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The Miniature Gaming Guide is an aggregate news site that pulls news from all over the Internet to provide our visitors with the latest Miniature Related News in one location.

As an aggregate news website, what we don’t do is pull all of the news from our sources (unless the source was very small).  We show the user a glimpse of the news, the first photo and your headline (shortened in some cases) and then if the user is interested, they can follow the news back to the source; your website/blog, Facebook page or Google+ page.  With any luck you can convert that visit to sales.

We don’t charge for including your news in our news stream.  We’re here to facilitate the hobby mainly, but we do want to generate revenue from advertising.

To add your news to our news you need to provide a data feed.  Please take a moment to fill out the form below so we can add your site to our collective.

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  • Please choose the one that you post to the most. If you split your news between multiple media routes, then please list all the ones you use.
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