The Other Side’s Tides of Battle is Now Live!

Hey Wyrdos,

We’ve officially released the Tides of Battle!

Tides of Battle is the official Escalation and Achievement League format for The Other Side. With this document, you will be able to play The Other Side in new and exciting ways by earning achievements and creating new Companies in the process. It’s a fantastic way to meet new players and establish a community in your area.

In the Tides of Battle, you’ll also find the Garrison system. Every two weeks, your Company will expand with more Scrip to spend on units and Assets, more Strategems to better prepare you for the battles to come, and more Commanders to lead your Fireteams to glory. The Garrison system will also be a part of the upcoming tournament document, which we will be providing in the near future.

You can find the Tides of Battle document here!

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The Latest from FFG

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 November 2018

X-Wing Second Edition

The Latest from FFG

Games You Might Have Missed in the Holiday Rush

The holidays are nearly upon us, and the last few months have been stacked with new releases from Fantasy Flight Games. Now, as you start picking out games for your wishlist or shopping for your loved ones, we want to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Take a quick look at our recap of some of the hottest new games we’ve released in the last few months and complete your holiday shopping today!

Arkham Horror

The year is 1926, and it’s the height of the Roaring Twenties. Flappers dance till dawn in smoke-filled speakeasies, drinking alcohol supplied by rum runners and the mob. It’s a celebration to end all celebrations in the aftermath of the War to End All Wars. Yet a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time, writhing at the thresholds between worlds. Their occult rituals must be stopped and these dread creatures must be destroyed.

Arkham Horror is a cooperative board game for one to six players who become investigators battling to defeat the servitors of the Ancient Ones. Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, players will have to gather clues, defeat terrifying monsters, and find tools and allies to stand any hope of defeating the ancient creatures that exist just beyond the veil of our reality.

Pick up Arkham Horror at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

New California

Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos. Which is great news! Where there’s chaos, there’s loot!

The New California expansion brings new quests, companions, vaults, and items to Fallout: The Board Game, letting you venture out into the wasteland as five new characters. While there, you can wander across twelve new map tiles that expand the scenarios found in the original game or head into sunny New California and visit some of the most memorable locations from throughout the Fallout series. 

You can pick up New California or Fallout: The Board Game at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Heroes of Terrinoth

Strike back at the foes of the realm in Heroes of Terrinoth! In the Free Cities, the Bloodguard sows discord, while in the Mistlands, the dead rise from their graves. Now, the realm turns its eye to you and your team of heroes in search of saviors.

In this cooperative card game of questing and adventure, one to four players take on the roles of unique heroes who must unite to face deadly villains, navigate treacherous terrain, and defend the realm to earn fame and fortune! Terrinoth needs champions—do you have what it takes?

You can find Heroes of Terrinoth at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Discover: Lands Unknown

You awaken with a splitting headache and no idea of how you got here. The wilderness stretches in every direction, and something howls in the distance. Your quest for answers will have to wait; first, you need to survive. Will you help the others stranded here or will you save yourself at any cost?

When two to four players find themselves marooned in the harsh wilderness, you must cooperate and compete to search for water, food, and tools that will be essential to your very survival. But your adventure holds many secrets. Discover: Lands Unknown is a Unique Game, and every copy of Discover: Lands Unknown is unlike any other in the world. A mix of environments, storylines, characters, locations, items, and enemies have been engineered to tell a story unique to every copy of the game, thanks to an algorithm that ensures no two copies are alike. Your adventures will be your very own as you struggle to survive in the heart of the wild.

Pick up your own copy of Discover: Lands Unknown at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game

It is an era of sudden change and upheaval in the realm of Rokugan. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans shall be put to the test. Who among the clans will prove strong enough to guide Rokugan in these tumultuous times? Will their names be lifted up beside those of the honored ancestors, or will they fall among the ranks of the empire’s most infamous villains? 

This is the stage of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, a roleplaying experience in the world of Rokugan. If you’re new to roleplaying the Beginner Game is the perfect place to get started with advice for players and new Game Masters, and with the Core Rulebook, you can take your adventures in Rokugan to the next level with detailed options for creating your own characters!

Pick up your copy of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Beginner Game or Core Rulebook at your local retailer or online through our webstore!


