WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs Preview – Nieuport 16

By Ares Games

A new aircraft is coming in the WW1 Wings of Glory line: the rocket-armed Nieuport 16, included in the Tripods & Triplanes Starter Set in a version piloted by the French ace Jean Navarre, and as an Airplane Pack, featuring the Ni-16 used by the British ace, Albert Ball. The Nieuport 16 story includes several facets common to a few great fighters of World War 1. …

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Artifacts to Appreciate

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 22 March 2019

Star Wars: Armada

Artifacts to Appreciate

The 2019 World Championship Prizes for Star Wars™: Armada

“I like to know the deeper meanings of the pieces I collect. To me, they are not merely trophies, but… symbols, that truly represent some of my greatest adversaries.”
–Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars: Rebels

The greater the battle, the more significance you’ll attach to those items that commemorate your victories. That’s why you’ll find no prizes greater or more significant than those you might claim at the 2019 Star Wars™: Armada World Championship!

At the 2019 World Championship, participants will fly to battle against many of the galaxy’s greatest fleet admirals, and to claim the galaxy’s greatest prizes, they’ll need to anticipate their opponents’ maneuvers, raise their shields, and pursue their objectives—even as they unleash a barrage of missiles and turbolasers to batter their opponents’ ships.

Of course, this is Star Wars: Armada—a game of massive starships and far-sighted commands. Fleet admirals need to assemble their fleets and plan their initial engagements well before their enemies appears on their scanners.

So for those who successfully charted their course to AdeptiCon, they’ll want to start prioritizing their objectives and issuing their commands. Enemy fleets are incoming, and all the 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Championship prizes are on the line!


Each participant in the 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Championship tournament receives an alternate art damage deck, plus three double-sided, extended art commander cards, each of which pits one Imperial commander against a Rebel commander.

  • Admiral Motti and General Rieekan
  • Admiral Sloane and Admiral Raddus
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn and Garm Bel Iblis

Round Completion

Destruction and casualties are inescapable facts of war, but any admiral hoping to swing the Galactic Civil War in their favor will need to keep fighting, regardless of what happens. Battered or untouched, those ships need to stay in the fight to keep the enemy at bay!

Accordingly, every fleet admiral—whether they’re winning or struggling to keep their shields up—will receive a set of acrylic tokens for each round of Swiss play he or she completes. These include four acrylic shield dials and one acrylic speed dial. Together, they’ll beautifully upgrade any ship that survives the battles!

Day 2

Day 1 of the Star Wars: Armada World Championship features four rounds of Swiss pairings that culminate in a cut to the Top 40. These 40 players will continue their battles on Day 2 with three more rounds of Swiss play (all scores cumulative), followed by a final, head-to-head match between the Top 2 players.

In addition to the chance they’ll receive to keep pressing for the ultimate victory, each of the Top 40 players who makes the cut to Day 2 will also receive an exclusive World Championship turn dial.

Top 16

After firing salvo after salvo at their opponents, the Top 16 participants in the 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Championship will be able to rearm their ships with not one, but two additional sets of custom dice, ensuring they’ll have the exact right dice ready for their final engagements!

Top 8

The Top 8 players will each be able to honor their most valuable or best performing ship by securing it in a stunning acrylic ship tray that features a teal design atop a black base.

Top 4

The Top 4 players will each claim a set of custom range rulers and movement templates, all featuring white paint on a mirrored red acrylic surface.


In addition to all the other prizes he or she will have already won, the 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Championship Runner-Up will earn a stunning art plaque featuring the galaxy’s most notable Chiss, Grand Admiral Thawn. In addition, the Runner-Up will claim a special, silver-foiled version of the alternate art damage deck awarded as a participation prize.

World Champion

It takes something truly special to rise above all the other top-level competitors at the Star Wars: Armada World Championship, and the World Champion will certainly leave the event with a treasury of good experiences and memories—as well as a number of artifacts designed to represent his or her greatest victories!

  • 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Championship trophy
  • World Champion range ruler tray
  • World Champion damage deck box
  • One-of-a-kind, gold-foiled World Champion alternate art damage deck

In addition to these physical artifacts, the 2019 Star Wars: Armada World Champion will also receive flight and accommodations for the 2020 Star Wars: Armada World Championship—because while commemorative items are great, they cannot replace the camaraderie and competition you’ll find at the world’s top event!

Plan Your Engagement

AdeptiCon is fast approaching, and it’s time for participants to arm their ships. Crew their squadrons. And assemble their fleets. The galaxy’s largest engagements begin with a single command—and if you’re not going to be a part of them, you can follow their progress via our updates on Facebook and Twitter @FFGOP.

We’ll also post highlights from the tournament shortly after the event concludes, so stay tuned—these are battles that will echo throughout the galaxy for years and years to come!

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Risks and Rewards

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 22 March 2019

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Risks and Rewards

The 2019 World Championship Prizes for Star Wars™: Imperial Assault

“Unless you take risks, do what must be done, there will always be limits to your abilities.”
   –Maul, Star Wars: Rebels

The 2019 Star Wars™: Imperial Assault World Championship begins Saturday, March 30 at AdeptiCon in Schaumburg, Illinois. There, after facing numerous opponents, testing his or her abilities in the most demanding situations, and surmounting all risks, the winner will claim the game’s top honors—its ultimate rewards.

What are those rewards? They’re extended art cards, custom tokens, dials, and dice that commemorate players’ victories and that they can use to upgrade their armies. These rewards start at the participation level and increase in value and rarity as the field narrows.

Most importantly, the prizes at the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship are only available to those who assumed all the risks involved—entering the battlefield, dodging blaster fire, parrying lightsaber blows, challenging for objective points, and fighting for the fate of the galaxy!

A Rebel strike force confronts Lord Vader during the 2018 Imperial Assault World Championship.


Each participant in the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship tournament receives a set of four double-sided, extended art skirmish upgrades—one for each of the game’s three factions and one neutral card.

