Retained Knights 28mm painted by Stone Cold Lead

I will admit to being in somewhat in a state of awe at the brush stroke talents of Simon Bradley known online as ‘Stonecoldlead’ and we were fortunate enough for him to put paint to metal on some of our miniatures. You can check out his work in full on his Facebook
The Ion Age exists within Alternative Armies in two scales those being 15mm and 28mm.  These wonderful paint works were done on three of the 28mm scale miniatures taken from the more than two hundred poses we have.  Taken from three different packs (all the miniatures are in packs and can be had as singles within the pack on the page) IA018 Retained Esquire, IAF106 Retained Noblesse and IAF073 Retained Assaulter.  
Now that is some remarkable brush work. The range is great for use with our own Ion Age Game Systems or with any other space opera tabletop system and they mix well with our Alternate Stars range too.  The range is in two parts and can be seen HERE.  The Prydian Precinct which is Nobles, Barons, Retained, Muster and Planetary Militia. The Khanate Empire which is Legionaries, Betrayers, Pioneers, Warlords and Malig Goblins.  Great value top miniatures.  

There are also great value saver platoon packs which each contains additional miniatures for free.  All on the range page.
Count Valdimir Kustosov the Vampire is free in every order placed and shipped out during November 2019 at Alternative Armies.  Learn more on our BLOG or on the WEBSITE. You can of course purchase this figure too if you wish.  Long term players of Flintloque may recognise this classic 1998 miniature which has been out of production for nearly twenty years.  It has a new code and new…life…re-mastered and on the website.  We also have updates and specials on our DEALS AND OFFERS page suitable for spooky season.
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