Enter the next era of interstellar combat in the Star Wars galaxy! In the second edition of X-Wing™, you assemble a squadron of iconic starfighters from across the Star Wars saga and engage in fast-paced, high-stakes space combat with iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

With refined gameplay that focuses on the physical act of flying starships, X-Wing lets you create your own Star Wars space battles right on your tabletop. Intuitive mechanics create the tense atmosphere of a firefight while beautifully pre-painted miniatures draw you deeper into the action. Man your ships and enter the fray!

Pick up your copy of the X-Wing Core Set at your local retailer or online through our webstore, and look for the expansions of Wave II at your retailer soon!

Across the Galaxy

Step into the Star Wars saga with Across the Galaxy, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny featuring 160 new cards!

Across the Galaxy brings the characters of Solo: A Star Wars Story to Star Wars: Destiny. Before he was a hero of the Rebellion, Han Solo was a cocky young pirate just looking for a little adventure. With a crew of like-minded individuals that includes Lando Calrissian and Tobias Beckett, the dashing young rogue finds his way to Star Wars: Destiny.  

Across the Galaxy finishes the block started by Legacies and expands on its themes. You can look for plot cards with negative point values, cards that grow stronger when you spot specific characters, and new ways to upgrade some of the most famous vehicles in the galaxy. 

Pick up Across the Galaxy booster packs at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Cosmic Encounter

In the depths of space, the alien races of the Cosmos vie for control of the universe in Cosmic Encounter. Alliances form and shift from moment to moment, while cataclysmic battles send starships screaming into the warp.

This classic game of alien politics returns from the warp once more. Features 51 aliens, flare cards to boost their powers, Cosmic Combo cards with suggested pairing of aliens, 100 translucent plastic ships, a host of premium components, and tech cards that let players research and build extraordinary technological marvels.

Pick up your copy of Cosmic Encounter at your local retailer or online through our webstore!

Mother of Dragons

Cross the Narrow Sea with the Mother of Dragons expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game! Clawing their way into power, this expansion includes a side board of the Free Cities of Essos and an overlay of the Eyrie, as well as new characters and mechanics to bring House Targaryen and House Arryn into the fray. As you make your claim to the Iron Throne, you can call other Houses to your cause or even ask for aid from the Iron Bank of Braavos.

Pick up your copy of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game at your local retailer or online through our webstore, and look for the Mother of Dragons expansion, coming soon to your retailer!


Enter a world where anything is possible in KeyForge! In the center of the universe hangs the Crucible, an artificial world built from the pieces of countless planets. Here, in the world’s first Unique Deck Game, created by legendary designer Richard Garfield, two players step into the roles of mighty Archons, racing to forge keys that unlock the Crucible’s hidden Vaults.

Leading their diverse teams, filled with followers from three of the Crucible’s great Houses, the Archons must gather Æmber, stave off their opponent’s progress, and ultimately be the first to open a Vault and gain its incredible knowledge. With a vast array of creatures, artifacts, and abilities, and over 104 quadrillion possible decks, every deck is completely one-of-a-kind, and no two battles will ever be the same!

Pick up your KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Set and Archon Decks at your local retailer!

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Expand your fantasy adventures in Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles

By Ares Games

Following our previous articles presenting an overview of Sword & Sorcery game system for newcomers and what’s new in the second season, Ancient Chronicles, let’s see the other new elements to be introduced in the game unveiled during the campaign on Kickstarter. In addition to the features we have already talked about – Journey Phase, Venture Cards, Treasure and Items, New Heroes and Allies, New Monsters, …

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Tiny Pods of Discovery

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 19 November 2018


Tiny Pods of Discovery

What Are Discovery Pods for KeyForge and Where Can You Find Them?

“Don’t try to change the Crucible to suit your needs. Let it change you.”

KeyForge has arrived!

As the world’s first Unique Deck Game, KeyForge offers you a new, wholly playable experience with every unique, self-contained deck. And just as soon as you get your hands on your first decks, you’ll be able to explore what they have to offer in KeyForge Organized Play.

Players everywhere have already sampled the action at Pre-Launch Events, Launch Parties, and the various events taking place during the Dawn of Discovery, the first age of KeyForge Organized Play. These events can give you your first taste of the game’s Sealed and Archon formats, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities here to sample the different ways that you can play with KeyForge variants.

For example, you might join an introductory event at your local retailer, sample the game, and discover how the Adaptive and Reversal variants offer wildly different uses for your decks. Or you might enter a tournament using the Gauntlet variant and see how it challenges you to navigate an extra layer of intrigue, choosing which of your opponent’s decks you want to avoid each round.

