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Without these folk … we’d have no hobby.  Well, I am sure we’d still play with Army Men or something.  But these people bring our imaginations into being.

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Photo of Dungeon Tiles Dungeon Tiles

Being a fan of fantasy miniatures for more than 25 years, I always loved dungeoncrawl games. Since the first appearance of HeroQuest, and later with my rpg and wargames experience, I always have felt a deep love for all kind of scenery and, most of all, dungeoncrawl scenery. Having tried most terrain brands available on the market for dungeoncrawling (both tabletop and rpg) I have found many handicaps, some easy to solve, some much harder to.…

Photo of Fire 4 Effect Studios Fire 4 Effect Studios

James Van Schaik has run a successful, freelance sculpting studio since 1999, working for all of the major companies in the gaming industry such as WizKids, Wyrd,Ral Partha, RAFM,Reaper, Battlefront, Gale Force 9, Dust Studios, Dust Tactics, Mantic and many others. In 2013, James Van Schaik relaunched his studio under the name Fire For Effect Studios.

Photo of Micah Nichols Miniatures Micah Nichols Miniatures

After obtaining a degree in radio/television Micah Nichols went on to be the news director of 93.5 KIKT FM and 1400 AM, eventually switching to public relations while keeping his hand in radio. But secretly, he was developing his skill as a miniature sculptor. Now, the avid superman fan works full-time sculpting for companies in the 25mm-72mm range.…

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