Kukulkani Cards and Faction Errata Update

by Dark Age Miniatures

Hello Samarians!
Just in time for the kickoff of our US convention tour with Dark Age, there are a handful of stat card changes found in our Faction Downloads section for the cards of the Kukulkani faction. A quick look at the cards will surely show the changes we have made, we want to make it as easy as possible for you fans and players to print the cards that have been changed.

For sake of ease, the cards that were changed are:
– Cabrakan
– Supreme War Captain
– Ah’chu’kuk
– Balam
– Honored Dead
– Kaachika

That’s not all! After a handful of questions popped up online and through our email addresses, we also decided to update the Faction-specific Errata and FAQ to clarify a few things. So be sure to take a look at that, too!

Have a great time putting these new versions of your existing models on the battlefield, making these rules clarifications hit home, and feel free to tell us how they perform in the future!

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Article 8 Converting Marshal Ney for Flintloque on foot by Andy Jefcoate

The snow of winter is in Scotland but its mainly gone now and a weak sun shines! The eighth in a series of linked Flintloque articles by Andy Jefcoate about his forays in the Witchlands and in Flintloque. If you want to catch up on the first to seventh articles where he got his starter set and then tried it out followed by a nail biter of a scenario and then get his Pug Dogs marching plus more Cavalry and more then you can read them on our blog

Converting and Painting Marshal Ney 
Alternative Armies do an excellent range of named special characters for all races that can be used in Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Game statistics and back stories are provided for them all so you just need to paint them and they are ready to go. I’ve bought several of them for the Witchlands and I plan to build them into my narrative over the coming weeks. You may have noticed the picture of Scooby Doom and Raggy that snuck in with my cavalry article in December. He gets in everywhere that Scooby Doom! While Saindoux has been a great commander for my Ferach forces up until now I also wanted a named character that I could use in Flintloque but who could command my Ferach army for Slaughterloo in the future. After much deliberation I decided on Marshal Galahad Ney. I like the dynamic figure on the galloping horse but also the stories around him made him stand out for me. This figure is limited to 1000 castings and I purchased number 810.

Known as the ‘bravest of the brave’ Marshal Ney led the 1st Armee du Norde on it’s retreat from Moskova and if it hadn’t been for him the whole army would have been lost. He appeared seemingly everywhere at once, driving the army on and being where he was needed most. He is perfect for small scale scenarios with a small bodyguard or commanding an army in a full scale battle.

In Flintloque he is a Ferach Elf / Legendary / Regular / Elite armed with a Sword and High Elf Musket mounted on a light horse. All troops in his section gain a +2 Discipline Modifier as long as Ney is alive and in line of sight. He never personally takes a morale test for any reason and he has 4 Wounds on his profile. He is therefore very useful! In Slaughterloo he can be used as either a C-in-C or a General but that’s something for the future.

Marshal Ney on foot
While Marshal Ney is good as a mounted character there is always the chance of him ending up on foot during a game, or simply a scenario where a character on foot is needed. There are foot and mounted versions of some characters in the Flintloque and Slaughterloo ranges but Marshal Ney is only currently available as a mounted character as he was meant for Slaughterloo. Do not fear though, in this situation the kind people at Alternative Armies will supply a torso and head of the mounted character plus a foot figure to use for conversion upon request. With Marshal Ney the figure that they supplied on foot was the pointing command figure from pack 51041 2eme Regt de Ligne command, which is a nice dynamic pose. I did the conversion with some clippers and a sharp modelling knife. While I’m sure that some of you out there have a better range of tools for this sort of thing it didn’t take very long to do. As you can see from the end result I kept the fur collar of the mounted figure which creates a larger area to join to the foot figure and helps to tie the foot and mounted versions together. The pointing command figure from pack 51041 also has long hair so the fur collar helps to hide where this was removed from the casting as Marshal Ney’s hair is short. If you want to try a conversion I recommend that you make the area where the head and torso join as flat as possible to insure good adhesion and limit the need for filler to hide any gaps. I wanted a figure that looked like he was leading from the front and exhorting the troops around him to follow. I was happy with the result and I hope you like it too.