So where can you get started? KeyForge Discovery Pods are going to start popping up at conventions all across the globe, and each of these short, three-round events offers an ideal introduction to KeyForge Organized Play experience.

Find an event. Play. Have fun. Try to win, and earn prizes!

Discovery Pod Basics

KeyForge Discovery Pods are short, three-round, Swiss-style tournaments designed for groups of eight players. In a pinch, they can be run for four players as a round-robin event.

They can be run in either format—Sealed or Archon—and with any of the game’s variants. Most, however, will eschew the variants in favor of ensuring a welcoming experience for the newer players joining these Discovery Pods for their first taste of the game and its Organized Play.

These events also offer you a shot at a range of fun prizes, including Æmber tokens and active house cards that double as chain trackers.

Your Taste of the Crucible

The world of KeyForge is known as the Crucible, and the Crucible a strange, composite world, cobbled together from countless other worlds. Thousands upon thousands of players across the globe have already found their way into the Crucible. And you, too, can go along for the ride!

Review our list of the upcoming events at which you can find a Discovery Pod. Then, make your plans to attend and leap into the Crucible. Whatever happens, you can bet it will be one wild, thrilling, and enjoyable ride!

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Rogue Spirit

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 19 November 2018

Star Wars: Legion

Rogue Spirit

Announcing Two Rebel Expansions for Star Wars: Legion

“If we can make it to the ground, we’ll take the next chance. And the next. On and on until we win. Or the chances are spent.”
Jyn Erso, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After years of escalating tensions, the Galactic Civil War finally erupted when members of the fledgling Rebel Alliance mounted a bold attack on the top secret Imperial research facility on Scarif. Soon, you can experience this battle through the eyes of the Rebel forces who fought there. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce two new Rebel units for Star Wars™: Legion:

Order your own copy of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our website today!

  • Jyn Erso Commander Expansion
  • Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion

These expansions capture the essence of the Rebel Alliance, giving you everything you need to build a strike team that can quickly infiltrate Imperial lines and complete their mission no matter the cost. Containing a crack unit of elite Rebel soldiers and a new commander bold enough to lead them on even the most dangerous missions, these expansions give you exciting new options for constructing your Rebel army and pushing back against the Empire.

Jyn Erso Commander Expansion

The shadow of the Death Star looms across the galaxy, threatening any planet that doesn’t fall in line with the Empire. Only those brave—and perhaps foolish—enough to stand against the Empire can hope to save the galaxy from this technological terror. Raised by the extremist Saw Gerrera and on her own from a young age, Jyn Erso embodies both of these qualities.

Reckless and aggressive, Erso is nonetheless a brave leader who can contribute to your battle plan in many ways. Unafraid to wade into battle with her collapsible tonfa drawn, her quick thinking often gets her out of tricky situations. In fact, her


streak often comes in handy, letting her make a quick strike against an enemy unit or dive for cover before she can be targeted.

The Jyn Erso Commander Expansion includes one finely sculpted, easily assembled Jyn Erso miniature to lead your Rebel army into battle, complete with three new command cards to field in battle. Along with Jyn Erso, you’ll find the associated unit card and four upgrade cards for you to enhance Jyn Erso and your other units.

We’ll take a full look at everything inside the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion, including all of her signature command cards, in a future preview!

Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion

Spies, saboteurs, and assassins, the Rebel Pathfinders are the most elite, and the most deadly, of the Alliance’s soldiers. These grizzled combat veterans need unwavering dedication to their cause in order to endure the horrors of their operations and missions. Those for volunteered for the Battle of Scarif in particular were willing to sacrifice everything for the dream of the Rebellion.

No strangers to operating behind enemy lines, a group of Rebel Pathfinders is the perfect special forces unit to take your enemy by surprise and keep them off-guard from the very beginning of a game. Since they’re usually already operating on the battlefield before an engagement starts, traditional deployment zones mean little to these troops. Instead, they can deploy anywhere on the battlefield beyond Range 3 of all enemy units. Once they’re in position, you’ll find the Rebel Pathfinders can quickly adapt to the changing tenor of a battle as they reconfigure their A-300 Blaster Rifles to be effective at both short and long range.

The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion features six finely sculpted Rebel Pathfinder miniatures, enough for one special forces unit. This expansion also includes the unit card and an assortment of upgrade cards, inviting you to outfit your Rebel Pathfinders for any operation.

We’ll take a closer look inside the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion, including all of their upgrade cards, in a future preview!

