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If you are a hoarder of miniatures … and let’s face it, we all are … you might just need someone to paint some of your more interesting pieces.

These guys bring the splash of color your miniatures are waiting in a drawer for.  Some may crank out an army right quick and others will perfect your mini over many hours.

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Photo of David Wargame Painting David Wargame Painting
Photo of Dungeon Tiles Dungeon Tiles

Being a fan of fantasy miniatures for more than 25 years, I always loved dungeoncrawl games. Since the first appearance of HeroQuest, and later with my rpg and wargames experience, I always have felt a deep love for all kind of scenery and, most of all, dungeoncrawl scenery. Having tried most terrain brands available on the market for dungeoncrawling (both tabletop and rpg) I have found many handicaps, some easy to solve, some much harder to.…

Photo of Midwest Miniature Guy Midwest Miniature Guy
Photo of Windy City Miniatures Windy City Miniatures

James and Cathy Wappel are the proud owners of Windy City Miniatures. They have been painting, converting and sculpting miniatures since 2001, and during this time, have painted hundreds of miniatures and sculpted hundreds of custom bases for commissioned works as well as for sale on Ebay. Cathy Wappel first painted miniatures back in 1990, when she was heavy into roleplaying games.…

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