Painting Marshal Ney
As I wanted him to be my overall commander I decided to paint Marshal Ney using the Ferach uniform colours of mid blue, red and white. While the great coat on the mounted figure could have been grey as on the lovely painted example of this figure on the Alternative Armies site, I decided to paint it blue with red facings. This then matches the jacket on the foot figure and ties them further together. As I said earlier I left the fur collar on the converted figure which adds an individual touch to this characters uniform and is perfect for a figure in the severe cold of the Witchlands. I painted the fur grey to represent wolf fur.   Perhaps he likes the Corps Imperial des Dragon? To make him stand out further from other Elves I gave Ney ginger hair (as a nod to the historical figure) and green eyes. When painting the horse I tried to use more gold than usual so that it is fitting as the mount of a Ferach Marshal, but there is also various equipment attached which fits with the retreating army scenario. In normal conditions, a Marshal would never be expected to carry such things!

The continuing narrative
As Saindoux’s force has grown it has come to the attention of Marshal Ney as he works hard to hold the rearguard together and fight off the Dark Czar’s forces. He therefore appears from time to time to ask Saindoux to send part of his force on special tasks, some of them led by Ney himself. Sometimes he appears with a small bodyguard and sometimes alone having sent his bodyguard off on another task once he has reached Saindoux.

What’s next
My Flintloque forces have grown fairly large but while I have infantry and cavalry, I have yet to add any artillery which is vital if I want to move on to playing Slaughterloo at some point. Which I do. I have therefore ordered the 5027 Grapeshotte Expansion book and a Ferach Elf artillery piece with limber and crew. I’ll let you know how I get on with these in my next article. 
Thank you for reading. 

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DREADBALL LOCKER ROOM: Introducing Player Stats

By Mantic Games

“… and we’re back. Thanks again folks for tuning in to the DreadBall Locker Room – your number one resource for everything DreadBall. I’m your host Elmer and…”

*sound of door slamming, running feet, clinking glasses and panting*

“Don’t start without me Elmer. Sorry I’m late buddy, The Guntax Mega Blast Cocktail Happy Hour was just about to finish.”

“Thanks for popping in Dobbs. Today we’re introducing the players of DreadBall and looking at how they stack up on the pitch. Hope one of those cocktails is for me…”

*disgusting slurping noises, glasses being smashed, loud belch*

“Oh, sorry Elmer. Running up the stairs worked up a real thirst.”

“Ok folks, it’s on with the show.”

For today’s DreadBall Locker Room, we’re going to look in closer detail at the player stats and some of the variations between Strikers, Jacks and Guards. First up, here are the stats for the Ninth Moon Tree Sharks. We’ll refer back to this throughout today’s Locker Room.


As you might expect, this is how many hexes your player can move during an action. The Ninth Moon Tree Sharks are a fast-moving team, so they have a high movement stat. A player can also sprint – which is double this stat – however, they must count any changes in direction as a point of movement.


This stat is used when Jacks or Guards are Slamming (tackling) an opponent. Slamming is an opposed roll in which the offensive player typically rolls between three and five dice. They’re aiming to match or beat their Strength stat. For the Ninth Moon Tree Sharks that means the player is aiming for 4+. The defending player can choose to either Slam back or Dodge (which we’ll come to in a moment).


This is a new stat for second edition. As you might have guessed from the named, Agility is how agile a player is. This comes into effect when a player wants to Dodge a Slam, Evade from the Threat Hex of an opponent or leap back up when they’ve been knocked to the ground. Previously all these were tied to a player’s speed stat, which meant you had very slow teams that were also penalized for their lack of agility. In second edition it gives us the opportunity to create teams that are quite slow, but are still quite agile. Or a fast player that’s also a bit clumsy, like the Nameless Striker. A good example are the Matsudan, a group of sumo wrestling space lizards, who are slow at moving around the pitch but are still pretty agile, with a stat of 4+.


With the introduction of Agility, the Speed stat is now mainly used for Dashing. But what is Dashing? Well, sometimes your players need to move just a little bit further. So at the end of their movement, they can choose to Dash and move an extra hex or two… or three! Dashing is a three dice Speed Test that requires one, two or three successes, depending upon how far you’re Dashing. It’s worth noting that another change in Second Edition sees Jacks, rather than Strikers, receive a bonus die for Dashing.


This is the stat that’s important for your Strikers and Jacks, as it’s used for picking up the ball, throwing and catching. The Ninth Moon Tree Sharks are a pretty average team when it comes to Skill but others, like the Matsudan have a 3+ Skill, while the Veer-myn have a 5+ stat… so you’ve got to make those Strike attempts as easy as possible.


