Confront Evil in Its Den!

By Paizo

From Valkyries to Autonomous AI, we’ve got a great batch of new Third-Party Pathfinder and Starfinder Compatible Products available!

First up is a collection of ready-to-go adventures full of magic and horror from Kobold Press. Eldritch Lairs brings you eight complete Pathfinder Compatible adventures for 4th to 8th level player characters, set in the magic-blasted wastes, as well as dungeons and deserts. Take them into the dark depths of the earth, through the twisted alleys of a supernaturally plague stricken town, and beyond, to brave the dangers of:

  • A trap-laden lair that requires stealth and clever tactics to survive!
  • A labyrinthine mausoleum, where wormhearted invaders sow chaos and madness among the dead!
  • The schemes of a demon-cult of thieves and unscrupulous wizards!
  • An unstable magical artifact built in a ruined ley line conduit!
  • A flying palace seized by an army of gnoll bandits!

Next, we have the latest offering from Jon Brazer Enterprises. Book of Heroic Races: Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness is an expansion for playing an amazing race with a new class. This 45-page supplement also features:

  • 76 new character archetypes and class options for 14 races, designed specifically for the kineticist, medium, mesmerist, occultist, psychic, shifter, spiritualist, and vigilante classes for the android, catfolk, changeling, dhampir, elan, lizardfolk, merfolk, samsaran, sashahar, skinwalker, tengu, umbral kobold, wyrwood, and wyvaran races
  • 112 new favored class options and nine new feats, bringing out the races’ natural abilities for each of these new classes
  • New imagination fuel to create new heroes for your campaign world

Rite Publishing has released In The Company of Valkyries, which introduces the culture of those who choose from the slain. A discussion of the origins of these immortal warriors, and a look into their traditions and rituals, provides a new option for your players who want to belong to a sacred and mysterious sisterhood.

And last, but certainly not least, Stroh Hammer has released the latest book in its Gravity Age series. Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence includes rules for playing robot AAI characters (biodroids, bioreplicas, and mechanoids). Players will be able to create robot characters without the limitations of biological components. Game Masters will be able to challenge their players with crazy AAIs straight out of science fiction horror. This accessory contains new material covering:

  • Four new playable technical constructs
  • 100+ robotic accessories
  • 20+ robotic feats
  • Seven new AAI NPCs for your campaign

We’ve also got other great new releases from Atlas Games, Expeditious Retreat Press, Ennead Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Legendary Games, Little Red Goblin Games, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Necromancers of the Northwest, Raging Swan Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Wayward Rogues Publishing!

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Wanted: Rich or Dead and Masters of Disguise to release on March 2nd

By Ares Games

Wanted: Rich or Dead: a new game by Galakta. Two new games from Galakta is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores on March 2nd: the party game Wanted: Rich od Dead and Age of Thieves: Masters of Disguise, first expansion for Age of Thieves. Wanted: Rich or Dead is a game for 3 to 5 players where they are infamous …

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The Duels in Portland

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 February 2018

Star Wars: Destiny

The Duels in Portland

A Report from the Star Wars™: Destiny Galactic Qualifiers

This past weekend, Portland’s Oregon Convention Center played host to the most recent Galactic Qualifiers for Star Wars™: Destiny.

The tables were packed, the battles hard-fought, and for the pair of players who went undefeated, the rewards were as sweet as could be. Of course, they earned stacks of Prize Credits to cash in for custom prizes at the Prize Wall, but more than this, they earned invitations to the 2018 Star Wars: Destiny World Championships!

So as we look forward to the next Galactic Qualifiers in Seattle, who are these players, what heroes—or villains—helped carry them to victory, and what can you learn from their decisions that might help you find success in your own battles?

Saturday’s Champion

There were two Galactic Qualifier tournaments held in Portland—one Trilogy and one Standard—and the action began with Saturday’s Trilogy Qualifier.

While players were all still experimenting with the new charaters and tactics from the Boba Fett Starter Set, the Luke Skywalker Starter Set, and the Legacies Booster Packs, we saw just one player go undefeated on the day—Andrew Heintz.

