The Malastarian Outpost Raid

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 19 June 2019

Fantasy Flight Supply

The Malastarian Outpost Raid

Announcing a New Raid and Raid Map for Imperial Assault

You’ve returned to Hoth, defeated Jabba in his own palace, and outwitted everyone whose opposed you in skirmishes. Now, Legends of the Alliance brings a whole new challenge to the world of Star Wars™: Imperial Assault.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Malastarian Outpost raid and Malastarian Outpost Raid Map for the Legends of the Alliance App and Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

The Malastarian Outpost raid introduces a totally new way to play Star Wars:Imperial Assault that sees you and your friends battling to gain fame by defeating enemies and gathering intel. Do well enough and you may even find yourselves in the Hall of Legends, where high scores are recorded across the Legends of the Alliance app! Raid mode is a purely tactical affair, focusing more on strategic decisions over story and narrative.

Enter the Hall of Legends

Raid mode sees a team of two to four players selects their heroes from those available in their collection, then spend a limited amount of starting credits and XP. After launching a raid mode mission, players have six rounds to fend off Imperial forces while gathering intel spread across the map.

Gathering each piece of intel requires a specific attribute test, meaning a balanced team has the best odds of success. In order to put your name in the Hall of Legends, you’ll have to carefully balance defeating groups of enemies with gathering intel and making sure you can survive the full six rounds.

The game’s first raid takes you to the planet of Malastare, where your team will have to raid an Imperial facility full of valuable intel. Is your team up to the task? Find out when the Malastarian Outpost raid launches soon in Legends of the Alliance!

The Depths of Malastare

Raids take place on specific large maps constructed from various Star Wars:Imperial Assault expansions. The Malastarian Outpost raid can be created with components found in The Bespin Gambit and Tyrants of Lothal. Alternatively, you can purchase the Malastarian Outpost Raid Map for easy setup. This 3′ x 3′ slip-resistant mat is the exact setup for Legends of the Alliance’s first raid, and keeps your games organized and easy to setup.

A New Legend Begins

In the Star Wars galaxy, the fight is never over. With its new raid mode, legends of the Alliance invites you to show off your Star Wars:Imperial Assault skills against the rest of the world. Do you have what it takes to survive the depths of Malastare and enter the Hall of Legends?

Discover a new way to play Star Wars:Imperial Assault with the Malastarian Outpost Raid, available soon in Legends of the Alliance, and the Malastarian Outpoist Raid Map (SWI63), available now for pre-order from your local retailer!

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The Spoils of Strength

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 18 June 2019


The Spoils of Strength

Preview the KeyForge Store Championship Prizes


The Age of Ascension has begun, and every day in the Crucible, powerful new Archons are being discovered. Soon, the time will come to prove your worth as an Archon at an upcoming KeyForge Store Championship. It’s only through spirited challenges like these that you will begin to unlock the lucrative secrets of the Crucible and its hidden Vaults. Here, at the dawn of the Age of Ascension, what unique Archons will you meet, what new creatures will you encounter, and what prizes will you discover? 

On your journey of battling Archons, gathering keys, and unlocking mysterious Vaults, your efforts are rewarded by accumulating large deposits of Æmbershards—Æmbershards that can be redeemed for prizes at Vault Tours or any other KeyForge event featuring a prize wall. Now, with the advent of the Store Championship season, the amount of Æmbershards you receive can be significantly amplified.

For simply participating at a Store Championship, you automatically receive five Æmbershards! You’ll also gain extra shards for each win, with a sizable portion of Æmbershards depending on your overall placement at the Store Championship. The fearsome Archon that claims victory over all others at the event will walk away with an additional 40 Æmbershards! And even beyond these digital rewards, of course, there’s the prize kit itself. 

At a KeyForge Store Championship, the Top 32 players will receive a Chain Tracker featuring the ever-volatile Brobnar goblin,

Bingle Bangbang

(Age of Ascension, 2). The Top 8 players will also receive a deck box featuring Bingle Bangbang and a pair of brawny arm-wrestling Brobnar from the action card,

Might Makes Right

(Age of Ascension, 43). The Top 4 players gain five acrylic power tokens, as well as a Bingle Bangbang playmat. In addition to everything else, and the hefty load of Æmbershards, the winner of the Store Championship also walks away with a unique set of Bingle Bangbang card sleeves. Boom!

