Our New Kickstarter is now live and running

By Cerberus Studios

The stage has been set, now the rest of the players can begin to emerge…

The Cerberus Team are delighted to introduce a new range of richly designed and highly detailed characters. Following the success of our first Kickstarter, we would like to welcome you to join us on a new adventure.

Our second wave of miniatures delves deeper into our storyline, continuing on from the models from our original cast. Mortals’ Reckoning sees the action of one man, Lazarus, start a chain of events that puts the mortals back in charge of their own fates.

The characters below are linked to two of our main villains, The Kyrios and The Slaver. But rest assured each new personality is a power house in their own right…

Take a look and pledge to have these exclusives on your tabletops and workstations.



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