MV wishes you a happy new year!

By Massive Voodoo

The MV Team wishes you all
a beautiful new years eve!

Cheers! Skol! Prost! Wáshe zdarówje! Sláinte! Santé!Jámas! Skål! Kippis! Şerefe! Proost! Op uw gezonheid! Saúde! Tim-Tim! And many more!

Josua and Roman finished judging 2018’s Massive Voodoo Challenge and you will see the results very soon in 2019! Thank you all for your patience!

The MV’s Seminar Roadmap 2019 is online
and a good bunch of students already signed up!

If you want to be part in some of the best hands on workshops in the miniature world sign up soon!
For more information and to sign up check this link:

See you in 2019!!

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