Rules of Engagement

While it’s up to each player which Archon and which Houses they will represent at a Store Championship, it’s up to the event organizer to determine which format and variant of KeyForge to use. For Store Championships, the following four options are available: Archon Solo, Archon Reversal, Sealed Solo, and Sealed 2 Deck Survival. For more information on these styles of play, please refer to the KeyForge Format and Variants document!

The Cost of Power

Much like ChainBound events, if you perform well enough at a Store Championship—using either the Archon Solo or the Sealed Solo variant—your deck may gain Power Levels, tracked directly on your decks in the KeyForge Master Vault. After enough Power Levels are earned, your deck may reach a level where it can no longer be used at some lower tier events. However, by increasing your deck’s power level, your deck may also qualify for higher tier KeyForge events, or special events where high Power Levels are a requirement for entry.

While your deck can’t gain enough Power Levels to affect its abilities after only participating in Store Championships, the Power Levels you can gain from a Store Championship put you on the path forward. For a Store Championship, the winner’s deck will advance to Power Level 3, the runner-up will rise to Power Level 2, and those participants who placed in the Top 8 will move to Power Level 1. Winning Store Championships can only ever raise your deck to Power Level 3, even if you win multiple Store Championships with the same deck. As a reminder, Power Levels are only applied to a deck after the event is complete, but they are permanent on decks.

Now’s Your Chance

The Crucible is flush with opportunity, challenge, and rewards. Through victory, the glory can be yours… as well as a heaping pile of Æmbershards. Ask your favorite retailer when they will be hosting their KeyForge Store Championship, or use our Store Locator to find retailers near you!

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Concerning Hobbits

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 18 June 2019

The Lord of the Rings LCG

Concerning Hobbits

Preview the Hobbits of A Shadow in the East

“Shire-folk have been so comfortable so long they don’t know what to do. They just want a match, though, and they’ll go up in fire.”
   –Merry, The Return of the King

Pre-order your own copy of A Shadow in the East at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental US today!

In A Shadow in the East, you explore the largely unknown lands of Dorwinion while attempting to aid a people who live too near the shadow of Mordor. This land may be far from the Shire and the folk who live there, but sometimes heroes are found in the unlikeliest places. Soon, Hobbits can sway the fortunes of all Middle-earth, even those from lands as distant as Dorwinion.

Today, we’re pleased to offer you a closer look at the Hobbits of A Shadow in the East, the eighth deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!


Bearing the Burden

A Shadow in the East promises to take your party even farther to the east than the wild and untamed lands of Rhovanion as you investigate the darkness that has befallen Dorwinion. Leaving King Brand and the city of Dale behind, this expansion’s three scenarios see you venturing deeper into Dorwinion and closer to the source of this gathering shadow. Such a treacherous journey requires hearty adventurers prepared for the hardships of such a quest, especially if one of them is also carrying the copy of

The One Ring

 (A Shadow in the East, 1) included in this expansion.

While Hobbits may be used to living in comfortable holes in the ground, they have also shown great resolve in times of need, and no one may be more uniquely suited to carry the Ring than

Frodo Baggins

(A Shadow in the East, 2). Already accustomed to bearing this burden throughout The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game’s Saga expansions, Frodo is ready to take on a Leadership role in A Shadow in the East. He knows that whoever carries the Ring doesn’t have to endure the rigors of the quest alone, and by spending a resource, he can ready another unique character committed to the quest. What’s more, the extra help Frodo receives on quests helps him to mitigate the threat that comes with wielding the power of the Ring.

Naturally, whoever carries the One Ring is sure to become a target for the dark forces of Mordor. While a being as small as a Hobbit may seem like easy prey for enemies like a

Rider of Rhûn

(A Shadow in the East, 18), Frodo or another hero can always use new Master cards to even the playing field. The One Ring holds dominion over all the other rings of power and—as

The Ruling Ring

(A Shadow in the East, 10)—the Ring-bearer can prevent a non-Nazgûl enemy from attacking them. Similarly,

The Ring of Power

(A Shadow in the East, 11) can also enhance its bearer’s natural characteristics, fortifying them for whatever challenges they may face.