I Rebel

The Galactic Civil War has begun and the Empire looks to end the Rebellion in one decisive blow. Keep the Rebel spirit that began on Scarif alive with these expansions for Star Wars: Legion!

Look for the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion (SWL31) and the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion (SWL32) at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here! 

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Upcoming Shows with Wyrd!

Hey Wyrdos,

We’re super excited to talk to you about the next two conventions that we will be attending.

At the end of this month, you can find us at PAX Unplugged. Starting November 30th and ending December 2nd, we will be there in Philadelphia, showing off The Other Side, Malifaux Third Edition, and more! Make sure to swing by our booth and say hello!

Then, in March, we’ll be headed to Schaumburg, IL to find out just how competitive our community is at Adepticon. From March 27th to the 31st, players will be duking it out in The Other Side’s first Wyrd-run tournament, as well as a tournament to celebrate Malifaux Second Edition before the next edition is released. We’ve got a bunch of other events that we’ll be running this year, so we hope to see you there! To find out more information about all of our events, head over to the Adepticon Event list here. Just make sure to search for “Wyrd” and you’ll be able to find our schedule!

We’ve got plenty to talk about and plenty more to show, so make sure to head to either (or both!) PAX Unplugged and Adepticon to find out the latest and greatest of all things Wyrd.

We’ll see you there!


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Con of the Rings

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 16 November 2018

The Lord of the Rings LCG

Con of the Rings

Recounting the First The Lord of the Rings LCG Convention

For nearly seven years, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has invited players from across the world to enter J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythic land of Middle-earth and embark on their own epic journeys through this iconic landscape. Banding together, these players must work together to fight back against the machinations of Sauron and his minions.

Recently, many of these players came together to celebrate their love of the game at the first fan convention dedicated to The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Developer Caleb Grace was in attendance and is here to recap his experience at the very first Con of the Rings! 

Developer Caleb Grace on Con of the Rings

During the weekend of October 12 – 15, I had the privilege to attend the first ever The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game convention: Con of the Rings. It was organized by a local group of players known as Free Men of the North, and hosted by the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. Prior to the event, the Free Men created a Kickstarter campaign in order to make tickets available online and gauge interest. Within a week, they had surpassed their initial goal and reserved the event hall at the Games Center. A short while later, they had to increase their maximum attendance cap to satisfy player demand. Community members from all over the United States (and overseas!) were eager for the opportunity to come together and enjoy The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game together.

For myself, I was excited for the opportunity to meet players face-to-face where I’d only exchanged emails before. Some people I had met previously at Gen Con, but for many others it was my first time getting to shake hands and talk. I was amazed by how friendly and enthusiastic all the attendees were. I already knew that The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has a fantastic player base, but this was some next-level kindness. Local players opened their homes for out-of-town visitors to stay for free. They provided transportation to and from the airport. And in the case of one young player, several attendees gave him the gift cards they’d won as prizes that weekend so he could grow his fledgling collection.

In addition to all of this generosity, there was an palatable atmosphere of fun that permeated all three days of the convention. You could feel it the moment you walked into the event hall where the Con of the Rings was held. Eighty plus players were divided into numerous groups, spread across the entire space, playing all kinds of scenarios. All of them were having a great time playing the game—many of them playing with people they had just met!

The event organizers had created a schedule for the convention. The main event, which ran across all three days, was a group effort to defeat all the adventures in The Lord of the Rings Saga Expansions. Over the course of the weekend, Con of the Rings attendees took The One Ring all the way from Bag End to Mount Doom, where they successfully cast it into the fire to defeat Sauron. One player even posted a picture of their copy of The One Ring torn to pieces when they destroyed it at the end of the campaign!

To promote this large group saga campaign, the Free Men created an enormous achievement board that they posted on the wall of the event space. It had the names of all twenty adventures, listed in order and spread across each day of the convention. When a group successfully completed a scenario, they could sign their names next to that adventure, indicating that they had defeated this stage of the campaign. To add even more fun, the Free Men created custom achievements for each adventure to challenge players, ranging from surviving eight rounds in The Black Gate Opens to defeating the Balrog by sacrificing Pippin in A Journey in the Dark.

The event was culminated and commemorated by a large group photo. This more than anything spoke to me of the togetherness felt by everyone in attendance. Being a family man with young kids, I often groan about group photos, but this was something else. Everybody wanted to be in this photo to remember being there. When it was time for the picture, everybody paused their games and squeezed into frame in order to get the shot. The image speaks for itself.

