Review: Private Coaching with Linda

By Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

time for another review on a recently held

Me & Linda

Travelling for a basing workshop and a private coaching made my luggage really low on clothes and undies. Everything – even my brushes – were a mess when everything was shaken like a saltshaker in the plane.

The weather was beautiful in Arvika
for these two days and we skipped the plan to paint in the basement. We sat outside on the porch, always sorrounded by cats and mosquitos. Markus joined us for some painting sessions and it was just lovely.

Going through theory and exercises with Linda before tackling the bust …

“I painted my first bust at a private coaching with Roman Lappat this week.
Set in Markus’s beautiful garden in a perfect little zen tent. Filled with good company and cats. The miniature is Herne the Huntress from @brokentoad.official, a wonderful sculpt with very precisely fitting pieces. Great to assemble and lovely to paint.

I’m really quite happy with the result.
Parts could be improved on but with the time we had I think it turned out great.
I especially enjoyed painting the skin (as I’ve never been quite sure how to do it before so seeing good results was rewarding), the wolfs head, antlers and shield. .
I learned a lot of great things during this coaching, on painting and blending and good techniques that will really improve and speed up my painting.
Which is good because I have a huge collection of Confrontation that I really need to finish sometime. Also there are the AoS armies ofc.
Really looking forward to going home and get started on some gaming minis.”

– Linda

Early stags on the bust …
including the theory and foundation of painting atmosphere already in this.

More process during the two days …

We came out of the coaching with this result, but as Linda never sleeps or runs out of ideas there is much more to come!

As the basing class was approaching we decided to push on with the bust, even during the basing workshop. Linda had the idea to make her bust look like she is standing in the forest during a sunny day. We thought long how to tackle this and thanks for the great input by Josua we came up with a plan.

This looks so scary …

After we sprayed a lot of forest greens
in the bust we were able to keep some areas clean from it with masking them. See photos above. Information on masking options can be read here in this tutorial!

Linda took her time during the basing class to bring these areas up with yellow tints to strengthen the idea of the forest light that falls through leaves.

This was a slow process and in the end after the basing workshop Linda had a really cool base built and even pushed here first bust further. Not to a point wher it was completly finsihed, as some areas were still missing, but to a point where the idea gets clearer:

I want to thank you, Linda
for these beautiful days of painting together. It is a great joy for a teacher to work with creative minded and talented people who do not fear anything at all. You are one of them. Please keep on happy painting and I am grateful that my lessons were helpful for your own painter’s journey.

If you want to see more about Linda’s work:

She builds amazing things for her tabletop group – and is mainly focused on gaming models, but I’d say I would love to see more work on busts or larger models from you in the future!

Keep on happy painting, Linda!


If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via jarhead—at—massivevoodoo—dot—com.

Even though my schedule for 2019 is already full in terms of private coaching, we can slowly start making plans for sessions in 2020. I will be there for you and your personal growth as a painter!

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