The Smallest Heroes

Even with the power of the One Ring on their side, the boldest heroes know that they cannot stand against the power of Mordor alone. Like other The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game scenarios, the trials you face in A Shadow in the East require an entire band of heroes and allies to overcome. Despite their small stature and low health, Hobbits remain loyal to each other and are ready to enhance your entire party.

An ally like


(A Shadow in the East, 3), for example, helps Frodo Baggins quest successfully by raising the willpower of all your unique allies until the end of the round. This further enhances the usefulness of an ally such as


(A Shadow in the East, 5), who can contribute to your quest even after dealing damage to a non-unique enemy when he enters play.


(A Shadow in the East, 4), on the other hand, is willing to stand up to enemies several times his size. Not only does he get an better attack while attacking an enemy with an engagement cost higher than your threat, he also readies after engaging such an enemy. As a scenario wears on and your threat increases, this ability’s usefulness is sure to wane, but an ally like


(A Shadow in the East, 6) can reduce a player’s threat to allow Pippin to stay on the offensive.

No matter what heroes or allies you choose to join your adventure, you are almost certainly stronger together. A Shadow in the East cements this bond between your characters with the new


(A Shadow in the East, 74) contract card. This new type of player card can represent a literal contract like the one Bilbo signed with the Dwarves before setting out for Erebor, or they can represent a social contract, like the bond of trust shared by all nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Either way, contracts are never included in a player’s deck and do not count towards a player’s minimum deck size. Instead, each player may choose one contract to put into play along with their heroes at the beginning of the game with its “A” side face up. When certain conditions are met, a contract is then flipped to unlock special abilities. In the case of


each character you control gets a boost to their willpower, attack, and defense so long as you can maintain a party of nine unique characters.

Unbreakable Bonds

Dorwinion may be far from the comforts of the Shire, but the bravest Hobbits are always ready to help those in need. Form your Fellowship and set off for the unknown lands of Dorwinion!

Pre-order your copy of A Shadow in the East (MEC77) at your local retailer today or online through our website with free shipping in the continental US here! Otherwise, be sure to look for this deluxe expansion when it hits retailers in the third quarter of 2019!

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S&S Vastaryous’ Lair and two Hero Packs start to hit the US stores on June…

By Ares Games

Vastaryous’ Lair, the final campaign expansion for the “Immortal Souls” cycle of Sword & Sorcery is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores from June 20th, together with its last two Hero Packs, Volkor and Skeld. These expansions will be available in our countries in the following weeks. Vastaryous’ Lair: the huge five–headed dragon, Vastaryous, ending the Immortal Souls campaign. Vastaryous’ …

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Brides & Bribes: a glance at the Renaissance Genoa

By Ares Games

Brides & Bribes game board presents the Renaissance Genoa. The worker placement and resource management board game Brides & Bribes is set in Genoa during the Renaissance period. The Republic was an oligarchy ruled by a small group of merchant families, from whom the Doge (the city’s Lord) was chosen. That’s why Brides & Bribes designers defined Genoa as the right location: to let players feel …

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Witness the Decisive Battle

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 June 2019

Star Wars: Legion

Witness the Decisive Battle

Watch the Star Wars™: Legion World Championships Live

“Make ten men feel like a hundred.”
–Cassian Andor, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Conflict permeates the galaxy. Everywhere, territories have been marred by the ravages of war. Now, a tipping point has been reached and the finest commanders of both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance must assemble their armies to clash in an epic finale that will bring this chapter of the Galactic Civil War to a close. 

On June 22 and 23, you can join the action and get a ground-level perspective on how the final battles of Star Wars™: Legion unfold at the 2019 World Championships. In Roseville, Minnesota, eight of the top players from the AdeptiCon High Command Invitational will gather and compete for the ultimate prize. Be sure to tune into our Twitch channel or our YouTube channel to catch all of the action.

The action starts on Saturday, when players will be divided into two groups of four players, based on their placement from the High Command Invitational. From there, each group will play a round robin series of three games against members of their own group. The following day, the top two players from each group will advance to an elimination bracket. By the end of Sunday, the winner of the bracket will be crowned the Star Wars: Legion World Champion!