When your player is Slammed and the attacking player scores more successes, the difference is potential damage to your player. This means you’re going to have to make an Armour check to reduce the damage. This is a three dice test (four if you’re a guard) and each success reduces the wounds. If you still end up taking damage, your player is moved to the Sin Bin for one, two or three Rushes (turns). If the player suffers four or more wounds, then they’re seriously injured and are removed from the game.


This is more useful in league play as you create your own squad of players. This is how much it costs to recruit a player into your squad. In a league you’ll normally have a set amount to spend on your team and you’re able to mix and match the options available. There are also other costs, such as coaching staff, DreadBall Cards and Coaching Dice, which we’ll cover in a future Locker Room.


If you’re just playing an exhibition match or want a typical starting point for your league team, the Recommended Team tells you what player types to use in your squad.


Finally, any special abilities for your players are listed here. The Ninth Moon Tree Sharks don’t have any abilities, so it’s blank.

Hope you enjoyed today’s edition of the DreadBall Locker Room. We’ll be back shortly with a closer look at Throwing and Catching the ball. Remember, DreadBall Second Edition is available to pre-order now and if you pre-order from the Mantic website, you’ll get a FREE limited edition Blaine MVP.

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Wyrd Chronicles #34

Chronicles 34-1.jpg

Check out this brand new Chronicles, full of goodness! Click on the image above to get it from DriveThruRPG for free!

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Outcasts: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together an Outcast crew!

  • A Look into GG2018: A quick rundown of the newest Gaining Grounds document and what to expect.

  • Never Look a Gift Kentauroi in the Mouth: Being a Guild Guard is not a good job in the best of times…

  • Iron Painter 2017: Check out the winners of last year’s Iron Painter.

  • Building a Gaming Board – Part One: A hobby article looking at building a winter-themed game board.

  • Elements of Matrimony: A Through the Breach one-shot adventure involving a wedding and the planner getting arrested.

  • What Lies Beyond: Two famous Earthside explorers find out what it’s like to go into the wilds of Malifaux.

  • Be Mine: A Malifaux story encounter for finding true love for up to 4 players.

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Next Furioso Book coming in March plus Dutch Starter Army released!

There will be a second book, a supplement, for Furioso titled ‘The Italian Wars’ released by Alternative Armies in March 2018! Written by Steve Danes it slots right in after the rule book giving a lot more to expand the sixteenth century historical wargame. Like the rulebook it will be fifty two pages and available in print and as a digital download too. Mercenaries, Generals as well as actual historical battle Scenarios are in the new book plus Blessings and Divine Interventions too. Two big features of the new book are the Solo Play rules and the Wondrous Inventions. Want to go to war in Italy in the 1500’s? Then this will be for you. Want to field Da Vinci’s Tank in an alternate reality? You will be able to. 
The book is being finalised and printed in the next week or so and will be released in both formats in early March. We will give full details at that time including contents and views from the author. It will be HERE on our website. Today though we are pleased to release the third of our 15mm scale starter armies for Furioso and this time it is a Dutch Army of 250 Points of the Dutch Wars. It comes with all the element bases you need and they are included free to boot. 
FURA03 Dutch Army of the Dutch Wars (250 Point Starter Army) 
This pre-made army for use with Furioso contains all you need to field a two hundred and fifty point starter army for the Dutch during the Dutch Wars of the 16th century. Supplied with 184 pieces in 15mm scale white metal consisting of infantry, cavalry and artillery there is also an included army list for assembly. 
Also included are 45 Element Bases (40mm by 30mm and 40mm by 20mm) for the army worth over 12GBP for free! All the included miniatures are from the Altuos 15mm range. Total value 75.30GBP. Price 62.90GBP. You can also get this army pro-painted and based ready for immediate use. Go HERE. 
There are other 250 Point Starter Armies for Furioso (French and Italian with free bases) as well as a mega bundle with two armies and the rule book included free. There is also the Furioso book (print and digital download, packs of Furioso Element Bases and the entire 15mm Renaissance Range of miniatures which includes a Da Vinci Tank as well as over two hundred figure codes. See them all HERE. 
We also have free files for Furioso such as a Quick Reference Sheet and a Starter Scenario written by Steve Danes the author which you can download by clicking on the links on the website page HERE. 
Thanks for Reading, 

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Monday Preview – Grave Golem

Hey Wyrdos!  Time for another Monday Preview.  This week we continue taking a look at the Undying box, this time we are taking a look at the Grave Golem!

The Grave Golem is, essentially, a large chunk of graveyard that has been animated by the Resurrectionists to serve as a heavy enforcer. During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem’s enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms.