Andrew’s deck relied heavily upon the new indirect damage mechanic from Legacies, and he told us that his indirect damage caught a lot of his opponents by surprise. “I think indirect damage has significant value,” he said, “especially in the end-game.”

Apart from its focus on indirect damage, Andrew’s deck brought a lot of health to the table—twenty-seven points of health between his three characters—which bought him time to pile on the damage before tilting games irrevocably in his favor with big plays from cards like Sudden Impact.

Sunday’s Champion

With the full force of the Star Wars: Destiny dice and card pools behind it, Sunday’s Galactic Qualifier was a battlefield erupting in blaster fire and shrapnel.

At the end of the day, only one player managed to navigate the tides of battle and go undefeated. Relying upon a combination of Kylo Ren’s dark side mastery and Mother Talzin’s witch magick, Ryan Caldwell earned himself an invitation to the World Championships in May.

Ryan’s deck shows that you don’t need to lean heavily on legendary cards to play at the top levels in Star Wars: Destiny. Instead, as Ryan said, his deck was based on “characters I own and characters I like.”

Loaded with healing from cards like Witch Magick and Rise Again, along with the damage prevention from Force Illusion, Ryan’s deck proved highly durable, but was nearly caught off-guard by a hero discard strategy featuring Rose, Jar Jar Binks, and Yoda.

The Battles to Come

With the duels from Protland now behind us, we can turn our attention to the blast of Star Wars: Destiny Galactic Qualifiers headed our way in March. We have events lined up in Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; Schaumburg, Illinois; and Houston, Texas. Each of these events offers another shot at some of the hottest custom cards and playmats that you’ll find anywhere—along with a chance to qualify for the World Championships in May.

What will we see at these events? If the results at Portland are any indication, we’ll see plenty of Mother Talzin and her Witch Magick, and we may see more hero discard strategies as well. Both Andrew and Ryan claimed that their toughest match-ups were against these hero “mill” decks.

In the end, though, there’s really only one way to know what heroes or villains will claim the day—by taking matters into your own hands. Take the time to dig deep into Legacies, build your best deck, head to one of these upcoming Galactic Qualifiers, and win!

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© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Breaking Ties

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 February 2018

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Breaking Ties

A Champion Card Preview for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Lothar smiled. “My lord father bids me tell Your Grace that he will agree to this new marriage alliance between our houses and renew his fealty to the King in the North, upon the condition that the King’s Grace apologize for the insult done to House Frey, in his royal person, face to face.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

In the game of thrones, alliances are forged and broken with disturbing regularity. Claiming the Iron Throne is your ultimate goal, but to attain it, you’ll have to make sacrifices. Sometimes, you’re forced to betray your own.

In Sands of Dorne, the fifth deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, House Martell holds the spotlight, but you’ll find cards for each other faction, as well as an assortment of neutral cards and plots. One of those neutral plots was designed by none other than the 2016 European Melee Champion, Luiz Gustavo Bretas.

You can pre-order Sands of Dorne at your local retailer or online through our website today! Then, read on for Luiz’s thoughts on designing his champion card.

Luiz Gustavo Bretas on His Champion Card

I love A Game of Thrones: The Card Game! And, more than that, I love the community around it! Those alone were good enough reasons to make me leave Rio de Janeiro to play in the great Tourney of Stahleck! What more could I ask? Winning? Having a chance to work on a card design? Those things never crossed my mind. 

So, when the final match of the European Melee Championship started at Stahleck, I was already feeling like the luckiest person in the world! When the game ended and I had won, it felt like a dream. I was not only having the best time with my friends—I also won the opportunity to work on a card design!  

When the design process started, my goal was to make a very special card. I wanted to work with every feature of the card to make each of them meaningful. And now, since Fantasy Flight Games gave me this opportunity, I get to share some of my intentions and the meaning behind each aspect of

Breaking Ties

(Sands of Dorne, 50)!