Thinking back on it now, I’m still blown away by how excited everyone was to play the game for hours on each day of the convention. I typically get to play my fair share of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game in the office, but there was such enthusiasm among the players there that I had to join in. I ended up playing several games of 2v2 using The Woodland Realm and The Wizard’s Quest Custom Scenario Kits. Since these products are a very recent addition to the game, it was encouraging to see how much people enjoy playing with them. I’m excited to see if this format catches on with more players once the products go on sale through our POD factory!

My competitive matches were the highlight of the convention for me, especially when I got to play with people I’d never played with before. I got to see a lot of different decks: there were some classic builds, like Hobbits, Dwarves, and Outlands, as well as some more recent additions, such as Dale and Woodmen. In each case it was fun to see how each individual built and played their deck a little different from everyone else. And these were just a small sample of the much greater variety of decks being played all weekend.

Fantasy Flight Games developers Caleb Grace and Matt Newman enjoy The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with fans during Con of the Rings.

For my part, I played three of my own decks over the weekend: a mono-Spirit Caldara build, tri-sphere Silvans, and a Lore & Tactics trap deck. Each of them held their own and offered my partner some help, but my most valuable contribution to my competitive matches was probably the encounter deck I built using the quick build rules and a single copy of The Woodland Realm. It included a lot of small, low engagement cost enemies to harass the opposing team, while the locations and treacheries drove their threat higher. When they eventually reached Stage 3, they found its quest points was equal to the threat value of their highest threat player. That was typically somewhere in the mid-40s by then! We usually completed our quest first.

Throughout the weekend, attendees would occasionally pull me aside to express their love for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. This was easily the best part of the convention for me, because of how rewarding it was to see people enjoy my contributions to the game. Normally I get my player feedback from online forums, but that lacks the personal dimension of sharing the experience in person. To be at Con of the Rings and interact with the players face-to-face was as invigorating as freshly baked lembas.

By the end of the weekend, it seemed like many of us were sad that it had to end, and we consoled ourselves by saying, “See you next year.” I’m happy to say that the Free Men of the North are already planning the second Con of the Rings, and I look forward to it. They did a fantastic job working with the Games Center and the community to organize this event, and they deserve a huge “thank you” for their effort, especially because they did it all completely as volunteers! So I want to say “thank you” to the Free Men, the Games Center, and everyone who attended Con of the Rings this year. I hope to see you next fall!

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The copyrightable portions of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and its expansions are © 2011 – 2013 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. The Lord of the Rings, and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises and are used, under license, by Fantasy Flight Games. Living Card Game, LCG, LCG logo and Fantasy Flight Supply are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

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To Our Wyrdos


We want to apologize for any frustration we may have caused with how The Other Side’s Kickstarter was handled. This apology goes out to those who have backed the game and are still waiting for what they had purchased, to those that received mispackaged or damaged products, and to those who are patiently waiting for The Other Side to arrive on store shelves.

As we have stated before, we stand by our product, so if there was a problem with your order, reach out to us via our contact form. We will take care of you.

The Kickstarter for The Other Side was a learning experience for us at Wyrd. Releasing a game of this scale has been both a fascinating and vexing challenge. We underestimated some of the obstacles that were put in front of us during the various stages of production and delivery, but have since created solutions so that these problems don’t arise again.

Additionally, we want to apologize to the local game stores who are also waiting for the product to arrive. While we try to make all aspects of our community happy, we felt it was important to hold to our word and make sure all of our Backers were taken care of first. Those orders are now out of the warehouse and sent to various distribution centers. Our focus is now on our Retail Distribution Partners. Shipments are on the way and we expect that they will be hitting retail shelves in the next week or so.

For those Kickstarters who are still waiting, thank you for your continued patience.  Due to circumstances out of our control, some packages have taken longer to reach doorsteps than we would have hoped. The wait should be over soon.

Taking the lessons we’ve learned to heart, we here at Wyrd are walking away from these challenges as a stronger company who believes in their products and community. We look forward to the opportunities to show you, once again, what we can do.

Thank you, for keeping it Wyrd.

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The Archons Arise

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 15 November 2018


The Archons Arise

KeyForge: Call of the Archons Is On Sale Now

Order your own copy of KeyForge: Call of the Archons at your local retailer or online through our website today!

It doesn’t matter what the treasure is, only how it was won.

