Shogi Player and Norimono Palaquin released with free rules for Sengoku Monster Hunter

Now released at Alternative Armies new 15mm scale miniatures by John Bell added to the Sengoku range of Japanese Fantasy.  Two stand alone codes which are characterful and slot right into any historical system or into Sengoku Monster Hunter game.  More encounters for your Hunters.  Go
Will you go for a players of games or a carrier of nobles?
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Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG. Thanks. 
SGF146 Shogi Player with Bench
This pack contains one model set in 15mm scale from Japanese culture for use in Sengoku Monster Hunter or any historical system. Supplied in two pieces those being the player with the game board and the bench (25mm long). Sculpted by John Bell. You can purchase the set or each piece on its own on its page. Supplied unpainted, assembled and without a base (shown on a 20mm round SGFP32 Monster Hunter Token base).
SGF149 Norimono Palaquin with Two Bearers
This pack contains one model set in 15mm scale from Japanese culture for use in Sengoku Monster Hunter or any historical system. Supplied in three pieces these being the Palaquin itself with crossbar and two bearers. When assembled it is 35mm long and 15mm tall. Supplied unpainted, assembled and without a base (shown on a 40mm round base).
Shogi and Palaquin in Sengoku Monster Hunter
This one page free article which adds to the game gives you the rules in play to field two new encounters with special rules.  It includes monster tokens to add to your collection.  Download it from our website storage by CLICKING HERE.
The Sengoku 15mm range contains over one hundred and forty poses of 15mm scale miniatures including Humans, Cavalry, Goblins, Kappa, Tengu, Oni and all manner of monsters.  It also has several buildings and other scenic pieces.  It is the biggest range of its type in the world!  Have a BROWSE. Great for any Japanese period placement 15mm game system. 
Sengoku Monster Hunter 
A Tabletop Game for up to Four Player or Solo Play using the Sengoku range of 15mm miniatures. A game for one to four players set in medieval Japan where monsters and creatures of myth roam the jagged crags and hidden valleys of the Sacred Mountain. It is from the Sengoku setting and has merciless hunters who track down the monsters and slaughter them at every opportunity. Who you Play. Hunters are the players characters in the game. Each hunter has a profile of attributes, skills and special abilities that players can improve if their hunters are successful. There is a range of weapons, armour and equipment that hunters can acquire as well hired henchmen, spirit guides and others to assist them in their expeditions. The more powerful the hunters get…the greater challenges they can take on! Author: Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages. In PRINT or a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at a twenty percent less. 
Sengoku Rampage
Rampage is the second book in the Sengoku Monster Hunter series; the game set in a mythical Japanese past of fierce monsters and even fiercer monster hunters. This is a supplement to the original rules and it provides much more material for playing Sengoku Monster Hunter. Players will need to be familiar with the original rules and will of course need the first book to be able to make use of Rampage.  It’s features are: More Monsters More Encounters.  New Hunters and Clans.  New Hunting Grounds including the Underground.  Monster Rampage which is a larger version of the game where the Hunters become the hunted. Author: Steve Danes. A4 Format, 52 pages. In PRINT or a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD at a twenty percent less. 
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Alternative Armies titles in print and digital download

I would like begin by thanking our customers for their continued support of Alternative Armies as we near 2020 while still expanding and adding new items every single month across many of our ranges.  We do not often speak of our game titles as an entity..but they are. These titles often link to a miniatures line such as Flintloque or Furioso or they stand alone for use with any miniatures such as USEME or Doom Squad.  We offer the books in print and we offer many of them as paid digital downloads too.
During our Winter Mega Event 2019, which you can read all about on our BLOG, we are offering free shipping and ten percent off in cart before checkout which makes the period until 11th December ideal for getting some reading material before Christmas.  I would ask that you keep in mind all of our digital downloads are always twenty percent cheaper than the same book in print.
We have three collections of titles on the website which includes The Ion Age which returned to Alternative Armies this year.  Here are the direct links:
Tabletop Gaming Books
Digital Download Books
Ion Age Publications
Here at Alternative Armies I am often the face of the company (and an ugly mug it is too!) the little arrowhead on black next to my name.  We like to talk about our miniatures, our games, ideas and more.  We have places for this and if you are keen I would welcome you there.  Here are the links.
Alternative Armies Tabletop Gaming Group on Facebook
Alternative Armies Forum
Alternative Armies MeWe page
Gavin B Syme (GBS) on Twitter
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Guild Room 28mm returns with Wizard on Throne and Drunken Carousers

