Guild Room 28mm returns with Wizard on Throne and Drunken Carousers

Alternative Armies is bringing the Guild Room back to the website and it starts here with two classic codes in new molds.  The Guild Room contains 28mm scale metal and resin scenery and characters great for historical or fantasy wargaming or simply collecting.  Go
The codes in the Guild Room are the Asgard and Tabletop Games miniatures from the 1980’s which have been brought back to the world.  Under this header name will be the Wizards Workshop (WW) collection, the Bar Room (BR) collection, the Marketplace collection and others as they were originally titled.  We are using original codes when possible.
Winter Mega Event 2019 is now on! 
Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG. Thanks. 
WW1 Wizard on Throne
A classic 28mm scale scenic set for collections or dungeon crawl and adventures. Contains four metal miniatures these being Throne (with a demon perched upon it and a leering face on its rear 40mm tall), a sitting Wizard reading a spell book, the Young Apprentice in robes with a broom (28mm) and the Wizards Familiar a crouch hairy little creature (15mm tall). You can purchase the set or parts of the set. Supplied unpainted and without bases.  
BR23 Drunken Carousers
A classic 28mm scenic set for your townscape or collection. Contains two metal miniatures these being a chair and the carousing couple. When sat on the chair the models combine to 28mm tall. There is an element of female nudity in this code. Censored in main image. You can choose from the pack or the two elements from it. Supplied unpainted and without bases.
These releases join our other scenics in a new menu on the website which has our 28mm Napoleonique Terrain HERE of Barricades and Abandoned Wagons  plus the Torture Chamber.  Note the Torture Chamber range contains adult themes and nudity in miniature form be aware before you click HERE for it.
We shall continue these releases across 2020 and we thank you for your support and custom.
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