Jar’s Beginner’s Class in Augsburg, Germany

By Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle people,

the last couple of months I was teaching a lot.
2018 marks a spot for me as I am recovering from a travel burn out and try to organise all my seminars in my hometown Augsburg in Germany, Bavaria.

I am grateful.
Full of thanks to everyone who comes to these seminars to learn from me.
This class review is about my first english spoken beginner’s class and I am thankful to all my students who travelled from Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and even White Russia. I feel very honored and I am happy that this class brought joy to every painter’s heart after two and a half days.

Many thanks to Peter for helping me organising this seminar.
Without your help I would have been lost.

If you want to join one of my seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Now to colorful thumbs!!
Now to the review, eh?

Keep on happy painting!

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