The livestream will run from 10:00 AM CDT (UTC -5) to 6:00 PM CDT on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we’ll be streaming a full game from each of the three rounds. Then, on Sunday, the entire elimination bracket will be streamed, including both semi-final matches. Streaming the full elimination bracket should allow the viewing audience an interesting perspective on how the final match could potentially play out.

Will the players make use of the sturdy TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank or the nimble X-34 Landspeeder, or well they stick to utilizing more traditional combat units? While it’s impossible to know exactly how the battlefields will look now, our Fantasy Flight Games staff commentators will be sure to offer their insights once the competition begins, up until the last army is standing.

Victory Awaits

Whether you’re watching the World Championships from home or at a streaming party at your favorite local game store, don’t miss out on the epic conclusion of this year of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play events.

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Rebellion Reborn

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 June 2019

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Rebellion Reborn

Preview the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing

“We are the very last of the Resistance. But we are not alone.”
   –Amilyn Holdo, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Empire may be gone, but those who vigilantly defend the Star Wars galaxy from tyranny still find themselves in much the same position as the Rebels who came before them. Lacking critical supplies and the support of the New Republic, the Resistance must use its own means to procure the vehicles and equipment it needs to continue the fight against the First Order.

Order your own copy of the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Many times, ingenious Resistance engineers take matters into their own hands, cobbling together completely new starships from parts borrowed from a variety of sources. The foremost example of their work is the Resistance Transport, a custom-built shuttle designed to ferry troops and important personnel across the stars. Not only can this ship act as both a transport and a gunship, the cockpit can be flown as an independent ship in its own combat operations.

Whether you’re carrying high-ranking Resistance officers or using it as a command shuttle, you’ll soon be able to add one of these versatile transports to your squadrons with the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing™. Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully painted Resistance Transport miniature with detachable Resistance Transport Pod that can also be added to your squadrons. Accompanying these miniatures is everything you need to fly them into battle, including 8 ship cards—4 for the Resistance Transport and 4 for the Resistance Transport Pod—as well as 16 upgrade cards featuring some of the most prominent members of the Resistance.

Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Resistance Transport Expansion Pack!

Under Pressure

Many of the starfighters the Resistance employs against the First Order, such as the T-70 X-Wing and RZ-2 A-Wing—are updated versions of models that have been in use since the time of the Rebellion. The Resistance Transport follows this pattern by taking a B-Wing frame and putting it to an entirely new use, helping the ship take on a completely different role in Resistance squadrons and adding new strategic dimensions to the faction’s battle plans.

As its name suggests, the Resistance Transport was designed with carrying passengers in mind and you’ll find a number of new Resistance-exclusive crew cards ready to increase the synergy of your entire squadron. Nowhere is this more evident than the legendary

Leia Organa.

 Ever vigilant in the fight against tyranny, Organa not only adds her latent Force abilities to a ship, she can also spend her Force charge to instill hope in a friendly pilot once they’ve revealed their dial, reducing the difficulty of their maneuver.

Leia Organa spends her Force charge after Poe Dameron reveals a red 3-Tallon Roll, so he reduces the difficulty of this maneuver. Dameron has a lock on the TIE/fo, so he boosts and uses his ability to perform a red focus action!

Organa opens new possibilities for every pilot under her command, helping them reach new heights. With her help, an ace like

Poe Dameron

can still activate his ability and perform two actions even after executing a difficult Koiogran Turn or Tallon Roll. Similarly, Leia Organa removes the drawbacks from Resistance Transport Pilot

Cova Nell’s

ability, allowing her to roll an additional die while defending or performing a primary attack without gaining the stress token from her revealed red maneuver.

As Leia Organa clearly demonstrates, the crew members Resistance Transports carry are often invaluable to the squadron’s overall strategies. While having such important personnel aboard their ships certainly puts a lot of pressure on them, those who fly the Resistance Transport are among the best at managing these high-stress situations.