Alternative Armies is bringing the Guild Room back to the website and it starts here with two classic codes in new molds.  The Guild Room contains 28mm scale metal and resin scenery and characters great for historical or fantasy wargaming or simply collecting.  Go
The codes in the Guild Room are the Asgard and Tabletop Games miniatures from the 1980’s which have been brought back to the world.  Under this header name will be the Wizards Workshop (WW) collection, the Bar Room (BR) collection, the Marketplace collection and others as they were originally titled.  We are using original codes when possible.
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Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG. Thanks. 
WW1 Wizard on Throne
A classic 28mm scale scenic set for collections or dungeon crawl and adventures. Contains four metal miniatures these being Throne (with a demon perched upon it and a leering face on its rear 40mm tall), a sitting Wizard reading a spell book, the Young Apprentice in robes with a broom (28mm) and the Wizards Familiar a crouch hairy little creature (15mm tall). You can purchase the set or parts of the set. Supplied unpainted and without bases.  
BR23 Drunken Carousers
A classic 28mm scenic set for your townscape or collection. Contains two metal miniatures these being a chair and the carousing couple. When sat on the chair the models combine to 28mm tall. There is an element of female nudity in this code. Censored in main image. You can choose from the pack or the two elements from it. Supplied unpainted and without bases.
These releases join our other scenics in a new menu on the website which has our 28mm Napoleonique Terrain HERE of Barricades and Abandoned Wagons  plus the Torture Chamber.  Note the Torture Chamber range contains adult themes and nudity in miniature form be aware before you click HERE for it.
We shall continue these releases across 2020 and we thank you for your support and custom.
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Retained Knights of Castella by Sam Croes

It is my pleasure to present to you pictures of the Knights of Castella miniatures in the collection of Alternative Armies very own lead designer and painter Sam Croes.  These Retained Knights along with Noblesse and Knight Errant are taken from the 28mm Ion Age Miniature Range on the website and include a customised Moth Type 12 carrying Knight.
The images which follow can be clicked upon to make them much larger and there is a helpful note with each to tell you a little more if you are keen on the miniatures.

Four Retained. Codes from IB022 and IB020 packs.

Four Rapid Assaulter Knights.  Codes from IB020 and IB022.

 A customised Moth Type 12 Retained based on IA085 miniature.

 Currently not in production Moth Type 88 Twin Barrel Cannon with Muster Gunner

 A Retained Noblesse and a Knight Errant both excellent characters. Both from IB32 pack.

 The whole force assembled and ready to fight for Castella!
Castella is a Barony in the Prydian Precinct which will be featured in the fourth book of the Patrol Angis series currently titled ‘Baron’.  You can play Patrol Angis in 28mm rather than 15mm simply by changing centimeters to inches and it works just fine.  Of course MOTH is our 28mm skirmish system and you can try out Firefight 2.0.
There are several hundred 28mm scale miniatures on the website as well as hundreds of codes of miniatures, vehicles, mecha, buildings and more in 15mm scale.  You can see above the menu on the website which has these ranges.  Here are direct links:
28mm Ion Age Range
15mm Ion Age Range
15mm Ion Age Terrain
Ion Age Game Systems
Free Ion Age Downloads
During the transition of The Ion Age website back into Alternative Armies back in May of this year there was a blog article published which also dealt with Castella but that time in 15mm scale.  Above you can see Sam Croes custom built Magog mecha (80mm tall).  Go HERE to read that article.
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HOT23 Sitting Dragon returns among the 15mm Monsters

Among our new releases in our ranges Alternative Armies is also constantly re-molding existing models and bringing in print runs of existing titles.  Typically we do not tell you all about this as it is ongoing.  But every now and again a code will also be re-mastered (meaning its design is tweaked or tightened for easier casting or production) and it gets a new paint scheme or other improvement.  These we like to share and we put an offer on them too passing the saving on to wargamers.  This time it is the preening HOT23 Sitting Dragon in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range.
HOT23 Sitting Dragon
“She sits, she broods…she is the mother to the scaled horde.  The sitting, preening Dragon. Fire and death are to come…” This code contains one metal monster.  A finely detailed Dragon great for use in any game system in an interesting pose.  Dragons live for millennia and this one plots and schemes. Three pieces and assembled stands 35mm tall at the head.  Go HERE.
Winter Mega Event 2019 is now on! 
Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG. Thanks. 
We have several 15mm scale ranges which are fantasy or suitable for fantasy use.  See our website or click through for the Tabletop 15mm Fantasy, HOB 15mm Buildings, HOTT 24AP Armies, Sengoku Japanese Fantasy and Medus 15mm Medieval plus Altuos 15mm Renaissance range.  Have a browse.
One of the favourite packs we have is HOT35 The Giant Hydra is one of more than two dozen monsters in the range and it is among the largest of the miniatures in the HOT Range too.  It has been reduced in price since its re-mastering process.
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Kings of War – New Titans!

