The Card Game and step into the action of unspeakable Lovecraftian horror!

Pick up your copy of Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AHC01) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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Scouting the Battlefield

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 13 July 2018

Runewars Miniatures

Scouting the Battlefield

Previewing the Outland Scouts of Runewars Miniatures Game

Order your own copy of the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Across Mennara, the armies of the Daqan are famous for their chivalry, bright banners, and shining armor. Yet there are some among their ranks who hail from more humble origins, yet are no less vital to the battalions of the twelve baronies. The Daqan’s expert pathfinders, known as the Outland Scouts, are more at home among the forbidding wilds of the realm than in winding city streets. Still, many governments employ them in the vanguards of their armies for their incomparable skills as hunters and trackers. As ancient threats arise in the Mistlands and the Ru Darklands, these talents will prove invaluable as the Scouts spearhead legions into enemy territory.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game, available for pre-order now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Band of Brothers

The Outland Scouts were first organized after the War of Ten Brothers, when a squabble between the heirs of the Baron of Otrin threatened to throw all of Terrinoth into chaos. The troops of the Free Cities managed to restore peace at the time, but it became clear that the wilds needed greater recognition and protection. For two centuries since, the Outland Scouts have patrolled the wilds of Terrinoth, repelling the eldritch threats of the mists and protecting the far-spread villages that lay beyond the reach of the larger cities.

While such scouts are often solitary travelers, they are known to band together in small, closely knit groups and to proudly answer the call of duty when the need arises. When they join the ranks of the Daqan Lords, these scouts bear their own keyword, which they use to scan the battlefield before the fight begins and then move to where they are needed most. The Outland Scouts deploy after all other units have already been deployed to the battlefield. Then, once they are sent out, they may perform any blue action and matching modifier. For the Scouts, this provides them with a wide variety of movement options, even allowing them to immediately perform a speed-3 march—something they would normally only be able to accomplish fairly late in the round.

If you choose to recruit a four-tray unit of Outland Scouts, you can take their ability one step further with

Seasoned Pathfinder.

 This Champion upgrade lets your scouts take the lay of the land, deploying after the first round has already past, emerging from any terrain on the battlefield and immediately performing a reform action. With this, you can perfectly line up to charge an enemy’s flank, send aid to an outnumbered ally, or surround an unsuspecting enemy to launch a coordinated assault. With this unprecedented ability to read the battlefield and adjust your strategy accordingly, you will see that knowledge truly is power.

Hold the Line

The Outland Scouts Unit Expansion provides you with a full set of eight easily assembled, unpainted miniatures that you can customize in the colors of your vanguard, as well as two movement trays, one command tool, a collection of tokens, and five upgrade cards to strengthen your Daqan army. When you face off against the undead legions of Waiqar the Undying, you can ensure that your troops are prepared for anything with a

Coiled Stance.

 If you strike before your enemy in a melee, you gain Lethal 1 for the attack. But even if your opponent has a greater speed, you are prepared with Protected 1 to weather their onslaught, provided you have not already acted during the round. What’s more, unlike Seasoned Pathfinder, this upgrade is not restricted to your Scouts—rather, this Training can be taught to nearly any soldier in your Daqan army.

For a truly potent combination, you can call upon the famed Hero of Rothfeld,

Kari Wraithstalker,

 and use her as a figure upgrade as you send your scouts to the heart of the battle. In addition to her fearless, ruthless nature, which gives your Outland Scouts an additional blue die during attacks, Kari’s influence lets you spend surges to deal extra damage to a second enemy within range. Considering that the Outland Scouts have the option to dial in a surge modifier to match their melee action, the addition of Kari can practically guarantee that they will dole out hits to at least one enemy during their attacks. In a battle where every moment and every decision counts, this team-up may be exactly what you need to give your army the edge. With the fate of the realm at stake, now is the time to use every soldier at your disposal, no matter how misanthropic they may be.

The Happy Few

When the Daqan Lords summon their warriors to defend Terrinoth from the encroaching darkness, all must answer the call of duty. While they may not be found marching in military parades, the Outland Scouts will stamp out the dangers that threaten their homes. By using every piece of their knowledge, craftsmanship, and military lore, they will ensure that the baronies stand tall for centuries to come. Add the Outland Scouts to your ranks and protect your people from what lies within the mists!

Pre-order your copy of the Outland Scouts Unit Expansion (RWM27) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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New California

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 13 July 2018


New California

Announcing a New Expansion for Fallout: The Board Game

Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos. Which is great news! Where there’s chaos, there’s loot!

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce New California, a new expansion for Fallout: The Board Game!

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Order your own copy of New California at your local retailer or online through our website today!

The New California expansion brings all-new challenges to the irradiated landscape inspired by Bethesda’s blockbuster video game series, inviting you cover even more ground when you return to the four scenarios you experienced in Fallout: The Board Game or enter sunny New California in two brand-new scenarios. While you’re on these adventures, you can visit some of the most memorable locations from throughout the Fallout series, plumbing the depths of The Hole, breaking into the Lost Hills Bunker, or venturing into the imposing Cathedral.

Each of the twelve new map tiles contained in this expansion brings with it the chance to meet new companions, unlock new vaults, and discover even better loot to conquer the wasteland. To seize these new opportunities and rise to the challenges of this balmy new locale, New California brings five new survivors to Fallout—each of them ready to comb the irradiated landscape for loot. Determined to live on their own terms, the Enclave Deserter has cut ties with their past life. Luckily, they’ve only decided to ditch the Enclave itself and not their advanced power armor. Not only does this gear provide protection from whatever mutated beasts they may encounter, it also gives them extra XP when they kill an enemy.  