Pammich Nerro Goode

, for example, can continue executing red maneuvers while she has two or fewer stress tokens, letting her stay one step ahead of the enemy. Better yet, adding

Korr Sella

to her crew allows Goode to remove all the stress tokens she’s accumulated in a single swoop after fully executing a blue maneuver, helping her remain elusive and unpredictable throughout an engagement.

The RZ-2 A-Wing doesn’t have a focus token, so Amilyn Holdo transfers it from the Resistance Transport to the A-Wing before her Resistance Transport engages. The Resistance Transport doesn’t have a lock token, so Holdo transfers the TIE/fo’s lock token from the A-Wing to her ship!


Nodin Chavdri

helps whatever members of Resistance Command are aboard his ship relay their orders to the rest of the squadron even during high pressure situations. With the help of additional actions, Chavdri can accumulate quite a few tokens that he can then distribute—or collect—with the help of an officer like

Amilyn Holdo

just before engaging.  

Even without a pilot ability of their own, a

Logistics Division Pilot

has options for protecting their ship and its passengers. Simply outfitting it with some


could deter ships from moving in close and risk being caught in its bullseye arc. Alternatively, you give yourself more control over the ship’s defense by installing a set of

Angled Deflectors.

Doing so may reduce your ship’s shield value, but it also adds the Reinforce action to your action bar, giving you a valuable tool for reducing the damage you could take. What’s more, having

Larma D’Acy

on board gives you the chance to do so at particularly crucial moments, giving you the chance to contribute to you squadron for at least a little longer.

Spreading the Spark

The Resistance Transport’s ability to carry all manner of crew may be its defining feature, but the engineers who created it built function into the ship’s very form, lending it even more versatility. The ship is so versatile, in fact, that its cockpit pod can be flown as an independent ship with its own maneuver dial, action bar, and upgrade options. While this pod lacks the space for more than one crew member or the customization options of its parent ship, it can still make significant contributions to your squadrons.

An excellent platform for smaller teams to embark on missions that don’t require extra personnel or heavy armament, the Resistance Transport Pod also gives some Resistance members not typically known for their piloting skills the chance to take the controls. Normally seen helping guide Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-Wing,


can take the Transport Pod in some surprising new directions if he chooses to perform a red barrel roll or boost action during the System Phase.

On top of his skills positioning his ship, BB-8 unlocks even more possibilities by giving the version of


found in the Resistance Conversion Kit another droid to coordinate. What’s more, BB-8 isn’t the only droid ready to join the crew of a Resistance Transport or Resistance Transport Pod. In addition to adding calculate to her ship’s action bar,


can transfer the calculate tokens she generates to friendly ships right when they need them. These calculate tokens could be especially useful to a Resistance hero like


 who can add results that can be subsequently modified to both his attack and defense rolls.

Clearly, the Resistance Transport Pod thrives on its pilots working with other ships and crew members to be successful. This is certainly the case with

Rose Tico

. Whether she’s attacking or defending, Tico always performs better when there are more friendly ships in the attack arc. This becomes more difficult as friendly ships take damage and are destroyed, of course, but with a droid like


calling for backup, Tico will have at least one friendly ship to support her after the shooting has started. This droid allows you to place a ship in reserve at the beginning of a game and—depending on how many of their charges you’ve spent—deploy it to

support the Resistance

once they’re in the thick of battle.

Vi Moradi is at range 0–3 during the System Phase, so the TIE/fo with the Compromising Intel condition flips its dial faceup. Seeing the enemy’s chosen maneuver, Moradi uses Kayden Connix to set her dial to a straight-3 and zoom out of the TIE/fo’s firing arc!

Finally, although she isn’t the most skilled pilot,

Vi Moradi

can use her Resistance Transport Pod to gather some

Compromising Intel

on an enemy ship, forcing them flip their dial faceup during the System Phase whenever they’re within range 0–3 of her. With this information in hand, Moradi is free to use

Kaydel Connix

to alter her own flight path and give herself an advantage on her opponent.

Restore the Republic

Beings in every corner of the galaxy put their hope in the Resistance to fight back against the nefarious First Order. With a good transport and some inspiring leaders on your side, you’ll have everything you need to begin restoring peace to the galaxy.

The Resistance Transport Expansion Pack (SWZ45) is releasing alongside the rest of Wave IV! Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or through our website today!

