News: Seminar Update – second half of 2019

By Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

it is about time to announce the second half of 2019 Massive Voodoo Workshops.

  • You always wanted to know why so many miniature painters enjoy these hands on seminars?
  • You want to do a big step in your miniature painting skills with me on your side and helping and guiding you with my expertise in painting and teaching?
  • You want to know why so many people tell this was a great experience?
  • Why people travel for this unique experience or even repeat a seminar for several times?

Well, this is your chance
to be part in one or several of my famous hands on seminars. I am looking forward to see you there!
Grab your seat while they are available!

You can find all information about the seminars in the

Jar’s Skintone & Faces Masterclass
Instructor: Roman Lappat

In this two day MV masterclass Roman takes you deeper into understanding the wide variety on painting skintone and faces. After these two days you will never dislike your results in this topic as Roman shows you the magic that is behind a natural and convincing skintone.


See you for happy painting! 

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