By Mantic Games

Uncharted Empires isn’t the only big release for Kings of War this December – because we’re also preparing to unleash three new Titans upon Pannithor. First off though, if you missed our Uncharted Empires preview from Matt Gilbert, you can check it out here.

We’ve got three new Titans on the horizon, including the Phoenix, Kraken and Goblin Slasher. You can read a quick preview of each below. However, before our main feature, we have a quick trailer.


The Phoenix was already an entry for the courageous Basileans but is now also a part of the updated Salamanders list. The Phoenix is the symbol of Basilea: an emblem of rebirth, holy fire and blazing fury. These semi-magical birds are summoned by the mages of Basilea to fight with the armies of the Hegemon.

Phoenixes are vast birds of prey, part fire and part feather; it is unknown exactly how they came into being. They are the favoured creature of the Shining One Fulgria, the goddess of fire, and legend states how they were created from her own sacred flames.

Stats-wise the Phoenix is the same in the Salamanders and Basilean list. The stat that catches the eye is the tasty Fireball (10) spell, which is likely to see your foes turning to ash. Meanwhile, the Heal (5) spell might come in handy for healing your troops.


Similar to the Phoenix, the Kraken had been a staple in the Trident Realm list since Second Edition… but we’ve finally been able to produce a model! In times of great need, Naiad Centurions, or even one of the Trident Kings themselves, may summon one of these terrible and mighty monsters.

These titans from the deepest ocean have surprised many an enemy of the Neritican army – their immense size and gait belies the speed and ferocity of an enraged Kraken.

In the Trident Realm list, you’ve got the option of two Titans: the Coral Giant and the Kraken. Both are pretty speedy (coming in at Sp 7) but the Kraken arguably has the combat advantage, thanks to a guaranteed 12 attacks in melee. It also has Ensnare, so attackers suffer a -1 modifier to their melee attacks. Well, guess those tentacles would put you off a bit!


Obviously, we’re saving the best until last! The Goblin Slasher is a slight modification to our existing Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher kit… but this is loads better because it has wonderful goblins riding it.

One of the great coups for a goblin king is the taming of a Slasher. A king’s most trusted, skilled and experienced Snaggits are sent into a Slasher cave to tame these powerful reptiles. When they don’t come back out, the king sends in any old goblin to try and subdue it. Eventually the Slasher will be dragged from its den, blinking and confused about the Sharpstick Thrower now clumsily strapped to its back.

The Goblin Slasher can used by either a goblin force or an ogre army. Once again, the stats are the same for both. For the goblins, the Slasher is one of the few units that hits on a 3+ in melee – so it’s potentially pretty deadly. What’s more, before you actually get stuck into the enemy in close combat, you can be firing away with the Sharpstick Thrower, which has a range of 36″. So, weaken them down and then head in for the kill.


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Matt Gilbert talks Uncharted Empires

By Mantic Games

Hello! I’m Matt Gilbert, the studio manager here at Mantic and head of everything Kings of War. I’m here today to talk about the hotly anticipated follow-up to the Kings of War version 3 rulebook – Uncharted Empires!

The new supplement will be available to pre-order from the Mantic website this Friday… alongside the start of Crazy Bobby’s Black Friday deals. I’ll tackle this in a Q&A style interview with myself (yes, I’m sitting alone in an office right now with no other company) so that it hopefully deals with all the questions and comments I’ve seen (or am anticipating!) in the various groups online.

Q: Wait… I thought
the book was called Armies of Pannithor? That’s what everyone’s been calling

A: Yes – that was the working title but we decided that because people knew what Uncharted Empires was from Second Edition, it made sense to stick to the same format for Third 🙂

Q: So what does the
book contain and how many pages is it?