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Finding the Spark

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 14 June 2019

Star Wars: Destiny

Finding the Spark

Preview Leaders and Troopers in Spark of Hope

“In every corner of the galaxy, the downtrodden and oppressed know our symbol and they put their hope in it. We are the spark that will light the fire that will restore the Republic. That spark, this Resistance, must survive. That is our mission.”
   –Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pre-order your own copy of Spark of Hope boosters at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Through every generation of the Star Wars galaxy, leaders have provided a spark of hope to their soldiers and tacticians. It’s these troopers who believe in their cause, and fight to ignite the spark of hope against overwhelming odds, or search the galaxy looking to extinguish the spark before it can grow.

Join us today as we preview leaders and troopers in Spark of Hope, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny!

Spark of Hope continues the themes found in Convergence, while introducing new ways to defeat your opponents in Destiny’s epic duels. Look for diceless characters to fill out your team, a new form of Lightsaber mastery, and an emphasis on subtypes like Jedi, Sith, leaders, and troopers.

Lighting the Spark

While regimes like the Empire and the First Order rally their troops around fear, rebels rally around their leaders and the purpose they provide to a galaxy in turmoil. During the darkest hour of the Resistance, Vice Admiral

Amilyn Holdo

(Spark of Hope, 75) provided a spark of hope to rebels on the run. In Star Wars: Destiny, Holdo can still provide that spark when all seems lost, allowing you to ready a vehicle after she is defeated, or playing one at a discounted cost with her special symbol. This can allow you to utilize new vehicles like the


(Spark of Hope, 86) to ignite the spark of hope and find victory with overwhelming firepower.

Holdo becomes even more valuable if she is equipped with the


 (Spark of Hope, 136) title, an expensive upgrade that can see you activating your characters and vehicles multiple times a turn provided you roll its special symbol. While it is an expensive investment,

You Are In Command Now

(Spark of Hope, 132) provides a discount to these resource-heavy titles that can drastically shift the course of a game.

Holdo is a leader that stands out from the rest, willing to do whatever it takes to protect a small band of rebels from complete destruction. She even went so far as to perform a

Lightspeed Assault

(Spark of Hope, 81) to save the last remnants of the Resistance. This event requires great sacrifice, but a 

Firm Resolve

(Spark of Hope, 87) can ensure your band of heroes has a chance against overwhelming forces. With some clever setup, you may even be able to

Take Control

(Spark of Hope, 85) of an opponent’s vehicle and use that for your lightspeed assault, softening the blow to your own forces while dealing heavy damage to your opponent.

But what’s a leader without loyal troopers to follow them into battle? If it wasn’t for the skill and sacrifice of those on the front lines of the battlefield, there would be no victory. The

Hoth Trooper

 (Spark of Hope, 78) is one of the new diceless characters in Spark of Hope, but can still deal damage to your opponent every time they are activated. At five points, Hoth Troopers can fill out your team, and their resolve and a strong leader can push your team to victory.   

An Endless March of Terror

The villains of the Star Wars galaxy don’t rely on hopes and dreams of the future, instead they find their power in skill and fear.

Gideon Hask

(Spark of Hope, 21) is a commando in the fearsome Inferno Squad, completing missions with an efficiency seen nowhere else in the galaxy. If Gideon is leading your troopers, he can get the most out of them by rerolling their dice with his Power Action, even if they’ve already been activated for the turn. Since Gideon is a trooper, this ability can target himself, and allows him to take advantage of several trooper-specific cards in Spark of Hope

Gideon can utilize the


(Spark of Hope, 134), a vehicle specifically made for troopers on the front line of the battlefield, with a special die filled with modifiers that can freely modify trooper dice. The flexibility offered by this vehicle is second-to-none, simply making any die roll better, regardless of the symbol. 


(Spark of Hope, 22) can also utilize the AT-RT to great effect. The Mudtroopers allow you to reroll a die showing a blank after you activate the Mudtroopers or a leader character. With two blank sides themselves, the Mudtroopers are the perfect target for their own ability, providing a high level of consistency to your team for just eight points. 