From the mind of Richard Garfield comes KeyForge, the world’s first Unique Deck Game! On the planet of the Crucible, you will step into the role of a mighty Archon, who must lead a diverse team assembled from the creatures, technologies, artifacts, and abilities of the Crucible’s Houses as you race to gather precious Æmber that will unlock the planet’s hidden Vaults. Only one can claim the full knowledge and power of this planet. Do you have what it takes? 

The first set for KeyForgeCall of the Archons, is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website! Then, register your Archon Decks using the KeyForge Master Vault at! (Companion app is now available on Google Play and coming soon to the App Store.)

Homeworld Portal

What sets KeyForge apart? KeyForge is the first Unique Deck Game, meaning that every Archon Deck is one-of-a kind—unlike any other deck in existence. With every deck presenting its own Archon and distinct combination of cards, every game is a new adventure of discovery and exploration. Every deck is made up of 36 cards, but it’s not the cards that make your deck special, but the interactions between those cards—strategies and tactics which can only be found in your deck. You must discover the most powerful synergies within your Archon Deck in order to master it and challenge yourself to make tough tactical decisions in every game. With over 104 quadrillion possible decks, every player has the chance to become the best in the world at playing their decks and discovering the strength within.

Within each of unique Archon Deck of KeyForge: Call of the Archons, you will find creatures from three of the Crucible’s seven Houses: Brobnar, Dis, Logos, Mars, Sanctum, Shadows, and Untamed. Each of these factions has its own culture, history, and skills that help them stand against their rivals and interact with their allies when the Archons sound the warhorns. 

Brothers in Battle

Over a series of fast-paced turns where the advantage can turn in an instant, you will use your followers to reap Æmber, hold off your enemy, and forge the three keys needed to unlock the Crucible’s hidden Vaults and win the game. You begin your turn by declaring one of the three Houses within your deck, and for the remainder of the turn, you may only play and use cards from that House. Choosing your House is just the start of the tough tactical decisions, as you must leverage the cards in your hand and in play to gain the upper hand. Choosing to reap more Æmber now or take the fight to your opponent… picking the exact sequence of events to pull off a massive combo… these are just a fraction of the choices that can emerge in a game of KeyForge!

But always remember that balance is key. If you allow your rival to grow their army, they will soon outnumber and destroy your forces. But if you focus on the thrill of the fight and neglect reaping, you won’t move any closer to unlocking the Vault. If you can find the balance and possess six Æmber in your pool at the start of your turn, you will forge a key and move one step closer to victory. The first player to forge three keys will gain access the Vault and earn victory.

The Architects’ Vaults

When you jump through the wormhole to begin your clashes on the Crucible, the KeyForge: Call of the Archons Starter Set is the perfect place to begin. In this set, you will find two standard training decks: Miss “Onyx” Censorius and Radiant Argus the Supreme. These decks have the same cards in every copy of the Starter Set, and they’re perfect for taking your first steps into the Crucible. Then, once you have mastered the starter decks, you can continue your games with the two unique Archon Decks that are also included in the Starter Set. Finally, you’ll find all of the keys, tokens, chain trackers, and status cards that you and your opponent need to start playing.

If you wish to continue your exploration of the Crucible, you can expand your arsenal of teams with Call of the Archons Archon Decks. Every Archon Deck contains a full play experience with a deck that cannot be altered, so you’re always ready to play, right out of the box. Then, you can track your teams using the KeyForge Master Vault. Here, you can register your Archon Decks, follow the performance of your own decks and those belonging to other players, and easily find the latest information about KeyForge Organized Play. The world of the Crucible is vast, but by learning from your teams and your rivals, you may just discover more than you ever thought possible.

The Dimension Door

The time has come to don the mantle of the Archon and lead your team to victory. Accept the challenge of the Architects, unlock the secrets of the Crucible, and enter a world where anything is possible!

Pick up your copy of KeyForge: Call of the Archons (KF01) and your collection of unique Archon Decks (KF02a) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here! Then, register your decks in the KeyForge Master Vault at! (App available now on Google Play and coming soon to the App Store.)

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Banner of Battle

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 15 November 2018


Banner of Battle

Eight KeyForge Playmats Are Now Available

“You might call it madness, but for all we know, madness is a key ingredient.”
   –Inka the Spider

Your battles in KeyForge: Call of the Archons will take you across the Crucible, encompassing countless houses, creatures, and artifacts. You never know where a new Vault may be found or when an unexpected clash may take place. And when the time comes to field your battles, you had best be ready.