  • Galactic Empire: Rule by Fear and Zillo Technique
  • Mercenary: Devious Schemes and Black Market
  • Rebel Alliance: Balance of the Force and Spectre Cell
  • Neutral: Extra Armor and Heavy Fire

Round Completion

No plan survives contact with the enemy, but every player who stays in the fight—whether they’re winning or simply pressing forward despite their injuries—will receive a set of acrylic damage tokens for each Swiss round they complete. These include one five-damage token, one three-damage token, and three one-damage tokens.

Faction Leaders

Which faction will you support throughout the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship? The answer matters more than ever. Not only will participants want to help shape the fate of the galaxy, but we’ll reward the Top 16 players from each faction with a special Galactic frame version of one of their more notable characters.

  • Galactic Empire: Thrawn
  • Mercenary: Maul
  • Rebel Alliance: Ahsoka Tano

Top 32

The Top 32 competitors will be able to upgrade not only their armies, but also their battlefields with a range of custom tokens. Each player making the Top 32 of the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship will receive six custom crate tokens, six closed door tokens, and six open door tokens.

Top 16

As the battles rage on, and the most successful commanders help their armies secure the battlefield’s most important positions, the Top 16 players will earn a bounty of dice to use in future games—two sets of ten dice each.


Top 4

The Top 4 participants each receive a set of all three Galactic frame deployment cards: Thrawn, Maul, and Ahsoka Tano.


It will take fantastic determination to reach the final table of the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship—the sort of single-minded focus on a goal that can drive an individual to survive and thrive in the harshest conditions… even when others might perish.

Such determination is aptly rewarded by the Finalist plaque that features a vengeful Maul, snarling and ready to confront his foes with his signature double-bladed lightsaber.

World Champion

After having risked it all—and successfully rising to each new challenge—the World Champion will claim an assortment of prizes well worth the completion of his or her mission!

The 2019 Imperial Assault World Champion will win several one-of-a-kind prizes, including an acrylic point dial featuring a print of the young Force user, Ezra Bridger; an acrylic card box to hold his or her command deck; a stunning four-pillar trophy; and flight and accommodations for the 2020 Imperial Assault World Championship!

Unlock Your Potential

If you want to tap the full measure of your abilities, you need to take some risks. And that’s why we’re rewarding all those who chose to risk their armies—the heroes and villains—during the tense, fast-paced skirmishes of the 2019 Imperial Assault World Championship!

Who will win? Who will claim the event’s various prizes? We’ll post live updates during the event on Facebook and Twitter @FFGOP, and we’ll share highlights in an article shortly after the event concludes!

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Night on the Town

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 22 March 2019


Night on the Town

Download a Free Adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk

At the base of the ladder to the stars, nothing is as it seems. Most who call New Angeles their home live a relatively mundane life in the near-future. But all of that can change in an instant. Taking a wrong turn can change your life in an instant, and running into the wrong people can turn a simple night out on the town into a bloody affair.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “Night on the Town,” a free digital Shadow of the Beanstalk adventure for Genesys roleplaying that can be downloaded here (2.6 MB)!

“Night on the Town” is split into two parts. The first part, “Happy Hour” was originally a one-shot adventure ran at Gen Con 2018 and the Magnum Opus event at the Fantasy Flight Game Center later that year. The second part, “On the Run” was written as a sequel to “Happy Hour” and was featured at PAX Unplugged in 2018.

Paranoid Android

Together, this two-part adventure follows the lives of several comrades and friends living in the seedy port districts of New Angeles, the massive megalopolis that forms the heart of the Android setting.

These adventures were originally designed to be run with six pre-constructed characters:

  • Aditi Desai is an escaped clone hiding her true identity, now working as a street doctor.
  • Tam Kamaka is a genetically modified bounty hunter looking for his next big payday.
  • After resigning from the NAPD, Harry Raines became a private eye to try and do some good in the world.
  • Having recently arrived from the Moon, con artist Vince Mallory has already gotten in trouble with members of the local underworld.
  • Zoey Ortega used to work for the company that runs the Beanstalk, but after she got fired she’s been trying to get her own tech business off the ground.
  • A space construction worker with degrees in orbital mechanics and physics, Mila Braun just wants to enjoy life with her friends.

Each of these characters can be downloaded here (4.8 MB)—however, “Night on the Town” has been modified to work with any group of PCs!

New Faces, New Places

After a hard day’s work in New Angeles, a night on the town is just what the doctor ordered. But when your night takes a turn for the worse, do you have what it takes to survive in New Angeles, and maybe make a profit along the way?

Find a new adventure in “Night on the Town,” a new adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk (GNS04), available now for download here!

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Imperial Enforcers

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 22 March 2019

Star Wars: Legion

Imperial Enforcers

Preview the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“Are we blind? Deploy the garrison!”
   –Director Orson Krennic, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With nearly limitless resources at its disposal, the Galactic Empire is capable of creating all kinds of unimaginable weapons. But not every problem can be eliminated with a single blast from the Death Star’s immense superlaser. Some missions require a more delicate touch. When high-ranking Imperial officers like Director Orson Krennic need a scalpel instead of a cudgel, they turn to the Imperial Death Troopers.

Order your own copy of the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Trained in multiple forms of combat and proficient at erasing their involvement from operations, these elite soldiers are a terrifying sight to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in their way. You’ll soon be able to have your own squads of Death Troopers do your bidding on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War with the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

Within this expansion, you’ll find six unique, highly detailed, unpainted Imperial Death Trooper miniatures for you to add to your collection, including four troopers prepared to carry out any mission with their E-11D blaster rifles. Meanwhile, the Death Trooper designated DT-F16 and a DLT-19D Trooper can bring even more firepower to the unit. Finally, you can make full use of all your Death Troopers’ training with eight upgrade cards that give them access to more gear and comms equipment.

Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion!

Dark Vengeance

Imperial Death Troopers are the best of the best. Hand-picked from the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps by Imperial Intelligence, it should be no surprise that these troops appear to be the natural evolution of the Empire’s most iconic troops. Whereas Scout Troopers specialize in deploying ahead of other troops to secure key points and the Imperial Royal Guard focus on protecting high-profile officers, the Death Troopers are a more well-rounded special forces unit that can serve many purposes.