Lighting a New Path

The spark of hope is not an easy thing to ignite. It takes sacrifice, and those willing to do whatever it takes to keep hope alive against those who would extinguish it throughout the galaxy. Will you find a way to ignite the spark with the heroes of the galaxy, or destroy it completely with dastardly villains?

Light a path for the galaxy in Spark of Hope (SWD18), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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The Winter World Championships

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 13 June 2019

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Winter World Championships

Details on the Legend of the Five Rings and A Game of Thrones Worlds

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”
   –Sansa Stark, A Storm of Swords

More Questions?
If you have additional questions about the Winter World Championships, you can watch our livestream here!

Whether you are defending the honor of your clan in the Emerald Empire, or supporting your faction in pursuit of the Iron Throne, this winter you can claim the ultimate prize at the upcoming World Championships for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

These World Championship events form the pinnacle of competitive Organized Play, drawing in players from all over the world to compete at the highest possible level. In order to dedicate more space than ever to each game, the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Winter Court and the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championship have been separated this year, taking place on their own individual weekends!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game players, you can fight for your clan at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, Minnesota from November 6 – 10, 2019. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game players, the battle for the Iron Throne will also take place at the Fantasy Flight Games Center, from February 7 – 9, 2020. This winter, you will have the chance to prove yourself worthy of the title: World Champion.

We’ll explore each event in more detail below, but here’s a quick overview of the main events at each upcoming World Championship.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

  • November 6: Last Chance Qualifier
  • November 7: Day 1A
  • November 8: Day 1B
  • November 9: Day 2
  • November 10: World Championship 2020 Qualifier 
  • February 7: Joust 1A, Melee 1A
  • February 8: Joust 1B, Melee 1B
  • February 9: Joust Day 2, Melee Day 2

As countless battles are waged across both Westeros and Rokugan, few things are certain amidst the unrest that rules these lands. Despite the ongoing conflicts and political conspiracies, time presses on, the seasons change, and eventually, winter comes. It’s during these times of hardship that your people must fight for survival—but there’s also the greatest glory to be won!

Can you maintain your honor in the face of your challengers? What will you sacrifice to claim the Iron Throne or to serve your daimyō? Prepare yourself for the chaos that comes with the cold and cut through those who dare challenge you.

For more information on these events, we first look to the Emerald Empire of Rokugan…

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Whether you favor the churned mud and hard-won glory of the battlefield, or you test your honor in the veiled courts of Rokugan, your struggles for victory ultimately lead you to the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Winter Court. This year, the stakes are higher than ever before—for the first time, the World Championship is invite-only, and you must do battle to even win your seat. If you’ve already won your invitation to the World Championship, you can claim your reserved seat using this form, with a deadline of October 4, 2019. If, however, you have not won the glory of a seat at the most prestigious event in Rokugan, you’ll have one last chance to win your place in the World Championship at the Last Chance Qualifier!

The Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Last Chance Qualifier will take place on November 6, giving you the opportunity to win your place among Rokugan’s greatest samurai. The Top 64 players in the Last Chance Qualifier are guaranteed to advance to the World Championship (split evenly across Day 1A and Day 1B), with additional seats becoming available if any reserved World Championship seats go unclaimed by their champions. Of course, even if you can’t seize a place at the World Championship, there’s still plenty for you to do, with side events throughout the weekend, a costume competition, and a World Championship 2020 qualifier on Sunday all available for you to play in.

Tickets for the Last Chance Qualifier go on sale on July 11, 2019 at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC –5), with a fee of $25. If you win your seat in the World Championship and choose to participate, there will be an additional $25 charge.

Once the World Championship proper begins, players will duel across two days, with Day 1A on Thursday, November 7, and Day 1B on Friday, November 8. Both of these flights feed into the highly elite Day 2 on Saturday, November 9, with the champion ultimately winning the title of Shōgun and the chance to influence the story of Legend of the Five Rings forever. Then, before the weekend ends, players will have the chance to contend for seats in next year’s World Championship, with a Worlds 2020 Qualifier taking place on Sunday, November 10.

We don’t have much to share on the prizes for the Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Winter Court at this point, but we’ll have much more information on these prizes as we draw nearer to the event. Importantly, the Prize Wall will be returning to this year’s Winter Court, and players will be able to use all tickets earned at this year’s Winter Court on the Prize Wall! (Koku earned at Kotei events cannot be spent at the Winter Court Prize Wall.)