Playstyle: I’ve always liked versatile cards. I wanted a card that could be used aggressively to apply pressure, or played more defensively. The best example of another card in this category is our beloved

Valar Morghulis

(There Is My Claim, 80). I think Breaking Ties is the same type of card—a card that can provide control when the situation isn’t going well or help you establish and hold the position that you’ve created.

The Mechanics: One of my favorite mechanics in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is sacrifice, which forces you to pay a hard price in exchange for an impactful effect. I wanted the card that I designed to have that kind of ability. Also, I am a big fan of the loyal and non-loyal cards introduced in the game’s second edition, and I wanted my card to interact with loyalty. In its final form, Breaking Ties certainly has a strong and flexible effect, but it comes with the price of losing one of your loyal characters.

The Effect: Breaking Ties was meant to be an “on-demand toolbox effect.” I wanted a card that could help players deal with anything that might crop up during the game. After all, do you really have to find space in every deck for


(Calm Over Westeros, 99)? Isn’t it hard to deal with locations if you’re not playing House Greyjoy or House Stark? Don’t you wish that you had alternative ways to deal with

The Wall

(Core Set, 137) and

Chamber of the Painted Table

(Core Set, 60)?

These were some of the principal thoughts in my head while I was designing the effect. Even when you’re using Nightmares and other removal cards, sometimes you won’t draw them. A plot card is always there when you need it. And because Breaking Ties is a Scheme plot, it can’t be blanked by

Forgotten Plans

(True Steel, 119) and it can be accessed with 

“The Rains of Castamere”

(Lions of Casterly Rock, 45).

The Traits: Why House Frey? I know, it’s hard to like them in the books, but we can all agree that they add some spice to the story. Also, the Freys are probably the biggest family, spread across all of Westeros. For me, the A Game of Thrones: The Card Game community is a big family, spread around the world. We act nothing like the Freys, though!

The Art and Lore: High initiative and a threatening effect for negotiation are good things to have in a melee game, but Breaking Ties was designed to be a powerful toolbox card for joust as well. Still, another goal was to use its art to hail the melee format and the Brazilian meta, where we only play melee. The moment when the Starks arrive at The Twins to deal with the “betrayal” is a reference to the melee format and all the alliances that are broken in melee. Deciding when and how to make deals and when and how break ties is something that all good melee players have to know how to do!

The Name: This is my favorite part of the card and probably the most meaningful. In fact, this was among the first things that I chose for the card. The name “Breaking Ties” was a suggestion from Kostas Adamopoulos, one of the finalists at Stahleck 2016. For those who don’t know, I won the melee tourney in a tie breaker. Kostas, Wedge, and I were incompetent enough to only have twelve power after three full rounds. What were the odds? Of course, I was the lucky player who had more cards in the deck and won a card design. I like to think that I was the lucky player who won five tables in a row and was able to participate in the best melee game anyone could ever ask for. No collusions, great players, and great friends killing each other until the very last minute.

I hope I could give you a good idea of the meaning behind Breaking Ties! I want to acknowledge the designers and the playtesters so they know how thankful I am for their incredible work. The whole process was very professional, serious, and quick. And last, but not least, I hope that Breaking Ties can fight for scarce space in plot decks around the world! Can’t wait to have players finding creative ways to use it.

Luiz Gustavo Bretas started playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game at the end of 2014, and after Gen Con 2015, he decided to make A Game of Thrones a big part of his life. Unlike most players, he primarily plays competitive melee. Belo Horizonte, his home town, holds a melee league that is already in its fourth year! His passion for the game has made him leave Brazil to travel to tournaments in Europe, Chile, and the United States.

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The copyrightable portions of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition is © 2015 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. Licensed by George R.R. Martin. The names, descriptions, and depictions applied to this game are derived from works copyrighted by George R.R. Martin, and may not be used or reused without his permission. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition, its expansion titles, Living Card Game, LCG, the LCG logo and Fantasy Flight Supply are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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Your Adventure Starts Here!