A: The book is
112 pages and contains both background and army lists for the following:

  • Brotherhood (these now have two lists: The Order of the Brothermark and The Order of the Green Lady)
  • Free Dwarfs
  • Salamanders
  • Sylvan Kin
  • The Herd
  • Kingdoms of Men
  • League of Rhordia
  • Ratkin
  • Ratkin Slaves
  • Twilight Kin
  • Varangur

There’s a background section from pages four through to 31 and just like the rulebook, each army list gets a few pages of background leading into it too.

Q: Are all the lists
in the book full army lists?

A: Some of them
are Master Lists and others are Themes. Themes are presented and discussed in
the main rulebook but Uncharted Empires is the first time players will have
access to them. Themes are a great way for us to include lists with similar
roots but then add a new flavour so they play in a different way. Theme lists
have a parent Master list which they take some of their units from. They then
have a variety of their own units that are also available for selection.

The Salamanders, Kingdoms of Men and Ratkin are all Master
lists. The rest are all Theme lists. For example, the Varangur is a Theme list
where the parent Master list is the Northern Alliance (but with an Evil
alignment!). Varangur theme units include things like Draugr, The Fallen and
Mounted Sons of Korgaan, alongside units from the Northern Alliance, like
Clansmen, Huscarls and Snow Trolls.

Q: Why didn’t you
just include all these armies in the main rulebook?

A: I had a very
specific format for how I wanted the armies in the main rulebook to be
presented via art and photography. That meant sticking to armies that we
produce a significant range of models for, and ones we didn’t have to ask for
permission to use pictures of! This means the main rulebook really shows off
just how far Mantic and Kings of War has come over the last 10 years – but it
also gave more time for the extra armies to get some testing in, and gave our
layout team a break before doing more pages and pictures. Between the two
books, version 3 has launched with more than 500 pages of material… and that
would be a hefty tome to carry around in your bag. We would have to start
selling official Mantic wheelbarrows to carry everything in.

Q: So does that mean
there are no pretty pictures or art in the Uncharted Empires book?

A: The layout and presentation follows on from the main rulebook – this is the design for this edition of the game. We do have new art in the book some of the new armies, and we have taken some new pictures – but there’s just not as much as in the main rulebook. It’s all still really nice though!

Q: Are there any more
of those great new maps in the book?

A: Not this time
– the locations of the armies in Uncharted Empires are all covered in the maps
in the main rulebook.

Q: If this book helps
represent many of the models that Mantic doesn’t currently make, are there any
plans to start producing models yourselves for these armies in the future?

A: Yes! Obviously there’s still a lot to fill in as part of our existing ranges. But we have plans to attack both. With the original Uncharted Empires book for the previous edition, we tried to be accommodating to many models people might already have, while ensuring that the background we wrote started to put a Mantic spin on each army – cementing them into the world of Pannithor. We continue that here and will do so again in the future, slowly adapting armies and bringing them in line with our own models, ranges and IP as build the world and the game. We will always welcome new players and provide a means for them to play, but of course as we expand our own ranges, there will be many new units that new players will not have and should be excited to try, integrating with their existing collections. Who knows, perhaps one day we might do things like Ratkin, for example…

Q: Have some units
been dropped from the previous edition?

A: Just like with
the lists in the main rulebook, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at how we
wanted each army to behave, as well as how the game played overall. Some of
this involved consolidating similar units into one, some units were removed,
but others have also been added. Not all units removed will have gone forever –
they may come back in a future Clash of Kings book, on their own, or as part of
a formation, for example. Some units were moved out of what is now a Master
list and into a Theme – and so some units currently not available may do
likewise in some of the Themes we introduce in the future.

Q: Where have all the
halflings gone!?

A: There are
still some halflings in the League of Rhordia list! However, the halflings are
pulling back from the League of Rhordia, and while they continue to fulfil
their basic and mandatory military obligations, there is a growing migration
back to the shires. Have no fear though, the armies of the shires are swelling as
a consequence so you can probably read between the lines (and refer to a
previous answer above!) if you are a fan of the little people.

Hopefully that gives a little insight into the new book and answers some of your questions in advance, and might just create some new ones!

Armies of Pannithor – sorry, UNCHARTED EMPIRES, will be available to pre-order from the Mantic website this Friday (the same day our Black Friday offers go live too). It is due to start shipping from December 2nd.

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15mm Hazmat Team and Hazmat Troopers packs released!

Two new releases into the
Has there been a chemical leak?  A crack in the reactor?  A deadly virus escaped?  Have Grey Aliens landed?