Whether they’re protecting a high-value individual or directly confronting the enemy, Death Troopers set themselves apart in a number of ways. Most Imperial troops are known for their precise shooting, but even the best Stormtroopers can’t match the pinpoint accuracy of a unit of Imperial Death Troopers. Whether they’re fighting at range with their E-11D blaster rifles or engaged in a close-up firefight with their SE-14r light blasters, Death Troopers rarely miss their marks, making any enemy think twice before moving within range.

Such frightening accuracy is intimidating on its own, but the Death Troopers’ advanced training has given them other abilities that further distinguish them. On the one hand, Death Troopers exhibit an almost supernatural discipline, allowing them to wade into even the thickest fire without becoming rattled, especially if they’ve been trained to

Duck and Cover.

 On the other hand, they can just as easily be ordered to standby and prepare for an enemy assault, giving them plenty of time to greet any opposition with a full-on barrage of blaster fire.

No matter how you employ your Death Troopers on the battlefield, they can choose the right tool for the job from a full arsenal of weapons. Already a potent weapon on its own, the E-11D blaster rifles can be further modified for more versatility. The Death Troopers often find themselves fighting in tight quarters, and the E-11D’s

Grenade Launcher Config

can be especially useful in rooting out any Rebels that have begun digging in behind cover.

Sometimes, however, it’s more important for the Death Troopers to simply pin the enemy in place to buy the rest of the army some time to perform a flanking movement. In those instances, the

E-11D Focused Fire Config

gives them the power to hit an enemy unit with suppressive fire from a distance. This configuration may extend the effective range of the E-11D and help you keep the Rebels’ heads down, but it does little to bolster the weapon’s damage. If you’re looking to deal more damage from long range, you may consider swapping one of your Death Trooper’s E-11Ds for a


that offers a deadly attack with a chance to punch through a Rebel vehicle’s armor.

Using their E-11D’s Grenade Launcher Config, the Death Troopers are one of the few units who can ignore cover at range 2!

While the Death Troopers’ advanced training, exceptional discipline, and expertise with a wide range of weaponry may inspire dread among Rebels, these same attributes often make them an example for their fellow Imperials and Death Trooper squad leaders have little trouble exploiting this to their advantage. A leader like


 for example, can push a friendly unit to move under duress, helping put them in a more advantageous position. At the same time, with the rest of the Imperial army already looking to them for guidance, the Death Troopers are ideal candidates to carry a

Comms Relay

and pass orders from command to nearby friendly units.

Efficient and merciless, Death Troopers represent the pinnacle of Imperial ground forces.

Rule Through Fear

Encased in jet-black armor and armed to the teeth, Imperial Death Troopers are a terrible sight for any who come into contact with them. And once the fighting begins, you can show any misguided Rebels what it truly means to oppose the Galactic Empire.

Look for the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion (SWL34) and the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion (SWL33) at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here!

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The Knotted Tails

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 21 March 2019

Legend of the Five Rings RPG

The Knotted Tails

A New Scenario for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game Is Available for Download Now

“Together we were strong and fought back the land’s monsters. It was like a second Golden Age! Until one day…”

What foul creature hunts for nezumi blood in the Shadowlands?

As your band of samurai travels through the deadly, twisting landscape of the Shadowlands, they encounter a patrol of the strange, rat-like beings known as nezumi. The scouts describe a monster who hunts their tribe and they plead with you for help. Now, you must make a difficult decision—do you aid the unfortunate creatures, or destroy the scouts and continue on your journey toward Shiro Hiruma?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Knotted Tails (6.0 MB), a new scenario to accompany the Mask of the Oni adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, is now available for download!

Living in Fear

The Knotted Tails offers an additional story for Mask of the Oni, the adventure book based on the rich worldbuilding material found in the Shadowlands sourcebook. The Mask of the Oni adventure pits you against the dangers of the Shadowlands on a mission to the ruins of the Hiruma family’s once-proud castle. As you follow the trail of a deadly master of blood magic, you face incredible dangers, both in the twisted land and in your own mind. Now in the heart of Fu Leng’s domain, this new tale offers you a brief reprieve from the otherworldly horrors and gives you the chance to help some fellow unfortunate souls while you continue your journey to Shiro Hiruma.

Your trek across the Shadowlands is interrupted when you encounter a group of furry figures with rat-like features. They are armed with rusty spears and wooden sticks, but their whiskers shake with fear as their eyes follow your every move. These creatures, known as nezumi, are scouts of the Knotted Tails tribe, long-term residents of the Shadowlands who seem to be miraculously immune to its Taint. The nezumi are used to the lurking dangers that surround them, but even so, something has them spooked. 

The tale the nezumi spin offers a disturbing mystery for your band of samurai to solve. Some evil has been picking off their scouts, scavengers, and young ones who wander too far from the firelight. Sometimes a scrap of fur, severed claw, or length of tail is left behind, but other times they just… disappear. No one knows who or what the culprit is, what they do with the taken, and when they may strike again. You are their only chance for help.

Honor and Memory

The nezumi may make a convincing plea, but this task is sure to put you in the path of even greater danger, and you have a mission of your own to keep in mind. You cannot be expected to accept this task out of the goodness of your heart. There must be something in this for you as well, and the Knotted Tails have valuable skills and knowledge to offer in exchange.

The Knotted Tails are a tribe that prides itself on remembering the past. Their ancestors were once close allies of the Hiruma family, or at least, so they claim, and they remain protective of the ruins of Shiro Hiruma to this day. If you can piece together the Knotted Tails’ version of the past, you may uncover clues about the history of the Hiruma and their fate, which can ease your struggles later in your adventures in Mask of the Oni.