The perfect landing place for your KeyForge clashes has just arrived: one 26” x 26” gamemat and seven 24” x 14” playmats for KeyForge are now available at your local retailer or online through our website from Fantasy Flight Supply!

  • Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat
  • Brute Force Playmat
  • Into the Underworld Playmat
  • Positron Bolt Playmat
  • Martian Madness Playmat
  • Raiding Knight Playmat
  • Finishing Blow Playmat
  • Mighty Tiger Playmat

Sigil of Brotherhood

When you step into the role of an Archon, you will lead teams built from the creatures, technology, artifacts, and skills of three of the Crucible’s seven Houses, each of which are represented in these mats. Each playmat features original art pieces from KeyForge atop a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base to immerse you in the diverse wonderland of the Crucible while keeping your games organized, whether you are participating in a high-caliber tournament with KeyForge Organized Play or playing around the kitchen table. 

The Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat features a 26” x 26” play surface to keep your cards organized and protected during your clashes for control of the Architects’ Vaults. With marked sections for your keys, deck, Archon card, archive, and discard pile, this mat keeps the focus on your games as you match wits with your opponent without worrying about the safety of your unique deck.

The Brute Force Playmat features Valdr, a hero of House Brobnar. This proud House is filled with giants, goblins, and any other creature who lives for the thrill of a good fight. Members of this House are ruled by only the strongest among them, whether that strength is physical, mental, or in their personality. After all, an enemy’s morale can be destroyed by a well-worded yo mama joke just as well as by a blow from an Æmber-infused warhammer.

The Into the Underworld Playmat offers a glimpse of the demon Snudge from House Dis. Along with his dark brethren, this creature dwells in the netherworld that divides the current layer of the Crucible from the last. The demons and imps of Dis cannot feel intense emotions on their own, instead stealing them from unfortunate prisoners and distilling them into imprints called “souls.” When Archons clash, such emotions are sure to run high, and you can be sure these creatures will be close to the action.

The Positron Bolt Playmat features one of the scholars from the Society for Logic and Reason, also known as House Logos. This House is divided into two factions: Theorists who focus on reason and possibility, and Mechanics who constantly run tests and study their results. While both sides believe theirs is the only true path to understanding, they are united by a passion for knowledge and a general lack of regard for ‘ethics’ and ‘morality,’ or anything else that would restrain their academic pursuits.

The Martian Madness Playmat displays your pride for the glorious empire of Mars with vibrant art of one of its many soldiers. This insular House strives to maintain its genetic and cultural purity, but the empire’s translocation to the Crucible has provided new benefits, like the psycho-reactive Æmber that helps their mind-control experiments and a host of new creatures with spliceable genes to create the ultimate Martian killing machine!

The Raiding Knight Playmat features one of the heavenly warriors of House Sanctum. This faction follows the teachings of the Church of the Opened Eye, keeping their territory safe, clean, and pleasant. Through hard work and religious study, Sanctum promises transcendence to its followers, but some claim that the House’s original members were always made of energy, so their promises of enlightenment are impossible. The truth of the matter is only open to a few, but if you have the will to walk among them, you may just find the answers you seek.

The Finishing Blow Playmat draws from the cunning House Shadows for its art. Filled with thieves, assassins, and general ne’er-do-wells, this House is known for speed, cleverness, and a loose interpretation of the term “personal property.” While they are willing to plot and backstab to make a profit, these creatures are willing to do anything to help a friend. But if you become the mark of one of their schemes, it’s a near-guarantee that you’ll never see it coming.

The Mighty Tiger Playmat features a battle between two of the powerful creatures of House Untamed. This House is tended by the mechanical faeries the Architects built ages ago and while they have kept balance in the wilds, they have made no effort to keep the wildlife separate. As such, new deadly species of flora and fauna have evolved, and some have even learned to use Æmber to bend the natural world to their will. The Crucible may be inhabitable to all creatures, but it certainly is not safe.

The Crucible Awaits

Now that the time has come for you to jump through the wormhole and make your mark on the Crucible, you can declare your favorite House and display your cards with pride. While a deck’s true power comes from the interactions between cards rather than a single key player, there is no harm in choosing favorites once in a while. 

Pick up your KeyForge: Call of the Archons playmats at your local retailer today or online through our website below!

  • Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat (KFS01)
  • Brute Force Playmat (KFS02)
  • Into the Underworld Playmat (KFS03)
  • Positron Bolt Playmat (KFS04)
  • Martian Madness Playmat (KFS05)
  • Raiding Knight Playmat (KFS06)
  • Finishing Blow Playmat (KFS07)
  • Mighty Tiger Playmat (KFS08)

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Turn Back Time

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 15 November 2018

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Turn Back Time

The Shattered Aeons Mythos Pack Is Now Available

“They did not seem to claim the spectres as kinsfolk. They referred to them as ‘those people,’ ‘the old people,’ or ‘they who dwell below,’ and appeared to hold them in too great a frightened veneration to talk much about them.”
   –H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, “The Mound”

Order your own copy of Realms of Terrinoth at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Your time is up.

In The Forgotten Age, you journeyed far from home on a scientific expedition, but your search for knowledge had unexpected consequences as you unleashed secrets that should never have been brought to light. You have worked to undo your mistake, retracing your steps and continuing beyond the realm of reality to set things right, but have your efforts been in vain? Your last chance stands before you at the heart of the Nexus—do you have the courage to take the final steps?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that Shattered Aeons, the sixth and final Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!

Moment of Doom

As you enter the grand chamber beyond the doorway, the Nexus stirs. The Earth quakes below you and the wall chips and crumbles. Shards of stone float in the air above the strange artifact. Reality is beginning to shatter all around you. The energies of the Nexus swirl in the ground below you, beckoning you to enter. Whether it is a thing of science or magic, you do not know. It is a gateway of sorts, as far as you can tell… but a gateway to where?

All that you know to be real is challenged as time and space fall apart around you. Suddenly, you can journey to other times, other worlds, and the line between sanity and madness threatens to tear your mind apart. If you become

Wracked by Time

(Shattered Aeons, 341) during your investigation, both you and each investigator at a Shattered location must test your willpower, lest you suffer damage. Worse still, you are further punished if you try to deflect the pain—each asset assigned damage from this encounter card that is not defeated is shuffled into your deck. While this does save your assets from the discard pile, clearing all damage and giving you the chance to redraw it, you still have to pay their cost a second time, and there is no telling if you will be able to find them again in your moment of need.

Race Against the Clock

Even as it presents you with an incredible challenge, Shattered Aeons provides you with a couple tricks to counter these trials. Rogues can seek an asset lost to Wracked by Time by going

All In

(Shattered Aeons, 309) on a skill test. While the card itself only provides two wild icons for your skill test, it offers you the ultimate tool for getting out of a tight spot. If the test is successful, you’ll draw cards for each point you succeeded by, to a maximum of five, shuffling any weaknesses back into your deck without resolving them! You can draw an entire hand’s worth of cards and build a new strategy whenever the need arises, and this can come quite in handy as your location in space and time shifts, forcing you to face new challenges around every corner.

But while these new vistas may tempt you to fight eldritch horrors with arcane implements, sometimes nothing compares to the classics. Guardians can heft a


(Shattered Aeons, 305) onto their backs, filling both of their hand slots as well as their body slot for the deadly weapon. With this deadly asset, you must always attack the strongest enemy, but the benefits are worth the danger. This Weapon give you four additional combat and if your attack is successful, instead of its standard damage, you may assign up to four damage among all enemies engaged with you! This can make quick work of a swarm of weaker enemies, freeing your other actions, or if you find yourself facing an elite enemy with plenty of health, you can upgrade your Flamethrower with some

Custom Ammunition

(Heart of the Elders, 193) to increase its effectiveness. And if you have a


(The Forgotten Age, 18) in your team to carry some spare fuel, you can turn the tables and become the scourge of the monsters’ nightmares.

If you douse one such enemy in


(Shattered Aeons, 304) before setting it ablaze, the certainty of its demise and your immediate safety can ease the mind of a weary investigator or Ally, healing two horror and buying you a little more time. But for the ultimate saving grace, Mystics can learn to cast the mighty 

Seal of the Seventh Sign

(Shattered Aeons, 311). This Spell is loaded with seven charges to seal the auto-fail token, but it loses one charge each time a special token other than the elder sign is revealed. Once the charges are gone, the Seal is removed from the game. But the time that this card can earn you may prove priceless as you continue to fall through space and time with no promise of an end.

Make Your Own Fate

You have come so far and learned so much. This campaign has changed your investigators and you have watched them grow as individuals and a team, but you have also lost more than you ever feared. If you could go back, if you could undo all that has happened since you first signed on for that expedition, would you? It’s no use pondering the past—all you can do now is try to set it right, even if it costs you everything.

Pick up your copy of Shattered Aeons (AHC25) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

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