HOF123 Hazmat Team
This pack contains ten miniatures a mix of six poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. A fully suited up team prepared for any sort of biological, chemical or xeno contamination great for your setting. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page for any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: Hazmat Team with rad counter gear (A), Hazmat Team kneeling with test kit (B), Hazmat Team walking with body bag on shoulder (C), Hazmat Team standing holding body bag (D), Fully Sealed Body Bag (E) and Partially Open Body Bag (F). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on a 20mm round bases).
HOF124 Hazmat Trooper
This pack contains ten miniatures a mix of four poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. Armed Hazmat Team members able to back up the main team in a hostile setting. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page for any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: Hazmat Team with Pistol (A), Hazmat Team with SMG running (B), Hazmat Team with SMG lowered and Hazmat Team firing SMG (D). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on a 20mm round bases). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on a 20mm round bases).
Winter Mega Event 2019 is now on! 
Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG. Thanks. 
The HOF Range contains other codes which go great with these fully suited chaps. Search for them on the website or seek by code using the search box.
HOF122 Media Team (Reporters, Camera Crew and Camera Drone)
HOF86 Human Medical Team (Medics and Stretcher)
HOF58 Stellar Refugees (Man, Woman, Children)
FMS01 Modern Tents
FMS02 Torn Modern Tents
Or for more exotic or futuristic settings there packs may suit you…
HOF79 Man Sized Alien Flora (Killer Plants)
HOF70 Droids
HOF85 Droids II
HOF57 Starfighter Crew (Pilots, Engineer and Droid)
HOF114 Doomed Reich Shamblers (Uniformed Zombies)
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HOF141 SFA Spotters and Loaders specialist pack released!

A new release into the Security Force Alpha array of infantry, vehicles, battlesuits, bikes and mecha now with a speciality pack of poses sculpted by Elton Waters.  You can visit the
HOF141 SFA Spotters and Loaders 
This pack contains ten 15mm scale metal miniatures taken as a mix of four different poses with one of each and random of the rest in the pack. Security Force Alpha (SFA) spotters and loaders for your forces dressed in clamshell armour. You can choose a pack or single poses using the options on the web page in any quantity you wish. They are from left to right: SFA Artillery Officer with Sword (A), SFA Spotter with High Powered Twin Scope (B), SFA Gunner with Artillery Round (C), SFA Gunner with Energy Cell (D). This code is supplied unpainted and without bases (shown on 20mm round bases). These miniatures go excellently with SFA Infantry codes such as HOF112 and HOF113.
Winter Mega Event 2019 is now on! 
Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG or go HERE to the website. Thanks. 
Here is a full listing of all the codes we have which can be classed as the generic Security Force Alpha range within the HOF structure.
HOF131 Contender GNATS Mech
This 15mm scale high quality resin kit contains all the pieces needed to assemble the Contender GNATS.  Standing at 100mm tall when assembled the Contender has eleven pieces which create a durable model made for use on your gaming table.  GNATS stands for ‘Giant Neuro Assist Titanic Soldiers’ and they are the ultimate weapon of battle.  The model is easy to assemble.  It is supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (base shown is a 59527 75mm Round).  Refer to the parts image to see what is included.  Other miniatures from the HOF range are shown for scale only (SFA Trooper is 16mm tall).  The Contender is armed with a twin barrel 90mm automatic cannon with ammo hopper plus an under arm 130mm howitzer and a top hull turret seven slot missile pod.  It also has a number of point defence lasers for small scale anti-infantry and material tasks both front and rear. It has rocket pods fitted to its rear to allow easy balance and stance regaining.  Contenders are front line units in the USGC (United States GNATS Core). It is a tier two GNATS meaning it is a main battle size machine. It is 2090 and the world is at war!
HOFA01 Security Force Alpha Core Box 
Save 20% off list with a whole force from codes HOF112,HOF113, HOF27, HOF28 choosing propulsion type. 75 Infantry, 2 Defence Turrets, 6 Vehicles.
HOF131 Contender GNATS Mech 
HOF141 SFA Spotters and Loaders
HOF140 Meerkat Spotter Suit
HOF133 Drop Pod Landed 
HOF134 Drop Pod Closed 
HOF135 Drop Coffin 
HOF132 SFA Scout Team 
HOF130 Uplifted Yeti Platoon 
HOF121 Bear Cat Battlesuit 
HOF121A Fire Cat Battlesuit 
HOF121B Steel Cat Battlesuit 
HOF121C Grease Cat Loader Suit 
HOF121D Hades Cat Battlesuit 
HOF121X ‘Build a Bear Cat’ Battlesuit parts selector 
HOF120 SFA Personalities
HOF119 SFA Tracker Urban Bike Command 
HOF118 SFA Tracker Urban Bikes 
HOF117 SFA Support Platform Platoon 
HOF116 SFA Trencher Bike Command 
HOF115 SFA Trencher Bikes 
HOF113 SFA Support Trooper Sprue 
HOF112 SFA Trooper Sprue 
HOF111 Scrofa Wheeled AFV 
HOF109 SFA Crewed Skimmers 
HOF27 Maginot Defence Turret kit 
HOF28A Charger MkII APC Wheeled 
HOF28B Charger MkII APC Hover 
HOF28C Charger MKII APC Tracked 
HOF86 Human Medical Team 
HOF122 Media Team 
HOF95 SFA Command 
HOF97 SFA Troopers with SMG 
HOF98 SFA Sergeants 
HOF99 SFA Shotgun Troopers 
HOF100 SFA Support Troopers 
HOF101 SFA Anti Armour Troopers 
HOF102 SFA Riot Team 
HOF104 SFA Elite Troopers 
HOF106 SFA Female Troopers 
HOF7 SFA Jump Pack Troopers
HOF8 SFA Jump Pack Sergeants 
Enemies and Terrain useful for the SFA 
HOF136 Urban Gang Conscripts (Fourteen Poses) 
HOF129 Cans and Boxes Scatter Terrain 
HOF128 Body Bags 
FMS01 Modern Tents 
FMS02 Torn Modern Tents
See you out there among the Colonies of Mankind in the HOF 15mm Science Fiction Range! 
If you like this miniature awesome then you might want to check out our other 15mm sci-fi ranges. A huge choice of new and classic as well as all manner of characters, infantry, vehicles, robots and more. Click on the links to visit these ranges. 
Loud Ninja Games 
Laserburn and Asgard
SHM and Star Vikings 
USEME Game System 
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HOF 15mm Post Apocalyptic Warband and Space Brains

