Step by Step: Tesla, Infamy Models

By Massive Voodoo

Oouuwwweeehhh, Jungle!
Time for another article that drops in the jungle.
I told you I got tons of things to tell and write. Not only about figures and color, but it just feels good to get things rolling again and of course Massive Voodoo’s main content will be about figures and paint 🙂

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Was just what I wanted to paint. Light. Object Source light that comes from the sculpt and the lightning and interacts with all volumes, shapes and material on Nikola. A big task and one that kind of made my brain explode, but the sculpt was calling for it.

I dived right in and placed my main colors to the figure as a basic quick sketch. The lightning very bright sky blue with even some white parts in it to sketch the main osl source. In the meantime all other elements recieved their basic look. Their look I thought they should have without the influance of the OSL.

I do paint rather freely
and place what I want to place where it needs to be placed. I do not search nor wait for a certain right moment for it. I just go with my painters instinct. Shadow here, small highlight there, cleaning up there, darklining there, as it comes.

Basic color of the true metallic metal parts in this photo:

As I wanted to have everything influanced via the lightning OSL I took some bright sky blue/white to highlight everything together. And look at this, it all connects to the lightning. I love this stage when a basic sketch starts to make sense.

Still some parts where missing, like the hair for example. I also used some darker blue to airbrush the bust from below. Sprayed as a glaze to tint the shadow areas it connects everything even more. Also going back to highlights after such a step. Push more into contrast.

I wanted to create the same final highlights in the lightning and on the figure as the osl should be the main light source on this bust. Everything has to go the same way to the color of the light.

Now he looked very whitish/blue all over. No wonder, because of what I just did.

I went back in and brought some more colors in the skin again. To make him look more alive. Some reds, magenta and purple glazes. They do look out of place right now, but are needed for further steps. Just follow your instinct and what it tells you.

I thought about connecting skin and colors from below a bit more and sprayed in a glaze of magenta from below. Strong and powerful tint.

On my thumb you can see the colors I used. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Of course this was a little bit too much.

So I reworked the lights of the osl again. Wax on, wax off until your painters instinct is satisfied.

It went to whitish again so I reworked smaller areas with blue glazes again. Wax on, wax off until your painter instinct tells you …

… it works. Your vision is clear.
Then continue with final detail work and clean ups to arrive at your end result.

If you look at his chest, hand and face you can see some lightning shaped highlights that I painted there. They do look random, but they ain’t. They should simulate the brrrzzzz!! At least this was my plan while painting them without concern.


blue, purple, blue, white, purple, blue, white … ahh brrzzzll!!

Awesome bust to paint.
The lightning gives a lot of options and it was quite the challenge to include it into the bust.

Painted as a comission for Infamy Games.
Thanks for the cool opportunity 🙂

“Nikola Tesla” by Infamy Games.

Keep on happy painting!

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