SBS: Mamabúho

By Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,
another article dropping into the jungle. Well, yeah it definetely has become a massive jungle. I will soon update the

When something as beautiful as this arrives on your workbench you know that there is a project ahead of you, where you will enjoy every moment …

Well, there comes the first issue I do not allow myself to take hold:

To be unsecure what I paint there because I do not know the outcome. How can I know the outcome?
Sure, if I plan properly and follow this plan of my vision strictly, but what if you want to paint something up and do not have a straight plan for it? Start painting flexibel and trust in your skills. You always can change something on the way. So the way is the key, not the plan. At least for me, sometimes.

Still absolutely unsure about the colors I am placing I contine to work on the following aspects:

  • Contrast in dark/bright
  • Placing all basic colors to see the full image
  • Including textures

These are all technical aspects that can be followed, no matter the color you are placing. Like I said if you keep it desaturated you will always have the option to bring back saturation.

Finding the character
After a while, after some painting sessions I start to search for the character. Very often with busts I do paint the eyes to see the character in front of me and its ‘soul’. I slowly bring in colors that I want to see, for example the owl’s eyes are important for me, so I pick them out of the pool of desaturation.

While doing so I called that grandma the ‘Hydra of Owls’ as there were so many appearing everywhere 😀

Sometimes I paint a small detail
and focus on it, because I just like how the sculptor sculpted it. For example with the bottle over there. As you can see I was still unusre about the farbrics. On the upper part I created fabric texture already to at least understand the material that I want to paint. Still desaturated. On the other hand I did mostly nothing to the purple dress beneath.

Making decisions
It is important in life and in painting to make decisions.
I was not able to continue my path of desatoration without knowing where this would go. I was happy and self-confident until then, but slowly felt I need a vision to it …

I imagined the hag standing in her hut.
In a dark hut filled with a lot of things a witch fills her hut with.
She was cooking a spell in a big massive witch bowl while her owls went nuts around her.
I decided to give to fluid in her bowl the color green.

With this decision in hand I went all in and used the airbrush and sprayed a medium olive from below into the figure. Everything I so far did got touched by the green. Nice effect of pulling everything together.

Her dark purple dress invited me to paint some grandma clothing pattern on it. So I did. 

I wanted her hair to stand out really strong so I increased the contrast in the hair to almost pure white in this stage, while other areas lacked behind such an intense contrast. I do what I want to see and what I need will be painted so I got to ask myself all the time:

  • what am I missing right now?
    • what do I want to change?
    • what is there that I do not like?
    • how can I change it to like it more?

These are the main questions I always ask myself to find a way through a project to call it done in the end. Questions everyone can ask himself. It does help, believe me.

Now I wanted to have the pool glow more powerful, so it was time to bring in more saturation in the greens. So I did with glazes.

And even more … now adding a flouroscent green to the mix. This stage helps me define areas that are hit from the light below (genital light)  and helps me to guide my eyes on the areas I have to work from the top (zenital light).

In this stage I also rebuild textures I lost and continue in pushing contrast in both direction.

After several painting sessions I found my vision, even I started so way off from it.
Still it is not finished yet.

Detail work
It was time for focusing on the details that I so far ignored. Darklining, texture improvement, contrast, painting the little demon …

You know you can click to enlarge the photos, eh?

That demon 😀
Hiding in an owl costume 😀
So ridicolous 😀

I now also went for the ‘hydra of owls’ and tackled the birdies. Feathers recieved structure and contrast and all got eyes, but not without checking back with references on owl eyes.

In the final stage I went in for extra details.
That means a brushstroke here, another one there. A correction here, another one there. Always asking myself my certain questions. Playing with skin variation here, repairing a highlight, adding a stronger shadow here. This procedure is always the same until you say to yourself: It is finished!

Yes, I wanted tattoos or some kind of trival henna that she did put to her body. Or was it the litte demon?

I was also including the plinth and added a strong area of green there to make my final vision more easy to understand.

Well, well, well …
Did you expect the outcome when you saw the first work in progress photo?
If your answer is ‘no’ than I am happy. With this article I wanted to show you that you can arrive everywhere you want with your project if you do not limit yourself in techniques and trained on process. They are important, no discussion, but after a time of copying a recipe over and over again you might feel a foul stench arriving in your painting spirit. This is a way to break this up! Do what you like, follow a vision, create one on the way, change where you want to see change, push it as far as you want to.

Do not stay limited in your creativity. Sculptor’s don’t, why should we painters when bringing a sculpt to life with paint?

Here are some final photos of Mamabúho

She found a new home with a private collector a while back and I am grateful for your support in my art, passion and work! Many thanks!