Head over to the forums to discuss!!

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February Releases Now Available

by Dark Age Miniatures

While February tends to mean that love is in the air, on the world of Samaria, people aren’t trading Valentine’s. They’re trading bullets and sword slashes. However, we’re here to give you some love, in the form of this month’s releases for Dark Age. There are two new big boxes, one for Outcast and another for Skarrd. But that’s not all we’ve got for you.


DAG05023 Outcasts 2018 Faction Starter (1)

Starting out, let’s take a look at the Outcast Starter Set. The Outcasts are a diverse and scattered people doing their damnedest to survive in the wastes by any means necessary. Whether it is through scavenging useful parts from those fallen before them, throwing their fellow wilderness folk in chains, putting down stakes in a frontier town, or even living a low tech nomadic lifestyle – they will survive. The 500 point force found in this box can be used as part of any Outcast Force, and is a great way to start the faction!


The first thing you’d want to pick up after the Faction Starter is the Outcast Faction Deck. Living off the scraps of the world, Scavengers piece together a life out of junk and salvage. The Slavers of Chains Barrow trade in fear and peddle those unfortunate enough to fall into their shackles. The Salt Flat Nomads eschew technology to live off the poison steppes, bringing deadly beasts to battle alongside their warriors. The Brute Court of Freeton is a community of genetically altered laborers with a focus on fighting for their musclebound democracy. All of the stats needed to play the Outcast Factions in Dark Age can be found within this 54 card deck.

DAG05021 Outcast Court of Freeton Leadership Box[1]
DAG05021 Outcast Court of Freeton Leadership Box

With all those figures, you’re gonna need someone to be in charge. So, you might consider getting the Outcast Brute Court of Freeton Leadership Box. The independent Brutes of Freeton, led by the highly respected Judge Remington Books and his force of fierce Brute Marshalls, is a collection of Outcasts that pride themselves on their freedom, their tenacity, and their willingness to endure all hardships or conflicts in order to further their community’s goals.

DAG00004 Bounty Hunter Misfits and Monsters Box
DAG00004 Bounty Hunter Misfits and Monsters Box[1]

As we mentioned above, Outcasts aren’t the only faction getting stuff, of course. And some figures can cross over between factions. Such as what comes in the Misfits and Monsters Box. There are some hunting folk on Samaria that don’t really work with the official Bounty Hunter guilds in Trent or Talen. Instead they work for those willing to pay their prices, of which are rarely something as base as money. These are the Bounty Hunters from elsewhere, aliens, spacefarers, and oddities. Skars, the warped monstrosity made by alien invaders. Suzy Belle, a space pirate officer looking to settle old scores against her captain, often finding the mutant alien beast Wroth nearby, crushing their foes with his bare fists.

DAG03005-Skarrd-CoM-Faction Box
DAG03005-Skarrd-CoM-Faction Box_2

We continue along with Skarrd releases with the new Skarrd Cult of Metamorphosis Box. Evolving through the art of grafting, the Cult of Metamorphosis takes the Skarrd mentality of transformation to a higher level. Led by the insidious Father Johann and his loyal servants, the Cult is a collection of monsters of flesh and metal always eager to slaughter anyone getting in the way of their goals for conquest.

DAG03019-Skarrd-Unaligned-Harpy Unit Box
DAG03019-Skarrd-Unaligned-Harpy Unit Box_2

Skarrd has another release in the form of the Harpy Unit Box. Many Grafters have dedicated themselves to improving the Harpy design. C.O.R.E. circuitry has made the power flow between a Harpy’s nervous system and her wings more efficient, allowing the wings to be made longer and more beast-like. These improved wings have increased the Harpies’ range. They can catch wind currents and soar for tens of kilometers, spying on locations they never could have reached before.

DAG04003 Brood Spawn Howler Box[1]
DAG04003 Brood Spawn Howler Box

We finish off this month’s releases with the return of the Brood Spawn Howler, in its new box. One of the Broodmere’s greatest and singularly largest monstrosities ever to crash through the swampy undergrowth, the Howler is an enormous killing machine capable of healing the most egregious of wounds in seconds while tearing the enemy into bite-sized chunks. The Howler’s deafening sonic attacks can be heard for miles around – spreading terror to all those who know that keening howl!

And there you have it. We hope they show our love for you all appropriately. Now get out there and tear your opponent’s heart out!

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Friday Preview – Twisted Horrors

Happy Friday Wyrdos!  Today we are looking at a unit from the Cult of the Burning Man, the Twisted Horrors.  Let’s take a peek!