By Paizo

Whether they’re seedy bars in a city’s roughest district, upscale joints where society’s elites hobnob over artisan wines, or sleepy boozing establishments in pass-through villages, taverns are a staple of every adventurer’s career. They’re a place to meet contacts, to collect the juiciest gossip, or simply to knock back a hearty ale in between monster-slaying sessions.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Taverns presents six ready-made, fully fleshed-out taverns for use in games that take place across Golarion. Each entry includes a full-page map of the establishment, stat blocks for both a commonly met tavern proprietor or bartender and a powerful local who might serve as a foe or an ally, a full history and description of the tavern’s clientele, and a detailed gazetteer of the tavern’s grounds. A selection of rules for bar fighting and pub games rounds out this invaluable tome.

This book contains details about the following taverns, and more:

  • Aeylinth Vineyard, a sophisticated treetop wine bar in the bustling city of Greengold, a prominent port of call in the elven nation of Kyonin.
  • Formidably Maid, a rough-and-tumble pirate bar located on the dockside outskirts of Port Peril, the capital of the privateer-infested archipelago known as the Shackles.
  • Runoff, an underground speakeasy in Starfall, where the drinks are spiked with mysterious fluids and the resistance against the Technic League is strong.
  • Whispering Stone, a partially open-air gambling hall and lounge in Osirion’s Wati famous for the ancient, mostly buried statue that serves as its centerpiece.

Take a look at some of the other recently released Pathfinder Campaign Setting books—such as Taldor, the First Empire and Aquatic Adventures!

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“Monsters vs Heroes” to hit the stores starting on March, 2nd

By Ares Games

The new card game Monsters vs Heroes: Victorian Nightmares, a thrilling mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror stories, is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the stores in US on March, 2nd. The English edition of the game will be available in other countries in the following weeks. Monsters vs Heroes is a fast and fun card game, designed by Enrique Dueñas. The …

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Runewars Versus: Carnage and Decay

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 19 February 2018

Runewars Miniatures

Runewars Versus: Carnage and Decay

The First Entry in a Matchup Series for Runewars Miniatures Game

Four powerful factions engage in massive, ground-shaking battles for control of Terrinoth in Runewars Miniatures Game, the tactical miniatures game of rank-and-file fantasy warfare. In the game, players command expansive armies, each with a distinct set of soldiers, monsters, magic, and skills which they will use to build their strategies and earn victory. Today, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a look at the battles of Runewars Miniatures Game through the eyes of four new players with the beginning of our Runewars Versus series! 

Our four volunteers, all new to the game, have each taken command of a faction which they will lead into combat over a series of matchups. We will accompany them as they learn and adapt their military strategies, growing from inexperienced leaders to masterful commanders. To begin, the forces of darkness face off. Rose will lead the undead forces of Waiqar the Undying, while Lizzie will fight with the screaming hordes of Uthuk Y’llan.

Preliminary Reconaissance

Before the battle commenced, we had a word with our two commanders.

What is your background with Runewars Miniatures Game?

Rose: I would consider myself a VERY casual gamer. Miniatures have always looked complicated and intimidating, and I’m very worried I’ll forget the rules or abilities of my skele-dudes and make a big ole fool of myself. But I mean, why not try something new? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Lizzie: I’m familiar with the mechanics of the game, but my actual playtime has been limited. I like the Uthuk because they are so unlike anything I’ve seen in other fantasy worlds, so I’m excited to give them a shot.

Is there anything you would like to say to your opponent?

Rose: Please, be gentle.

Lizzie: Bring. It. On.

Supply Raid


Starting Army (Waiqar the Undying):
Ankaur Maro

(1 tray, 40 points),

Carrion Lancers

(2 trays, 27 points),

Death Knights

(4 trays, 42 points),


(4 trays, 35 points),

Reanimate Archers

(6 trays, 32 points)

Upgrades (Waiqar the Undying):
Regenerative Magic

(Ankaur Maro, 5 points),

Shield of Margath

(Death Knights, 6 points),

Rank Discipline

(Death Knights, 4 points),

Bull Pennon

(Reanimates, 3 points),


(Reanimates, 2 points)

Starting Army (Uthuk Y’llan):
Ravos the Everhungry

(1 tray, 40 points),

Spined Threshers

(2 trays, 28 points),

Flesh Rippers

(2 trays, 38 points), Flesh Rippers (2 trays, 38 points),


(6 trays, 37 points)

