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Miniatures have to cross the table, instead of a grid or table cloth, why not cross a River, go around some trees, find a chest of loot, or a WHOLE dungeon.  ‘Ware the mushrooms!

If you make resin terrain, fuzzy covered trees or laser cut western towns, this is the category for you.

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Photo of 6 Squared Studios 6 Squared Studios

We have developed a 6”x6” modular resin terrain system that can be used by itself or added to your already existing gaming terrain. We chose this size because it makes it easy to store, can be scaled to any size gaming table and the individual tiles can also be used as a base for dioramas. We are also creating accessories and other terrain pieces for the games that we love.…

Photo of Andrea Depot USA Andrea Depot USA

Andrea Miniatures today is part of a much larger corporation that produces and distributes everything from modelling accessories and books to large series of commissioned works ranging from military and historical miniatures to vehicles, aeroplanes, medals, etc. The company’s headquarters in Madrid comprises a large group of professionals including moulding engineers, teams of painters, quality controllers, and graphic designers, all of them backed by a new factory in Northern Peking (China) with a labour force of more than 500 employees.…

Photo of Dave Graffam Models Dave Graffam Models
Photo of Dungeon Tiles Dungeon Tiles

Being a fan of fantasy miniatures for more than 25 years, I always loved dungeoncrawl games. Since the first appearance of HeroQuest, and later with my rpg and wargames experience, I always have felt a deep love for all kind of scenery and, most of all, dungeoncrawl scenery. Having tried most terrain brands available on the market for dungeoncrawling (both tabletop and rpg) I have found many handicaps, some easy to solve, some much harder to.…

Photo of GameCraft Miniatures GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures is a company that has been a dream of mine for about 30 years. I started gaming with Micro Armor in the late 1970s with my friends in Lomita, California on a sand table in my friend Robert's back yard.…

Photo of Markshire Studios Markshire Studios

WoldStand Displays are unique, sanded and polished wooden pieces using mostly fallen or surgically removed wood from the Finger Lakes in New York. The variety of woods available will change but some examples are Silver Maple, Yew, Australian Pine, and Oak. Our most interesting pieces are cut from knots and burls. Knots when cut out well from where limbs broke free and grew over are really interesting pieces.…

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