While many tribes tell the tale of their history with the Hiruma family differently, at some point in the past, tragedy struck the nezumi. Their flourishing civilization was destroyed, their home turned into a dangerous wasteland, and their people scattered. Many fled the Shadowlands, but there was no sanctuary for them beyond the Wall. In Rokugan, people called them monsters and killed them on sight. Forced to return to the realm of Fu Leng, they have managed to eke out an existence by hiding from the terrors that thrive in the corrupted land.

Despite their mistreatment, nezumi have still been known to help lost scouts and aid with security at the Wall, but this is not true for all, and the vast majority of Crab samurai have never heard of the Knotted Tails tribe. Can you trust these unfamiliar creatures in the heart of Fu Leng’s domain? Do they simply seek to regain their security, or is their story some ploy to take revenge on those who shunned their people and forced them into this perilous existence? The story is in your hands—only you can decide which path to take.

Reclaim Peace

A new mission is laid before you. Will you put yourself in harm’s way to help these nezumi or leave them to their fate? Discover what horror is hunting the Knotted Tails tribe, restore peace to these troubled souls, and progress your adventure in the Shadowlands!

Pick up your copy of Mask of Oni (L5R07) at your local retailer or online through the Fantasy Flight Games website today and download The Knotted Tails scenario here!

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Available Now — March 21

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 21 March 2019

X-Wing Second Edition

Available Now — March 21

X-Wing Wave III Is Available Now

Take a look at the latest products from Fantasy Flight Games, now available at your local retailer or online through our webstore! 

Servants of Strife Squadron Pack

War! The Separatist Alliance has driven a spike into the heart of the galaxy, splintering the once-unified worlds with choas, tyranny, and fear. At the heart of this offensive is the dastardly General Grievous, commanding endless legions of droid fighters. 

Swarms of networked Vulture-class fighters commanded by tactical droids strike at innocent worlds, forcing the Republic on the defensive. All the while, Grievous slinks through the shadows in his customized Belbullab-22 starfighter; hunting the Jedi at every turn. 

This Squadron Pack contains everything you need to add one Belbullab-22 starfighter and two Vulture-class droid fighter ships to your games of X-Wing, including new ship and upgrade cards, three maneuver dials, and an array of tokens.

Pick up your copy of the Servants of Strife Squadron Pack (SWZ29) at your local retailer today!

Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack

The Sith operate in the shadows. As they unfold their dark machinations across the galaxy, they need a ship that matches their nefarious purposes. Casting a menacing shadow as it cuts across the skies, the Sith Infiltrator is the perfect choice to carry the agents of Darth Sidious on their dark missions and into the battles of X-Wing.

With the Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack, you can use the experimental cloaking device, devastating firepower, and advanced systems of one of these ships to deliver vicious surgical strikes before vanishing into the void. In addition to the finely detailed and fully painted Sith Infiltrator miniature, you’ll find a collection of five ship cards, including Darth Maul himself, twenty upgrade cards that help you fully utilize the ship’s systems, and all the tokens and maneuver dials you need to launch your own secret missions.

Pick up your own copy of the Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack (SWZ30) at your local retailer today!

Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack

The Vulture-class droid fighter is the backbone of the Separatist Navy and emblematic of its strategy: weak in isolation, but overwhelming in numbers. A sufficiently vast swarm of networked attackers form a cunning, sinister intelligence that can defeat even wise and powerful Jedi pilots.

The Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack contains everything you need to begin building your own squadron of linked droid starfighters—most importantly, a beautifully pre-painted Vulture-class droid fighter miniature. Additionally, five ship cards give you the ability to outfit your droid fighter with distinct types of programming while five upgrade cards provide even more freedom to shape your squadron.

Pick up your own copy of the Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack (SWZ31) at your local retailer today!

Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack

The Galactic Republic is crumbling, reeling from the blow dealt by the fledgling Separatist Alliance. But even in this age of uncertainty and disunion, heroes arise. Legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi valiantly leads dedicated clone pilots into battle against the forces of tyranny and chaos in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack for X-Wing!

This pack gives you everything you need to begin building your Galactic Republic squadrons, including one Delta-7 Aethersprite miniature and two V-19 Torrent miniatures. The chosen interceptor of many Jedi, the Delta-7 allows them to use their Force-enhanced reflexes to the fullest. Behind them, clone pilots cover them from their V-19 Torrents with coordinated fire, tight formation flying, and salvoes of missilies. In addition to the miniatures, this Squadron Pack gives you the chance to further explore the potential of the Force with several new Force upgrade cards. Meanwhile, a variety of other upgrade cards—including reprints of many common neutral upgrade cards—provide a wealth of options for customizing your squadrons.

Pick up your own copy of the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack (SWZ32) at your local retailer today!

ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack

The ARC-170 is the Galactic Republic’s mainstay heavy starfighter. Equipped torpedoes allow this intimidating craft to smash through foes that might repel the Republic’s more lightly armed ships, while its rear gunner makes it difficult to approach from most angles. Whether defending the flanks of a formation or giving support to a Jedi General, the ARC-170 has an imposing presence on the battlefield.

With the ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack, you can bring a single ARC-170 starfighter to your X-Wing battles. Alongside the beautifully painted ARC-170 miniature, you’ll find six clone pilots ready to fly for the Republic as well as fourteen upgrade cards giving you the freedom to add additional heavy weaponry, gunners, and crew members to your ship.  

Pick up your own copy of the ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack (SWZ33) at your local retailer today!

Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack

The Delta-7 Aethersprite is an elegant craft designed to help Jedi Knights cross the gulfs between the stars in their quest to uphold justice. Equipped with an astromech for navigation, it is lightly armed but highly maneuverable, its fine-tuned controls allowing a Force-sensitive pilot to fly it with unmatched precision. 

With five ship cards—including four unique pilots—the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack adds even more Jedi for you to include in your Galactic Republic squadrons, including the legendary Anakin Skywalker. Featuring an alternate paint scheme to the ship included in the Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack, this expansion also features six upgrade cards designed to get even more out of your ship and its Jedi pilots.

Pick up your own copy of the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack (SWZ34) at your local retailer today! 

Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

Proudly declare your independence from the Republic with the Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit!

The three upgraded plastic protectors found in this kit boldly indicate your allegiance to the Separatist Alliance while enhancing the aesthetic look of your squadron. As you secretly plot your maneuvers each round, these kits house a ship’s dial within a secure plastic housing. Additionally, the kits include a space on the back to insert dial ID tokens found in expansion packs, making it easy to differentiate between your ships in the middle of a game.

Pick up your own copy of the Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit (SWZ35) at your local retailer today!

Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit

Announce your alliegance to the Galactic Republic with the Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit!

The three upgraded plastic protectors found in this kit proudly declare your dedication to preserving the Republic while enhancing the aesthetic look of your squadron. As you secretly plot your maneuvers each round, these protectors house a ship’s dial within a secure plastic housing. Additionally, the kits include a space on the back to insert dial ID tokens found in expansion packs, making it easy to differentiate between your ships in the middle of a game.

Pick up your own copy of the Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit (SWZ36) at your local retailer today!

Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Expansion Pack 

The Z-95 Headhunter’s wide production saw it scattered to the far corners of the galaxy. Now, this reliable, easy-to-acquire starfighter is integral to numerous criminal cartel fleets—from large operations like Black Sun to small-time raiders like the Binayre Pirates. Armed with missiles and illicit technologies, a single Z-95-AF4 can be a danger, but a swarm can be devastating. 

Now, you have the chance to continue growing your Scum and Villainy squadrons with these inexpensive fighters. The Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Expansion Pack includes everything you need to add one Z-95-AF4 Headhunter ship to your squadron, including a miniature with a stunning new paint scheme, four ship cards, five upgrade cards, and a handful of tokens.

Pick up your own copy of the Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Expansion Pack (SWZ37) at your local retailer today!

TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack 

Screaming through the atmosphere on nimble ailerons, the TIE/sk striker is a unique starfighter designed to excel at both air and space assaults. Its atmospheric capabilities give it unique and flexible movement patterns that can surprise even veteran opponents, as its heavy firepower lets it wear down nearly any foe.

With the TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack, you have a new option for rounding out your Imperial squadrons. In addition to the fully assembled, pre-painted TIE/sk striker miniature, five pilots stand ready to swoop into battle and protect the Empire in any situation. Meanwhile, five upgrade cards give you even more chances to customize your squadrons with additional gunners, devices, and talents.

Pick up your own copy of the TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack (SWZ38) at your local retailer today!


Explore Fu Leng’s festering domain with the Shadowlands sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game! Discover the vile locations and denizens of this ancient realm, as well as the brave samurai who stand against them, including the mighty Falcon Clan. Finally, advice for Game Masters running campaigns in this dark domain ensures your games are dripping with theme. Can your samurai survive the perils of the Shadowlands?

Shadowlands is a 144-page hardcover sourcebook that serves as a guide to the dread realms of Fu Leng, where corruption and evil thrive in place of honor and courage. In it, players find information on this region, as well as Crab lands and the great Kaiu Wall that divides the Shadowlands from Rokugan. With new schools, techniques, weapons, and more to aid them, players can fight the Tainted creatures and other terrors that would destroy the Emerald Empire.

Pick up your own copy of Shadowlands (L5R06) at your local retailer today!

Mask of the Oni

Take your players into the foreboding Shadowlands with Mask of the Oni. This adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game pits heroes against the dangers of the Shadowlands and the horrors found within the crumbling walls of the Hiruma family’s fallen castle. Tokens, maps, and an adventure booklet will guide players on their journey, but will they survive with their soul intact?

Mask of the Oni is the perfect companion to the Shadowlands sourcebook, providing an adventure to use the lore and tools introduced in Shadowlands as well as additional context for your adventure.

Pick up your own copy of Mask of the Oni (L5R07) at your local retailer today!

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The Battle of Eindhoven

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 March 2019

X-Wing Second Edition

The Battle of Eindhoven

A Report from the X-Wing™ System Open Series

We are now several stops into the X-Wing™  System Open Series, and the battles ahead look to come fast and furious!

Last weekend’s tournament in Eindhoven followed nearly a month after the System Open in Toronto, and that one followed nearly a month after the event in Glendale, Arizona. But now we’re racing full throttle into the thick of the System Open Series. We’ll see four System Open stops in April—at AdeptiCon, Milton Keynes, Denver, and Hannover. Then we’ll find players leading their squads to battle at two System Open stops each month through June.

This means we’ll soon have more players than ever looking for every advantage in their lightning-fast, squad-based starfighter battles. We’ll see thousands of competitors practicing with different squads in order to earn one of the System Open’s coveted World Championship invites. And this will all be happening as the X-Wing community learns how to fly with and against two new factions.

So what can you expect to see at one of these thrilling events should you attend? To answer that question, we look to the results from the battles at Eindhoven and Benedikt Link’s winning squadron of four Sigma Squadron Aces.

The Top 4

One thing we can take away from Eindhoven’s results is that the Galactic Empire continues to play a major role in the European X-Wing metagame.

Not only did Benedikt claim first place with his squadron of four TIE/ph phantoms, but Matthias Konrad also flew an entirely different style of Imperial squadron into the Top 4. His was a fairly classic “Imperial aces” build that featured Darth Vader and Soontir Fel, as well as “Duchess,” who was outfitted with Crack Shot and a Shield Upgrade.

Meanwhile, Lukasz Golonka proved that the First Order had more up its sleeve than just the triple Upsilon-class Shuttle squadron that was heavily impacted by last month’s points update.

Taking full advantage of the TIE/vn silencer’s fantastic attack, agility, and maneuverability, Lukasz piloted his First Order aces—Kylo Ren, “Blackout,” and “Midnight”—all the way to the finals.

Rounding out the Top 4 was Michael Maggs, who joined the Imperial and First Order elite with a Scum and Villainy squadron consisting of Drea Renthal and three Lok Revenants.

