Classic Asgard 25mm Giant Lizard with Saurian Rider and Hydraulic Saddle

Following up on last time when the SF3 Weapons Set 2019 and the four Orts returned from the 1980’s to now the 25mm scale Asgard Miniatures science fiction range expands again now with the centre piece of many collections of classic space opera..the Giant Lizard with Saurian rider! Working alongside wargaming veteran Mark Stevenson who runs the Asgard Miniatures group on Facebook (check it out and join

SF0 Giant Lizard with Saurian Rider and Hydraulic Saddle 
This metal 25mm scale code contains one kit composed of the Giant Lizard (40mm tall, 80mm total length which will fit most riders), a Saurian warrior in exotic armour (open handed which will take most SF3 Weapons) to ride upon the lizard, the Hydraulic Saddle (composed of five pieces easy to assemble) and we have put in a SF3H Hunting Blaster (as seen in the picture) for the rider to hold. Once put together the model is 60mm tall and 80mm total length. Great for any game. You can choose from a complete kit of all the parts or the Giant Lizard only, the Rider only (no weapon) or the saddle set only. Select from the menu. Supplied Unpainted and without Bases. Go HERE. Images are from the collection of Mark Stevenson 

Get yourself a piece of British wargaming history. This is our only Asgard release for this month but we will return with more after that so keep your peepers peeled. 
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