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Do you make bases for miniatures?  Do you sell 40mm rounds, 3 inch wood plinths? How about grass, rocks and resin skulls to strew across the base of the mini?

Every paint job is unique and these Uniqueness providers help make your miniature even more Awesome!

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Photo of Markshire Studios Markshire Studios

WoldStand Displays are unique, sanded and polished wooden pieces using mostly fallen or surgically removed wood from the Finger Lakes in New York. The variety of woods available will change but some examples are Silver Maple, Yew, Australian Pine, and Oak. Our most interesting pieces are cut from knots and burls. Knots when cut out well from where limbs broke free and grew over are really interesting pieces.…

Photo of The Army Painter The Army Painter

With a common love for all toy soldiers and wargaming, both founders of The Army Painter share a total of 36 years gaming, painting and conversion experience. Always having difficulties deciding what armies to field next, they have ended up with over 23 fully painted armies combined between them. Most painted in the old fashioned, hard and labouring way.…

Photo of Wargames Factory Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory is a new company. We specialize in highly detailed, multi-part models in hard plastic. We’ll be releasing historical, science fiction and fantasy figures in a variety of scales. Our philosophy is different to most companies. We believe that the best way to be responsive to customer’s interests is to ask our buyers what they’d like to see made, and follow those requests.…

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