It’s notable that Michael’s was the first Scum and Villainy squadron to crack the Top 4 at a System Open in 2019 partially because it doesn’t very much resemble the Scum and Villainy squadrons we’ve seen throughout most of X-Wing Second Edition.

The January points update heavily impacted the “standard” Scum squadron, which built around Boba Fett or Fenn Rau, and almost always including Palob Godalhi in the Moldy Crow. But Michael’s squadron more closely resembles the squadron of Rebel Y-wings that

Brendon Osmann-Deyman

used to go undefeated at the Toronto Hyperspace Qualifier and earn his seat to the World Championship. With one fewer ship, Michael’s Scum squadron sacrificed a slight bit of durability for more consistent offense—fueled by the Scurrg’s higher primary attack and the fact that Drea Renthal allows her allies to reroll attack dice while firing at targets in her primary firing arc.

Always in Motion is the Future

The introduction of the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance is bound to send ripples throughout the game, and though these factions and their ships won’t yet be legal for the System Open main event at AdeptiCon, we can expect changes to the top squadrons at AdeptiCon’s Hyperspace Qualifier and in the System Open Series events from Milton Keynes onward.

Despite these changes, we can expect to see the continuation of several trends:

  • The integration of the app has already allowed the developers to correct the metagame in favor of the game’s basic “move and shoot” premise. We’ve seen bombs, missiles, and triple-Upsilon builds phased out in favor of maneuverable starfighters. The game’s emphasis remains firmly set on skillful maneuvering.
  • After the top lists at the Glendale System Open featured almost exclusively high-initiative pilots and the Toronto System Open featured swarms, the Eindhoven System Open suggests that we’re moving toward a happy medium where initiative is an important consideration—but definitely not the only one.
  • Going hand-in-hand with the evolution in pilot initiative is the increasing aggressiveness of initiative bids for lists with pilots at initiative 5 and 6.
  • Veteran Turret Gunners

    have now proven the decisive factor in a couple of World Championship-qualifying squadrons, and we can expect to see more players exploring the different ways they might make use of these 6-point gunners.

  • Finally, we’ve seen TIE/ph phantoms successfully decloaking into the Top 8 at all three System Open Series events in 2019, and it’s a safe bet that anyone looking to win a System Open in the coming months will need to be ready for these deadly Imperial starfighters.

Four Sigma Squadron Aces in action at the final table of the System Open in Glendale, AZ.

Expanding the Field

The next System Open Series event takes place at AdeptiCon, and we’re excited to see which ships and squadrons blast through their foes in both the main event and the side events.

Because the official release date for the third wave of expansions is tomorrow—March 21st—the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance won’t be legal for the main event, but we expect to see a good number of droids and Jedi flying to battle in the Hyperspace Qualifier and other side events.

Additionally, today’s update to the X-Wing Squad Builder does more than incorporate the new wave of ships. It also increases the Hyperspace-legal options for the existing factions. To that end, the following ships and upgrades are now legal within the Hyperspace game mode:

  • Generic Upgrades: Barrage Rockets, Jamming Beam, Tractor Beam
  • Rebel Alliance: A/SF-01 B-wing, RZ-1 A-wing, all U-wing pilots, Baze Malbus (crew), Cassian Andor (crew)
  • Galactic Empire: TIE Interceptor, TIE/sa Bomber, Ciena Ree, Darth Vader (crew)
  • Scum and Villainy: Z-95-AF4 Headhunter, Star Viper-class Attack Platform, Virago, Dengar (gunner)
  • First Order: Biohexacrypt Codes

These additions acknowledge the introduction of new Hyperspace-legal materials for the Galactic Republic and Separatist Alliance factions and permit fans of the other factions to explore new squadrons within their Hyperspace battles.

Prepare for Launch

Congratulations to Benedikt Link for his System Open Victory in Eindhoven!

Congratulations also to the other World Championship qualifiers who earned their invitations by placing in the Top 8 of the System Open main event or by going undefeated through all 5 rounds of the weekend’s Hyperspace Qualifier: Lukasz Golonka, Matthias Konrad, Michael Maggs, Faan Langelaan, Jaroslaw Dubiel, Jonathon Kok, Stjepan Pavuna, Ashok Hemmings, Sander Neeft, Mark van der Zanden, and Twan Koeleman. We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2019 X-Wing World Championship!

In the meantime, there are World Championship invitations, other prizes, new squad designs, and plenty more X-Wing to be excited about as we race toward AdeptiCon and its System Open starfighter duels. We hope to see you there, and if you can’t make it to the show, follow our social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter @FFGOP for all the latest X-Wing Organized Play updates!

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A Powerful Ally

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 March 2019

X-Wing Second Edition

A Powerful Ally

Preview the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack for X-Wing

“Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don’t think. Trust your instincts.”
–Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

It is a desperate time for the Galactic Republic. Assailed on all sides by the nefarious Separatist Alliance, the Senate has dispatched the Jedi Knights to the far reaches of the galaxy to lead a valiant defense. As the battles of the Clone Wars tear across countless worlds, the Jedi turn to the power of the Force to hone their reflexes and give them an advantage—both on the ground and in the skies above.

Order your own copy of the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website today!

With a power as strong as the Force on their side, it’s only natural for the Jedi to take their own unique approach to the space combat of X-Wing™, one that allows them to use their considerable powers to the fullest. As useful to the Jedi as a lightsaber, the Delta-7 Aethersprite starfighter helps its Jedi pilots be at one with the Force in the midst of even the most chaotic battles. But, just like a lightsaber, the Delta-7 must be fully mastered before it can be wielded properly.

As X-Wing begins exploring the Clone Wars with the upcoming release of Wave III, you’ll soon have the chance to master the Force with the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack. In addition to a finely detailed Delta-7 Aethersprite miniature, beautifully pre-painted in the colors of the starfighter flown by Anakin Skywalker, this expansion also introduces four new unique Jedi pilots ready to fight on behalf of the Republic. Accompanying these brave pilots are six upgrades that can help them get the most out of their ships, as well as two Quick Build cards offering useful predefined selections of upgrades to get you in the fight right away.

Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack!

Knowledge and Defense

The Force can make even the most novice pilot a formidable opponent, especially if that pilot is at the controls of a Delta-7 Aethersprite. But even with this great power at their command, no Jedi can take on the Separatists alone. Elegantly designed and highly maneuverable, the Delta-7 can complement any squadron, no matter if its pilot is leading a group of clone troopers or flying alongside their fellow Jedi.

When they are in sync with their ships, the best Delta-7 pilots can fly effortlessly with unmatched precision. This is exactly the case with the legendary Jedi Knight

Anakin Skywalker.

 Known as one of the best starfighter pilots in the galaxy, he can pull off even the most difficult maneuvers with ease. If he’s able to place an enemy ship in his front arc at range 0–1 or in his bullseye arc after fully executing a maneuver, he can then spend a Force charge to remove a stress token.

General Grievous is in his bullseye arc after he fully executes a speed-four Koiogran Turn, so Anakin Skywalker spends a Force charge to remove the stress token he gained from the maneuver. He now has no stress, so he spends another Force charge to use the Delta-7’s Fine-Tuned Controls and barrel roll out of the Vulture-class droid fighter’s firing arc. Finally, he takes his normal action, acquiring a lock on General Grievous!   

The combination of his high initiative and ability makes Anakin Skywalker an incredibly versatile and unpredictable opponent. Removing stress frees him to continue performing difficult Segnor’s Loops and Koiogran Turns in future rounds, but there are more immediate benefits as well. If he removes the stress using his pilot ability, Skywalker is then free to use his Delta-7’s Fine-Tuned Controls to perform a boost or barrel roll, before taking his regular action.

Anakin Skywalker makes flying the Delta-7 look easy, and fortunately, Skywalker has passed some of his knowledge to his apprentice

Ahsoka Tano.

 Like her Master, Ahsoka can use the Force to perform actions after pulling off maneuvers or actions that otherwise incur stress. But Tano isn’t quite the ace that Skywalker is. Tano—and the other pilots she chooses with her ability—must still rely on performing blue maneuvers to get rid of their stress. Still, removing stress becomes a bit easier with an

R4-P Astromech

to help her navigate. Tano can use this astromech’s charges at critical moments to lower the difficulty of a basic maneuver, helping her remove stress tokens while still pulling off tight turns.

Seeing as an ace like Anakin Skywalker excels at swooping in close to enemy ships, it should come as no surprise that he prefers the


variant of the fighter. While this configuration does cost him some agility, it’s balanced by a boost to the ship’s firepower, granting him four attack dice when performing a primary attack at Range 1. And even if moving in close does mean he’ll take some extra fire, the Delta-7B can easily absorb the damage with its two extra shields.

Switching to the Delta-7B configuration may be the most direct way for Delta-7 pilots to gain an extra attack die, but there is another way, especially for those who want to maintain the ship’s agility. The Delta-7 can also be outfitted with

Calibrated Laser Targeting,

 adding a focus result to every primary attack the ship makes with the defender in its bullseye arc. This result can be modified with a focus token or Force charge, of course, but this becomes much easier if

Barriss Offee

is nearby. Her ability naturally syncs with Calibrated Laser Targeting, allowing her to spend a Force charge to enhance the attack of any friendly ship at range 0–2 firing on a ship in their bullseye arc. 

While attacking the Belbullab-22, the Jedi Knight spends its Force charge to change its focus to regular damage. Barriss Offee is at range 0–2, so she uses her ability, changing the regular damage to a critical damage! 

At the same time that Barriss Offee is improving her team’s attacks, her own Master

Luminara Unduli

can help reduce the impact of enemy attacks. If a friendly ship at range 0–2 has used the Delta-7’s many options to avoid an attacking ship’s bullseye arc, she can spend a Force charge to lessen the impact or even negate the damage altogether.

The Force Will Be With You

They may be outnumbered by the Separatist Alliance’s swarms of droid starfighters, but the Jedi enter battle with one distinct advantage: the Force is with them, and with their Delta-7 starfighters, they can defeat even the most formidable foes.

The Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack (SWZ34) is releasing alongside the rest of Wave III in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or through our website today! 

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Like Seeds on the Wind

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 March 2019

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Like Seeds on the Wind

Read a New Short Story Set in the World of Legend of the Five Rings

“If samurai spent less time thinking about honor, they might be better at doing what’s right.”
   –Satto, “Like Seeds on the Wind”

The code of Bushidō is essential to the life of a samurai in the Emerald Empire. Every samurai acts in line with the core tenets of the Bushidō philosophy, and many would neverdream of straying from the path. However, there is a new philosophy growing among the peasants—one that sees a different path to enlightenment. The Perfect Land Sect is less concerned with honor, and more concerned with doing what’s right.  But their belief comes at a cost. The Phoenix have already outlawed the sect in their lands, and the Dragon aren’t far behind. But who are the Rokugani behind the Perfect Land Sect, and what do they hope to achieve?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “Like Seeds on the Wind” by Marie Brennan, a new piece of fiction set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings!

“Like Seeds on the Wind” focuses on the Perfect Land Sect, is intended be read as a standalone story, and can be found here (6.4 MB).  

A Different Path

Keep your eye on the Fantasy Flight Games website for additional information on Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying, and more! Will you adhere to the tenets of Bushidō, or follow the path of the Perfect Land Sect? 

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Architect of Terror

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 19 March 2019

Star Wars: Legion

Architect of Terror

Preview the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy.”
   –Director Orson Krennic, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

There are few the Emperor would entrust with a project as important—or demanding as much secrecy—as the construction of the Death Star. Such an undertaking requires someone with the ruthless dedication to see it through to the end and cunning enough to ensure that it remains a secret through the long years it takes to complete. In other words, a project of this magnitude requires Director Orson Krennic.  