Upgrades (Uthuk Y’llan):
Reaping Blade

(Ravos the Everhungry, 4 points),

War Crier

(Berserkers, 5 points),

Fear Incarnate

(Ravos the Everhungry, 5 points)

Powers Collide

War and bloodshed consume Terrinoth. Resources have become scarce—especially for those forced to reside in the poisoned landscapes where only foul and evil things can flourish. But recently, word of a ravaged Daqan caravan on the edge of the Mistlands has reached the ears of two opposing militant leaders… and each have decided it’s time to launch a Supply Raid. At the site of the Daqan caravan, a throng of Waiqar the Undying’s followers happen upon an unprepared swarm of Uthuk Y’llan. Peace has never come naturally for either side, and now that they have been set in opposition, only one army can leave with the supplies from the Daqan caravan.

The two commanders eye each other from opposite ends of the field as they send out their forces. Both begin by setting their infantry, Rose’s Reanimate Archers and Lizzie’s Uthuk Berserkers, in the ideal position to gather supplies early while remaining shielded from the heart of the battle. As the deployment phase continues, Rose attempts to keep Ankaur Maro protected from the vicious Flesh Rippers, even if that means he is too far from her infantry to use Regenerative Magic. Rose tries to bait out the deployment of the demon dogs, but with fewer units in the Waiqar army, she must eventually deploy Ankaur Maro and as if reading her fears, the first unit of Flesh Rippers is deployed directly before him.

Dark Destruction

Waiqar the Undying has had little experience battling against the Uthuk Y’llan as their key quarrel, that which drives them from the peace of the grave, is against the Daqan Lords. This leads to the Waiqar commander underestimating her opponent’s speed. In the corner of the battlefield, the shrieking Berserkers rush towards the same supplies as Rose’s Reanimate Archers, causing an unexpected collision in the first round. The bloodshed is destined to begin early in this battle and at the end of the round, Ravos’s all-consuming hunger drives him to the edge of insanity. With no other options for feeding on nearby units, he begins to tear at himself and suffers one wound.

This violent display disturbs the Waiqar command to the point of distraction, and the next round begins her opponent finding the four unstable energy runes needed for her champion, Ravos the Everhungry, to launch an early charge against Waiqar’s Reanimates at Initiative 4. Ravos wastes no time tearing the skeletal soldiers apart, wiping out nearly half their ranks before they can counter-attack.

Last Man Standing

With the beginning of the third round, nearly all units are locked in combat. Only Ankaur Maro, the Reanimate Archers, and a single unit of Flesh Rippers remain unengaged. As the bloodshed begins in earnest, the Uthuk Y’llan seem to have earned the blessing of the Ynfernael yet again, with four unstable energy runes at their disposal alongside one natural and one stable rune. Were he free to help his allies, this powerful display of unstable energy would enable Ankaur Maro to execute a ranged attack with a devastating four white dice. However, the Flesh Rippers still chase the scent of his blood and the sorcerer values his own life above those of his allies. Rather than provide aid, he flees from the demons who remain close behind.

Ravos continues to wipe out Waiqar’s infantry left and right with his Reaping Blade, ensuring that the dice roll in his favor even when they show blanks. Between this upgrade ability and his Brutal 1 keyword, the Uthuk Y’llan hero is able to take out two full trays of Reanimates, leaving just one steadfast soldier behind to face not only Ravos, but two scuttling horrors, the Spined Threshers, who approach from the north.

Can a dead man fear death?

Suddenly, the surrounded soldier is not nearly as alone as he once thought! A pair of Carrion Lancers charge in to aid their comrade and face the dreaded commander of the Locust Swarm. Ravos the Everhungy feels, perhaps for the first time in his life, a twinge of fear. He suffers three wounds at the hands of the Lancers, but he devours the final Reanimate using the consuming hunger of his unit card ability during the end of the round.