Keep on happy painting!



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SBS/Article: Different versions of Laszlo

By Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle,

inspired by the recent article by Josua and me about how color choices can create various characters I will get back to a bust that I really did paint often for my terms. Usually I do not paint one figure several times. It is not very fascinating for me to explore well known volumes over and over again with my brushwork, but in the case of “Laszlo” by Fer Miniatures I somehow did different. In this case I really found a canvas that is on hand simple and can be painted in a small amount of painting session. On the other hand it offers challenge to your creativity and brain.

I am sure you will enjoy the article and the different insights on each go and I bet you will be inspired. These six here have been painted over the last three years… let me take you on a ride!


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I painted my first version of Laszlo as a boxart for FER Miniatures in a very natural way, trying to catch the fierce character’s nature of the grim sculpted look he recieved by the sculptor, Raffaele Picca.

I started with a warm natural skintone on this one …

Used all the little cracks and wrinkles to show his scars he collected during his fights … while adding highlights with more white in the mix I was losing saturation though.
Brought back saturation and more detail in the face, which is so full of character …

In the end he turned out to be quite the grim guy, not properly shaved. Really beaten up and still looking forward to his next fight. His skintone is a very warm one to show that blood is pushing through his body with all the excitement going on around him. This was the story behind this guy:

“Hungary. A story.

His parents named him Laszlo. He was special and one of a kind. Even in kindergarden no kid wanted to have trouble with him. Not even his teachers in school. Laszlo was angry with life since the day he was born. Fast he became the leader of his gang and they were out for trouble and action all day long.

Laszlo was their vicious leader. A strong leader of a big growing criminal institution and money, girls, glory and violence were always surrounding Laszlo. All things come to an end and Laszlo got imprisoned.

It was time to prove him again and build up structure and settle leadership in one of Hungarys most protected prisons.”

– by Raffaele Picca

You can see that such a small bust without too many details is a perfect training ground for skintone. This time I planned to paint a very pale version of him with a really crazy rough start.

It was time to clean this up and go way more pale to recive my goal.

Smoothen up, little fella!

I wanted to work in some skin irritations to show he has different issues than the original Laszlo.

This was truely fun.
An experiment in painting pale and unhealty looking skin. The yellow and greenish amount in his skintone make him look unhealthy. I think we can agree on that this guy – even it is based on the same bust – looks much different than #01.

Another version of this bust was only possible with a simple conversion. I used blister foam to create his clown hair, cut it in shape, glued it to the place and painted it. Kind of the same procedures which are used for moss.
My goal was to paint a really evil clown as so many of my friends are scared of clowns.
Unfortanetely I do not have any work in progress photos of this guy, sorryio!

Then suddenly something different happened when I was painting my next version. I was thinking about painting a guy who has the same symptoms like Hulk. Everytime he gets angry, he turns green and changes. My plan was to catch the beginning of this change …

Started with natural skintone, added shadows and highlights before the green kicked in …

It was a real joy to paint these effects and make him look angry …

During this time, back in 2017 I was in the mood to go away from the common ‘miniature painting thing’. I was in the mood to paint to teach myself how you can transport emotions to your painting, even the canvas is a figure or bust.

I decided to dive deeper in the emotion ‘anger’ and compared to my first version I wanted to go red instead of green.

I started quite different on this guy and made him glow up from below.

He turned out to look really demonic. Important for me in this paintjob was to let lose of traditional ‘rules’ of figure painting. I focused on patterns, linework and brushstrokes. The glow from below allowed me to show him in a different light and as red is a very powerful color to show emotions I was super pleased with the result.

One of the more experimental versions I did with this bust was one that was inspired by a miscast I found in the garbage of Raffaele’s casting cave. I called this version “Envy” and also wanted to transport a feeling, an emotion.

The miscast was so interesting as some parts were missing and even opened up that I wanted to fill his throat with yellow/green envy. While – again – went away from traditional painting methods and worked on his skin with a lot of texture and structure.

I can not explain to you what is going on with this guy. It is not a plan that I have painted, it is a feeling. A display on how envy can destroy persons if they do not have control of their ego. I tried to paint textures and important spots the way they would feel instead how they should look. Like I said very experimental, but still based on the same bust.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight
 and my thoughts on the various versions of this bust. What I learned from it is when you do know the volumes on  a bust by heart because you painted it several times you can start thinking out of the box in not so common ways of creativity. Not just putting paint to a surface or a sculpt but breaking them up and create your very own vision. For example with starting to paint emotions, where the shape does not matter, it matters what you feel and how you transport your feelings via brushstrokes, color choices and different extras.

