Free Playtest List for Furioso – The Ottoman Empire

It is my pleasure to present a one page free download for players of Furioso and its Italian Wars expansion.  Written by the author Steve Danes it is a playtest army list for the Ottoman Empire.  While not finalised these game statistics bolt right onto the game and mean you can field Janissary, Azabs and other units.  If you wish to learn more about this popular Renaissance period historical wargame as well as to see the books (print and download), links to articles and the whole 15mm miniature line which supports it go
Furioso is a great game which is easy to learn and presents challenging and strategic play in a scale of your choice.  Alternative Armies has a number of pre-made armies for the game which can get you started.
Furioso – The Ottoman List
This one page download gives you an army list to make use of renaissance era soldiers of the Ottoman Empire in your games of Furioso.  Hosted on our website you can get it free by CLICKING HERE.
We have Ottoman codes in the 15mm range under the OT and OTC structures.  See them HERE and HERE and you can select from single miniatures for as many as you want.

Lastly we have a fantastic Leonardo Da Vinci pack and a Leonardo Tank as well.  These feature in the expansion to Furioso which deals with the Italian Wars.  We are considering another ‘fantasy’ sculpt based on Da Vinci’s drawings of war machines.  We are taking suggestions.  If you have a Da Vinci war machine you would like to see in 15mm scale then please comment on the article or threads where you see this or email to and we will respond to  you.  
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