Turning the Tide

Seeing the last soldier fall fills Waiqar’s army with a sense of rage as the battle moves into the fourth round. The battle wears on, weakening the bodies and minds of both sides. Dazed by the heat of battle, the Berserkers and Reanimate Archers begin to falter. The Berserkers buckle down and prepare their defenses for a melee that never comes, while the Reanimate Archers launch a ranged attack, expecting their enemies would turn tail and flee. 

Rose’s Death Knights attempt to give succor to Ankaur Maro, taking off after the Flesh Rippers, pushing them to the edge of the battlefield, and allowing Ankaur Maro a chance to show his true power. As a necromancer, Ankaur Maro draws upon the dark, unstable power of the Ynfernael and executes a ranged attack with two white dice (and a mortal strike modifier!) against the Spined Threshers. The mortal strike modifier proves to be Ankaur Maro’s only saving grace—his dice show only blanks.

“Rose,” the Uthuk Y’llan commander’s voice bellows from across the battlefield, “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Indeed, going into round five, her orders have forced Ravos the Everhungry to shift directly into the path of the Spined Threshers. This collision that will be difficult to work out of, considering both units are hindered by a noxious swamp nearby. During the confusion, Rose’s Carrion Lancers launch an attack against the Spined Threshers and inflict another wound. But perhaps the Uthuk commander’s greatest miscalculation comes in the seventh round, when the Spined Threshers use the last of their energy to charge Ankaur Maro. They fall just millimeters short of contact, almost as if some dark force is protecting the necromancer, who then charges straight into the crab-like horrors and manages to inflict a wound through their hard and bony carapaces.

Ravos the Everhungy, on death’s door, begins to feed on the flesh of his own allies to survive. At this point, the Uthuk Y’llan commander realizes that she does not stand a chance of destroying what remains of Waiqar’s battalion. The tide of battle has turned, and therefore, swallowing her pride, she changes course to flee. While a scant few of her high-value units still live, her only true hope for victory in the final round is to have claimed more objective tokens. Ankaur Maro continues his assault on the Spined Threshers, killing one as the other continues to limp forward. Finally, the smallest unit of Flesh Rippers manage to evade the cruel blades of the Death Knights, carrying the supplies their forces so desperately need. Will it be enough?

End of the Raid

In the end, Ankaur Maro and the Death Knights shrink back into the mists without having claimed any resources from the ravaged caravan. Meanwhile, the Uthuk Y’llan have survivors in most of their units, but all are dripping blood. Ravos and the remaining Spined Thresher survive, though both are severely wounded. The Flesh Rippers managed to gather three objective tokens between their two units, and the Berserkers gained one as well. With these, the Ru tribesmen will be able to bolster their strength as they prepare to extend their reach across Terrinoth.

Objective Tokens Claimed (Waiqar the Undying):
Objective Tokens Claimed (Uthuk Y’llan):
Remaining Army (Waiqar the Undying):
Ankaur Maro (40), Death Knights (42)
Remaining Upgrades (Waiqar the Undying):
Regenerative Magic (5), Shield of Margath (6), Rank Discipline (4),
Remaining Army (Uthuk Y’llan):
Ravos the Everhungry (40), Spined Threshers (18), Flesh Rippers (22), Flesh Rippers (22), Berserkers (27)
Remaining Upgrades (Uthuk Y’llan):
Reaping Blade (4), War Crier (5), Fear Incarnate (5)

Before dividing, the two commanders exchange a few final words.

How do you think it went?

Rose: It went really well… for Lizzie. You know, its not as intimidating as I originally thought. There was a lot to remember, but it was easier to remember the longer we played. I want to play as the other factions now so I can be a stronger Waiqar leader. #WaiqarForever 

Lizzie: I was hoping to kill all of her soldiers, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Next time, there will be no survivors!

What would you change?

Rose: Next time, I will definitely have Ankaur Maro start closer to the Reanimates. Rookie mistake. I started off fighting in close combat, which I think is influenced by the very first time I played Runewars, and I didn’t switch my tactics up until it was too late. Next time, I’d use ranged attacks much sooner.