The NCR Ranger, meanwhile, knows the desert better than anyone. So much better, in fact, that she can pick a more advantageous starting position at the beginning of the game and move across the rough hills of New California faster than the other survivors. Tired of performing chores for a master who’s unlikely to ever return, Mister Handy has decided to set off on his own. Fortunately for him, one man’s junk is Mister Handy’s treasure and there’s plenty of junk to be found across the wasteland. Mister Handy can use Junk cards to repair himself and upgrade his defenses and, thanks to his many limbs, he has plenty of space in his inventory to carry a lot of junk.

With her Trusty Sidearm in reach, the mysterious Lone Gunslinger has little use for company. Her weapon packs a punch, but also ensures that she’ll wander the wastes alone. The Caravan Merchant, on the other hand, will have no shortage of friends with all the caps they’ll have. They begin the game with extra caps and have plenty of opportunities to earn more. With their faithful brahmin carrying their wares, other players can pay the merchant to shop while camping in their space. 

Greetings from Sunny California

Humankind has risen from the ashes of the old world into a weird world full of danger and—if you’re brave or foolish enough—opportunity. The New California expansion provides plenty of opportunity to make a name for yourself across its two new scenarios. The first opens as a secret power grows in the background threatening the grip the Brotherhood of Steel paladins have on the wasteland here. Could this new presence be related to the rumors of mutants and experiments gone mad? Before pledging allegiance to either side, you need to know more about the Brotherhood and the mysterious Unity.

The second scenario, “New California,” introduces a new set of cooperative rules, allowing the survivors to work together for a common cause. The landscape of New California is unforgiving and the small village of Arroyo has been hit harder than most. Drought has brought the villagers to the edge of desperation, and in their hour of need they have turned to anyone who will listen. The village elder has heard of a device that might combat the drought, but where can one be found? You must search the far corners of New California if you’re going to help save Arroyo.

To add even more variety to your experience, New California introduces multiple unique copies of individual cards. While each card presents a similar narrative and choices, each one leads to different cards. Throughout the game, the choices you make with these cards can have wildly different consequences and open new opportunities. As only one copy of a card is added to the appropriate encounter deck, you can ensure that each of the new scenarios will play a bit differently each time.

The Golden State

A new land of opportunity awaits you. It might also be filled with radiation and hideous monsters, but what’s an accomplishment without a little challenge? It’s time to head into the wasteland. Welcome to New California!

Look for New California (ZX03) at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2018! Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or through our website here!

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It’s Gas That Eats Your Face!

By Paizo

In Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection, the characters, villains, and starships of the Dead Suns Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature and starship pawns, designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop science fantasy RPG. Printed on sturdy cardstock, each of these double-sided pawns slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With dozens of distinct images, the Starfinder Dead Suns Pawn Collection depicts the enemies and allies from all six adventures of the Dead Suns Adventure Path.

  • Incident at Absalom Station
  • Temple of the Twelve
  • Splintered Worlds
  • The Ruined Clouds
  • The Thirteenth Gate
  • Empire of Bones

From space pirates to hideous alien beasts, find all of the enemies and allies of the Dead Suns Adventure Path on these beautifully illustrated pawns! While creature pawns are broken out by base size, all starship pawns use medium bases, from the tiniest fighter to the largest warship.

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Reshape the Battle

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 12 July 2018

Star Wars: Legion

Reshape the Battle

The Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion Is Now Available for Star Wars: Legion

Order your own copy of the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

As the desperate struggles of the Galactic Civil War play out across the galaxy, the goals of the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire are rarely as simple as the total destruction of the opposing army. Similarly, whether they take you to the dense forests of Endor, the vast deserts of Tatooine, or the frigid wastes of Hoth, the battles of Star Wars™: Legion see you fighting to accomplish a variety of different objectives.

Now, you can bring these objectives to vivid life and reshape the very landscape you fight on. The Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion for Star Wars: Legion is available now from your local retailer or online through our website, encouraging you to bring a new level of Star Wars realism to your battlefields today!

Mission Critical

The Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion offers several ways to shake up your games of Star Wars: Legion, starting with the way your objectives are represented on the battlefield. Each of your Star Wars: Legion battles tasks you with completing specific objectives in order to gain the tokens you’ll need to claim victory. You might fight to secure transmissions containing vital intelligence, recover lost supplies, or simply attempt to gain control of strategically important positions. Normally, all of these objectives are represented by objective tokens placed across the battlefield.

With the twelve new objective miniatures contained in the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion, however, these objective tokens become a part of the landscape of the battleground itself. The three comms stations, four moisture vaporators, and five supply crates you’ll find here deepen your immersion in the Star Wars galaxy by providing a visible representation of your objectives or adding more thematic variety to your terrain.

Beyond the addition of new miniatures, this expansion also gives you the ability to alter the nature of your mission itself, thanks to three new battle cards. These cards provide a new objective, a new deployment pattern, and a new battlefield condition, and they can be combined with the battle cards found in the Star Wars: Legion base game to create even more possible scenarios for you to play out. For a closer look at the new battle cards of the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion, click here!

Take the Field

The battles of the Galactic Civil War take place on many fronts. Put your own personal touch on each one with the miniatures and cards found in the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion!

Enter the Star Wars galaxy with the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion (SWL16), available now from your local retailer or online through our webstore!    

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