Crystal Elf Empire Garde Spearman

Another quick post of a single figure here. Hope these meagre posts aren’t too dull (although the view count suggests they are). Anyway, I’m still very much keen on these Alternative Armies elves and this is a Garde spearman. Love the uniforms of these models. I ended up using quite a few different colours on this, the blue and yellow for the coat, green trim, red tassles and of course that bloody great pinky purple feather. All potentially could lead to a gawdy mess but I think keeping them quite muted has made it all work.

I’ve got a rather nice officer that I plan to do next, then there’s another spearman variant but I might get sidetracked by a sorceress before that. More recently I acquired additional command models for these Garde so have a musician, standard bearer and a sergeant for sometime in the future. So much I want to paint and just not really the time to do it all. A familiar story I’m sure.

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