Lizzie: I need to be more careful with how my units move. I sent in some of my guys too early, didn’t send some far enough, and just caused an awful traffic-jam. Also, I rarely used my upgrades, so I hope to use those more in the future.

Join The Fight

The battle went to the Uthuk, but the war has only just begun for our players. What tales will your own battles unfold? Over the coming weeks, we’ll have several more matchups in the Runewars Versus series, chronicling the battles for the fate of Terrinoth as our players grow into seasoned commanders in the world of Runewars Miniatures Game!

To join the battle for Terrinoth, you can purchase Runewars Miniatures Game (RWM01) at your local retailer or the Fantasy Flight Game website here! Be sure to keep an eye on our webpage as our matchup series continues!

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TM & © 2016 Fantasy Flight Games.

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Wyrd Chronicles #34

Chronicles 34-1.jpg

Check out this brand new Chronicles, full of goodness! Click on the image above to get it from DriveThruRPG for free!

  • Starting Malifaux on a Budget – the Outcasts: Need to build a new crew on the cheap? Get top-notch advice about putting together an Outcast crew!

  • A Look into GG2018: A quick rundown of the newest Gaining Grounds document and what to expect.

  • Never Look a Gift Kentauroi in the Mouth: Being a Guild Guard is not a good job in the best of times…

  • Iron Painter 2017: Check out the winners of last year’s Iron Painter.

  • Building a Gaming Board – Part One: A hobby article looking at building a winter-themed game board.

  • Elements of Matrimony: A Through the Breach one-shot adventure involving a wedding and the planner getting arrested.

  • What Lies Beyond: Two famous Earthside explorers find out what it’s like to go into the wilds of Malifaux.

  • Be Mine: A Malifaux story encounter for finding true love for up to 4 players.

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Monday Preview – Grave Golem

Hey Wyrdos!  Time for another Monday Preview.  This week we continue taking a look at the Undying box, this time we are taking a look at the Grave Golem!

The Grave Golem is, essentially, a large chunk of graveyard that has been animated by the Resurrectionists to serve as a heavy enforcer. During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem’s enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms.

Head over to the forums to discuss!!

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Dark Clouds Gather!

By Paizo

The Dead Suns Adventure Path continues with Starfinder Adventure Path: The Ruined Clouds!

Still on the heels of the Devourer cult, the heroes head to a distant, uncharted star system, where they find the ruins of an ancient alien city floating in the atmosphere of a gas giant. Exploring the ruins, they encounter the degenerate descendants of a highly advanced species that once controlled the lost superweapon the heroes are searching for. Through the legends and superstitions of these primitive folk, the heroes can piece together clues to the superweapon’s hidden location and the key to unlocking its power—an impossibly huge megastructure that the Cult of the Devourer is intent on seizing!

The Ruined Clouds includes:

  • “The Ruined Clouds,” a Starfinder adventure for 7th-level characters, by Jason Keeley.
  • Details about the Drift, the mysterious plane of existence revealed by the god Triune that allows faster-than-light travel, including information about notable locations such as the holy city of Alluvion and the dangerous doldrums, by Joe Pasini.
  • A gazetteer of Istamak, the floating city of Nejeor VI where the descendants of a once-powerful star empire struggle to survive in the ruins of their ancestors’ civilization, by Jason Keeley.
  • An archive of new creatures, from living holograms and twisted mutants to supernatural agents of the Devourer, by Jason Keeley and Owen K.C. Stephens.
  • Statistics and deck plans for a new starship from the secretive Azlanti Star Empire, plus an overview of the gas giant Nejeor VI in the Codex of Worlds, by Jason Keeley.

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Stomping into Battle

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 16 February 2018

Star Wars: Legion

Stomping into Battle

Preview the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“Prepare for ground assault.”
–General Rieekan, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The All Terrain Recon Transport, or AT-RT, was a common sight on the battlefields of the Clone Wars, piloted by Republic clone troopers and used in ground support, civil defense, and post-battle cleanup ops. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire has moved beyond the AT-RT—but the Rebel Alliance will take any advantage they can get, including salvaging and refitting these old walkers. Soon, you’ll be able to bring them to your own battles!