As the aetheric energies of the Burning Man pour into the fragile bodies of mortals, some are remade into monstrous aberrations. Unable to internalize the magic inside them, it spills outward, warping their bodies until they are as much magic as flesh. These Twisted Horrors have mutable forms that can withstand immense punishment, and their flesh has contorted to form living weapons. In moments of peril, their bodies can even unleash bursts of magic, causing them to be one of the most randomly dangerous forces at the Cult’s disposal.

On the table, Twisted Horrors are strong frontline forces. Their melee attacks make them a threat in combat, and their ability to generate their own Reinforcement Tokens makes them hard to kill. When they flip to Glory, the Twisted Horrors gain the Unpredictable Ability, which can often result in the unit gaining multiple Activations during the Turn.

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Two Free USEME scenario and mini-game to download by Vic Dobson

Vic Dobson hits another home run with two more free resources for players of USEME with his scenario 21 and 22 the links for which are in this article.  Puff the Magic Dragon sees a modern warfare game with a super heavy tank returning to the front lines while The Boojum and The Snark is a mini-game of nasty creatures sneaking up on your miniatures in the swamp; great fun.  If you want to find out more about USEME as well as UM001 15mm Science Fiction and UM004 Modern Warfare the sets used for these scenarios then go
Here are the details of each free download!
Puff the Magic Dragon – Scenario 21.
A neo-soviet super heavy tank is making its way back towards the front line through a small village when it and its protecting squad of infantry are ambushed by a force of Insurgents bent upon destroying the tank.  This scenario features hidden set up for the Insurgents within a number of buildings on the table.  Download the scenario by CLICKING HERE.

UM004 USEME Modern Warfare
Author of the fantastic adaptation of USE ME for the UM003 World War Two rules O.G.Joel has done it again with a set of rules that is intended for ultra-modern games set in the first decades of the 21st century, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Lebanon to Southern Ossetia and beyond. In writing it, it is envisioning combat in today’s turbulent world, with high tech equipped units fighting each other or skirmishing with lightly-armed insurgents. This is a world of helicopters and assault rifles, night-vision devices and satellite uplinks, special-forces units and sophisticated terrorists. Many battles await from a few characters a side to whole squads upwards to a major battle.  Digital Download HERE.
The Boojum and The Snark – Scenario 22 (Mini Game).
A multi-player game of USE ME 15mm Sci-Fi. In this game the proprietor of ‘Stinky Bobs Bait Shack & Sushi Bar’ has organized a hunting competition, the winner of which will get a years worth of cheap watery beer without extra added water … all they have to do is bring back a trophy from the rare and elusive Boojum that lives in the fetid Okelly Dokelly Sewage Marshes next to his establishment … whilst avoiding being head-butted ortrampled by the Bok-Wango! beasts … poisoned by the Lurid Lurgy Beetle … or eaten by the fearsome Snark …  A mini-game for one to several players with rules for creature location and discovery.  Great fun.  Download by CLICKING HERE.
UM001 USEME 15mm Science Fiction
I would like to tell you all something of the origins of what became the USE ME system for miniature wargaming; it will give you an insight into why we decided to publish the system for others to make use of as well as for our own use. In 2009 the lads at Alternative Armies decided to play some 15mm games (sci-fi, fantasy and some renaissance scenarios too) to get us used to and into the whole scale and feel of 15mm miniatures. We did not have any rule systems of our own to use for this scale or settings and though we looked at some of the other systems out there, with a view of getting one or two in to try, we decided in the end not to. Not because we only wanted to play our own rules, far from it. I had played over thirty different games that I had no hand in designing. Rather it was due to the fact that we were all knackered (read this as ‘beat’ if you are American!) and we wanted something easy, something super fast, something generic and something that we could learn in five minutes and get a game in when we had twenty minutes spare. Oh and some of us wanted a system that was open enough for our children or total new comers to the hobby to be able get into and not be scared off by. I drafted up the original concepts and soon we were lasering, lightening bolting and glorifying ourselves with a lot of satisfaction. Over time this original draft was tinkered with and other variants produced for other settings and scales until back in May 2010 it was suggested to me that we might want to let others in on this ‘secret’ engine that our own lads were using for just about anything that wasn’t Flintloque or The Ion Age. I agreed and here we are.  (Gavin Syme GBS).  Digital Download HERE.
Thanks for Reading and enjoy the scenarios.

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