Order your own copy of the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Ushering the Death Star project from its infancy to fruition with an iron will, Krennic is determined to win the Emperor’s favor no matter the cost. Although he rarely participates directly in the battles in which his developed weapons are deployed, Krennic’s cold and calculating nature make him more than a match for any Rebel commanders he comes up against. You’ll soon have the chance to use Krennic’s limitless ambition to your advantage with the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

This expansion features a highly detailed, unpainted Director Orson Krennic miniature for you to add to your collection, his cape billowing in the wind as he marches forward with his DT-29 blaster pistol drawn. Far from being a mere symbolic presence on the battlefield, Krennic has many abilities to contribute to your Imperial armies, all of which are outlined on the unit card that you’ll find alongside his miniature.

These skills are useful, but Krennic is also a skilled commander who can do much more for your army than fire a blaster. The three signature command cards that you’ll find in this expansion give you access to even more devious strategies to employ in battle and three upgrade cards invite you to customize Director Krennic and your other units to suit your personal battle plan.

Read on for a closer look at everything included in the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion!

A Crowning Achievement

Creating new weapons is no easy task. Any new project demands someone who can both oversee the development of cutting-edge technologies and maintain the tightest security around these projects lest they fall into the wrong hands. With these tasks in his hands, Director Krennic is empowered to use the most elite Imperial troops to protect the weapons programs that fall under his supervision. Constantly flanked by a unit of Imperial Death Troopers, Krennic can easily direct them to eliminate any target that could compromise one of his projects.

These Death Troopers are so synonymous with Krennic, in fact, that you can ignore the rank of one of these units when building your army, seamlessly incorporating it into your troops. An extra unit of Death Troopers is especially useful in protecting any classified information that Krennic wants to keep out of Rebel hands, but he is also no fool. Krennic recognizes that he has little chance against a full squad of Rebel soldiers, even with the three dice and piercing shot of his DT-29 blaster pistol. In these situations, he’s not afraid to pull rank, compelling a unit to move forward and shield him from enemy troops, even if it brings his own unit to the brink of panic.

Imperial Death Troopers may be disciplined enough to shrug off the extra suppression from such a move, but other Imperial units don’t have this same resolve. Fortunately, Krennic is known to issue such

Strict Orders

that any friendly trooper unit will follow them without hesitation.   

While Krennic can certainly make a difference in the moment-to-moment changes of an ever-evolving battle, perhaps his bigger contribution is to your overall battle plan. With him commanding your army, you can subtly manipulate the flow of battle, giving your Imperial forces opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have and goading your opponent into making mistakes that could doom their efforts.

The commands you issue are crucial in dictating your strategy for a battle and with Krennic as part of your command, you can ensure your orders are carried out without interruption. Once his schemes have been put into motion, Krennic excels at catching opposing commanders off guard. For example, no matter how great it is, Krennic refuses to let his 

Voracious Ambition

show, leaving his rivals to wonder what he has planned. Like the secrets he fights to protect, this command card conceals the identity of the units Krennic can issue orders to, freeing him to enact his battle plan without tipping off the opposition.

But this subtlety doesn’t mean Krennic is afraid to make bold statements. At the right moment, he’s more than willing to

Deploy the Garrison

to lock down crucial areas of the battlefield. When he does, friendly troopers become ready to react to enemy movements before other units even have a chance to get going. Essentially daring the Rebels to move within range or find another way around, these units become a valuable screen for the rest of your army to operate behind.

It should be clear that Krennic views all the units under his command as pawns to be used to accomplish his own goals. Wherever he goes, the Death Star is sure to follow, and Krennic will use this tool to wipe out any Rebels he encounters, even if it means some Imperial troops go with them. As 

Annihilation Looms,

 fear spreads through every trooper unit—on both sides of the battle. But with the legendary discipline and rigorous training of the Galactic Empire at your side, you can shake off this fear and do what must be done to claim victory.

Peace and Terror

As the director of the Empire’s Advanced Weapons Research division, Orson Krennic has overseen the development of countless weapons to spread the Empire’s fear and tyranny across the galaxy. Unleashed on the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Krennic can carry out his own reign of terror.  

Look for the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion (SWL33) and the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion (SWL34) at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here!

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New Maps, New Challenges

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 18 March 2019

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

New Maps, New Challenges

The Imperial Assault Tournament Rules Have Been Updated

“I lost my way for a long time, but now… I have a chance to change things.”
    –Kanan Jarrus

With the recent release of the Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish Map, the Star Wars™: Imperial Assault Tournament Rules (pdf, 227.7 KB) were updated to incorporate the alleys’ narrow corridors and neon wash into the upcoming map rotation for all Organized Play events—including the upcoming World Championship at AdeptiCon!

This means that—effective Monday, March 4—you’ll need to navigate the dangers presented by the gangsters and propaganda of The Triple Cross and Propaganda War, as well as the challenges presented by the other maps currently in rotation. The currently active maps are:

  • Tarkin Initiative Labs
  • Lothal Wastes
  • Coruscant Back Alleys

What’s in a Map?

Since every Imperial Assault skirmish is a tense, fast-paced duel to 40 victory points, in which characters often start meeting their demise as early as the end of the first round, you want to sit down to the table with a clear plan of how you’ll beat your opponent to those 40 points.

Who will dash to the nearest terminal to help you draw more command cards? How many points will you try to win from the scenario’s objectives? Where will you need to send your units to gain those points? How will pursuing the objectives place your forces in danger? How can you turn the tables on your opponent and lure his or her forces into your deadliest attacks?

These are the types of questions that three-time World Champion Daniel Taylor argued can easily shape the course of a whole game—even before it gets started—and they’re questions with answers that vary from map to map.

So if you’re headed to the 2019 Star Wars: Imperial Assault World Championship, now is the time to start practicing on the World Championship maps. And if you’re not headed to the World Championship, now’s your chance to explore the challenges those players will face. How would you fight your way out of the corners in which they’ll soon find themselves?

For Every Challenge, a Solution

The updated Imperial Assault Tournament Rules are available for download. The battlefields have recently changed—and with each change, the challenges of battle change. The solutions? Those are up to you.

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