Within the AT-RT Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion, you’ll find a finely sculpted, unpainted AT-RT. This easily assembled miniature offers a different sculpt from the AT-RT found in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, along with three different weapons modifications that alter your AT-RT miniature to match the upgrades you’ve equipped. With unit cards and new upgrade cards to outfit your army, the AT-RT Unit Expansion has everything you need to expand your army.

The AT-RT Unit Expansion will be released on March 22nd, alongside seven other expansions and the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, so you can start building your armies from the very first day! You can pre-order your copies of the AT-RT Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today; then, read on for a preview of what you’ll find within!

Support the Advance

Although they’re commonly salvaged from abandoned Republic bases or bought on the black markets of the Outer Rim, the


used by the Rebel Alliance have been fully repaired and newly customized. Though these walkers lack the awe-inspiring durability and firepower of the Galactic Empire’s


they’re still dangerous—and at only fifty-five points, an AT-RT is a fraction of the cost of a massive AT-ST. What’s more, the AT-RT’s lighter build actually makes it significantly more mobile.

An AT-RT is no faster than an AT-ST: both have speed-two movement. When its path is blocked by walls or low buildings, however, the AT-RT has a distinct advantage. It bears both the Climbing Vehicle and Expert Climber keywords—which allow it to move vertically as easily as a trooper and easily clamber over obstacles in its path. An AT-RT also has the same heavy Armor as the AT-ST. Standard infantry weapons will have difficulty piercing this armor plating without the help of the Impact keyword.

For its own weapons, the AT-RT offers you a significant degree of choice. In melee, an AT-RT can stomp back and forth with deadly grappling claws, which can shred infantry troopers with ease. Alternatively, the Rebel piloting the AT-RT can take potshots with his A-300 Blaster Rifle, firing in any direction, no matter which way your AT-RT is facing. Still, the deadliest weapons for the AT-RT are equipped using its hardpoint upgrade slot.

Your AT-RT has a single slot for a hardpoint upgrade, but there are three different upgrade cards that you may choose to equip. (Each of these upgrade cards is matched by a different sculpted weapon that you can add onto your AT-RT miniature.) If you’re looking for a standard, generally useful weapon, you may look no further than the

AT-RT Rotary Blaster.

This weapon fires a devastating five black attack dice, capable of slicing through enemy troops at range. Alternatively, if you expect to face more armored vehicles, the

AT-RT Laser Cannon

may be more suitable. This laser cannon has longer range than the rotary blaster, and the Impact 3 keyword lets it smash through even heavy armor plating.

Finally, if you’re planning to use your AT-RT to mop up enemy infantry, you can’t do better than the

AT-RT Flamethrower.

This weapon ignores cover, and the Spray keyword lets you add the weapon’s dice to your attack pool once for each mini in the defending unit. In other words, when attacking an enemy unit with four Stormtroopers, you’ll roll eight black attack dice, giving you the firepower to wipe out entire units in a single attack!

The AT-RT uses its Flamethrower, rolling eight black dice to attack the Stormtroopers.

The AT-RT may have only one hardpoint upgrade, but it also has a comms upgrade to help you take advantage of Star Wars: Legion’s innovative command system. If your AT-RT is going to be ranging far from your commander, the

Long-Range Comlink

will let you issue orders to it from anywhere on the battlefield. Alternatively, you could choose to sabotage your opponent’s communications with the Comms Jammer. By equipping your AT-RT with a

Comms Jammer

and running it close to enemy units, you can prevent them from receiving orders, potentially leaving your rival’s plans in disarray!

With the chance to include up the three AT-RT units in your army, it’s plain to see that this fast, agile walker will be making an impact in many Rebel armies.

Mobilize Your Walkers

The breathtaking infantry battles of Star Wars: Legion will soon be arriving at your tabletop. Whether you’re fighting for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance, you’ll have access to powerful walkers. All you need to decide is how you’ll use these mechanized vehicles in your own army.

Pre-order your copies of the AT-RT Unit Expansion (SWL04) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today, and look for Star Wars: Legion to release on March 22nd!

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