Perfect for use as normal or mutant or other gang forces for road warriors or urban decay. Or of course as the minions of a mad dictator of an empire of radioactive dust.  It is the aftermath and savagery is the way of the world.  We have updated the images of our Post Apocalyptic packs in the
Winter Mega Event 2019 is now on! 
Until 11th December you get Free Worldwide Shipping over 20GBP, 10% off entire order discount applied in cart, Sixteen new releases, Up to Half Price bundles and offers, a free Vampire in every order shipped out. Read the article in full on our BLOG or go HERE to the website. Thanks. 

HOFP05 Post Apocalyptic Warband 
A special pack containing one of every pose we have of the Post Apocalyptic Warriors. A sampler if you will or a skirmishing character pack. A total of eighteen infantry miniatures taken from codes HOF18,HOF19,HOF20,HOF21 and HOF55. Commanders, Warriors, Support and more. Save 10% off single purchase. A great way to get into this force.
We have five different packs plus some super strange wasteland models for you to consider for your collection…Space Brains anyone?  EH02 Big Space Brain and EH03 Space Brains.
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Brush with Death Autumn 2019 Painting Competition – WINNERS!

By Mantic Games

Hi Martin here, sorry for the short delay in announcing the winners for the Autumn Brush with Death but you’ll see why in a moment… this was an extremely hard competition to judge! Thank you to everyone that entered. The standard was the best we’ve seen.

Once again, our head judge was the mighty Paul Welsh, so here we go!

Best Army – Stefan Donovan

Best Under 16 – Torsten Wilkinson

Best Squad – Rafal Maj

Notice – due to a technical issue Alvaro’s entry got missed off the shortlist. Through internal discussions and with the head judge Paul, we have decided to award Alvaro with a special prize for his entry as it was so good!! Congratulations Alvaro! – Martin

Special Prize – Alvaro Lareo

Best Single – Tom Ambrose

Best Diorama – Rafal Maj

Paul stated that this was the toughest Brush with Death to judge so far and was very impressed with all the entries.

Congratulations to all the winners – we will be in touch shortly to get the details for the prizes to be sent out to you.

Thanks again to our amazing sponsors Artis Opus and Redgrass Games who have been so generous with their support once again!

The next Brush with Death competition will take place in May 2020. Stay tuned for details.

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