Are you prepared to duel for the future of Rokugan and uphold the honor of your clan and family? Grab your tickets for the Last Chance Qualifier on July 11, or claim your reserved seat using this form now! And of course, even if you aren’t able to join us in person, we’ll be streaming the entire event from FFG Live on Twitch and YouTube—so be sure to stop in and join us there to watch the world’s greatest Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game players!

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Meanwhile, in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the battle for the Iron Throne rages on, engulfing mighty lords and lowly peasants, spreading from the sands of Dorne to the icy fastnesses north of the Wall. With a full weekend dedicated to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, players from around the world will have the opportunity to come together and celebrate everything that sets this game apart. Giving A Game of Thrones: The Card Game its own weekend also allows more room for participants, with a total of 360 seats being available. 

The main event for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Joust format) will begin on Friday, February 7 for Day 1A and Saturday, February 8 for Day 1B. Representing the factions of the Seven Kingdoms, players will use deadly schemes, cunning tactics, and brute strength to make their way to the Day 2 cut on Sunday, February 9. Running alongside the Joust tournament, players can also participate in the Melee tournament, which also runs with opening flights on Friday and Saturday. Those players who outwit and outperform the rest of the competition at their tables will then meet on Sunday for the final Melee showdown.

In addition to Joust and Melee, there will be a number of side events available for players to participate in throughout the World Championship weekend. The Ironborn-themed multiplayer variant, Kingsmoot, will be available for groups to play, as well as draft pods. Stay tuned for more information on these and other side events!

As well as the chance to dedicate a full weekend to A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, the February event date also gives players the opportunity to pay the iron price for their World Championship entry by waiting to win a Prime Championship before purchasing a ticket. Registration for the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championship begins July 11, 2019, at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC –5), where half of the seats will become available. The other half of the seats will be made available at a later date once the Prime Championships are underway and players have had more chances to win their seat. As has been the case for previous World Championships, a lottery system will be used for selection. The price point for all tickets is $50, but if you have won a reserved seat, you can claim your seat now! The deadline for claiming these reserved seats is January 4, 2020. 

And of course, even if you are unable to attend in person, we’ll be streaming the entirety of the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championship with FFG Live on both Twitch and YouTube for you to enjoy!

Winter Is Coming

The winter snows may be falling, but the champions of Rokugan and Westeros are still called forth. Face the elements and strike your enemies down in order to claim your rightful prize!

Join us for the Winter World Championships for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game in November and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game in February! It’s sure to be full of unforgettable moments, amazing prizes, and incredible players—and we’ll have more information to share on these events soon. For now, mark your calendars to get your tickets on July 11, and join us this winter for the pinnacle of Organized Play competition.

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Available Now – June 13th

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 13 June 2019

Star Wars: Outer Rim

Available Now – June 13th

Star Wars: Outer Rim Is Available Now

Take a look at the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer! 

Star Wars™: Outer Rim

Take to the stars and become a living legend in Star Wars: Outer Rim, a game of bounty hunters, mercenaries, and smugglers for 1-4 players!

In Outer Rim, you take on the role of an underworld denizen setting out to make your mark on the galaxy. You’ll travel the Outer Rim in your personal ship, hire legendary Star Wars characters to join your crew, and try to become the most famous (or infamous) outlaw in the galaxy!

But it won’t be easy. The warring factions of the galaxy roam the Outer Rim hunting down the scum that have proven to be a thorn in their side while other scoundrels looking to make their mark see you as the perfect target to bring down to bolster their own reputation. Do you have what it takes to survive in the Outer Rim and become a living legend? 

Pick up your copy of Star Wars: Outer Rim at your local retailer today!

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Battlestar Galactica “33” Campaign: follow the balance of the Cylon x Colonials war!

By Ares Games

Players at the first event of the 33 Campaign, at UK Games Expo. The Battlestar Galactica – 33 Campaign is a series of massive events inspired by “33” – the first episode of the first season of the Reimagined series to be held at all major shows the company attends during 2019 – UK Game Expo, Origins, Gencon, Essen, and Pax Unplugged. The flow of the …

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