I attended Gamehole Con this year for the first time….

By Fat Dragon Games

I attended Gamehole Con this year for the first time. Had a great time and was able to play C&C with Steve Chenault. I am a big terrain guy and make all my own stuff. I have never considered 3d printing. Well, as luck would have it, Fat Dragon is always next to TLG. I drifted over to the booth and saw the cool printed terrain. I walked away fast before I spent any money. The next evening I played in the big Frog God Games Rappun Athuk game which featured a huge Fat Dragon set up. I marched back to the booth and purchased everything. I went home and ordered a 3d printer. Well, I am not tech savvy and I failed to print anything. After much heart ache and woe, I emailed Tom to cry on his shoulder. In about 20 minutes, he had me up and printing wonderful dungeon walls and terrain. Gotta love the customer service!

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