New Ancient Times War Game From Warlord: SPQR

SPQR is a warband based skirmish game set in well ancient times with Romans and Gaul. Unlike earlier games of the same time period from warlord this doesnt revolve around whole armies fighting rather just units. In this way its much more akin to Bolt Action or Gates of Antares. Its uniqe compared to those as well as it doesnt use an order dice system and terrain greatly influences movement. Down to the speed of a river or the steepness of a hill your movement will differ greatly and with a misstep your unit might even die.

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Team Yankee is back, bigger and better than ever

In 2015, Battlefront Miniatures released Team Yankee, a 15mm wargame in cold war era Europe. GCmini was stocking the game and all the miniatures at that time and we even created an entire line of scenery specifically geared towards Team Yankee. For a while the game sold very well and then after a while, as with any new game, sales slowed a bit. When sales slowed, we decided to stop selling the game. I can admit now, years later, that this was a mistake. Team Yankee has grown in popularity and many new models and books have been released. The game has evolved past cold war Europe and now covers the areas of the middle east and countries like the United Kingdom, NATO, France, Iraq, Iran, Israel in addition to the original US, USSR, and West and East Germany.

So, to make a long story short (too late huh?), we have seen the error in our ways and are stocking Team Yankee once again.

In the attached photo you will see the first shipment to reach our warehouse, even more is one the way shortly.

Check out our selection of Team Yankee books and models at

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