Keep on happy painting!

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SBS: The Lake Ferryman

By Massive Voodoo

The Lake Ferryman

by Daniele “Found” Trovato

Hi everyone,
in this short article I show you my personal step-by-step to create a really “different” miniature.

He is a lake ferryman, a commission that was given to me as a commemorative sculpture for the Verbania Model Show, 1-2 June 2019.

Every year the contest has created a historical miniature for the occasion, but this year, the organizers decided to create even a fantasy miniature, in order to attract all the fantasy painters, just to give them a piece really unique sculpture. So they commissioned him to me.

Being the location near the lake, I was asked to create a “contextualised” miniature.

So I did a little historical research, just to have some ideas about it.

I noticed that  an historical figure, he was the “lake ferryman”, a person who had the task of taking people from one side of the lake to the other, using a small wooden boat.

The concept

When  I have to create a concept by myself, I used some pictures reference, just to fix in my mind what I could sculpt.
So I looked for Ferryman/boatman/fisherman on Google.
Firsly I had my idea that I draw while I was in a flight suddenly:

fast Sketch while I was in a flight

In addition, I found some pictures very useful for this, just to fix the idea in my mind.

Risultati immagini per fisherman oldRisultati immagini per fisherman old
I obviously didn’t use all that reference, just as idea and inspiration.
My idea was to change the character, with a my personal Gnome/Hobbit/Goblin/Halfling
The choice in that case was an Old Hobbit Ferryman and Fisherman 🙂 :-), that I called “Saro”
My final idea was the Hobbit.
Yes, an Old Hobbit/Halfing Ferryman  🙂 🙂
Risultati immagini per hobbit
First of all,  I noticed that around the lake there are some bird and fisherman, so i linked Bird and Fisherman into my hobbit/halfling idea 🙂
Rarely character designer create something from scratch.
They usually change or modify something existing yet.

The process

I used metal wire to create armature.
For the head, i used another metal wire piece, and glued with ciano-glue, using a  ciano-glue activator.

So I put first layer of putty using Green Stuff.
I prefer to use Green Stuff because it’s really sticky to the armature and this is really important while sculpting process.
For this sculpture I use the famous Zak Mix (suggested by talented sculptor and my friend Valentin Zak 🙂 a personal mix of Beesputty and Fimo professional (about 50%-50%  used previously in The Cappuccetto.
I put come mix pieces to create basic anatomy structure.

My ideas is to create big head, big hands, big feet.
Tipical cartoon sculpture, with some variations.
I strongly recommend to always keep a piece of putty among your fingers in your spare hands, in order to keep it hot, so more soft and easy to work with it.
Go rough as much as you can. You have to find stability in your clay with your armature.
The more solid is your first layer of putty the more simple will be sculpting process.

Work with little pieces, one-by-one, using only hands and rarely tools in this stage.

You can add some ball clay or sausages clay, in order to fix your anatomy structure.
Anatomy is absolutely necessary to create a “realistic” sculpture even fantasy figure has is own anatomy.
Anatomy is everywhere in figure sculpting: there’s no difference between fantasy or historical.
I suggest you to keep the habit to draw every day in order to fix anatomical structure in your mind (at least 20 minutes per day)  🙂 🙂
I created first sketch of the head.
I used to spend most of the time in the head.
The cane is created by single wire with some green stuff then Zak Mix, and baked before all.
The head is the focal point of the figure, together with hands.  I highly recommend to spend some time in.
In this stage, I don’t spent more time to create details, or facial expression. Just want to create basic shape in order to aproximately complete the figure. Then I’ll work on facial expression, details, drapery, details and so on.
To create the belt, I cut a little piece  of Magic Sculpt, polish it with some sanding paper and cutter, in order to get a square shape. Then I make a hole inside, with my little rotary tool (Dremel )
Created a thin layer of putty, and add to the back to create the long jacket. This would be split, in order to create the mold correctly.
So I totally focus on facial expression, then created it with some tools and patience.
I moved the neck towards, because I noticed that the head was too close the body, and worked to better create the pose.
Than I add  a little funny bird just from my imagination, to keep him company 🙂
Size test: 58 mm on the head 85mm on Bird
After first baking, I close the hole under the clay and repair some mistake
The stick was too thick, so I cut  it, then resculpted it.

Final sculpture

Saro – The Lake Farryman

-Original concept and sculpted by Daniele “Found” Trovato
-FIMO+Beesputty, Magic Sculpt
-Client: Verbania Model Show 2019

This sculpture will be available for who will participate at the show
in 1-2 June 2019 as Fantasy commemorative piece.

I showed this sculpture for first time at EUROMA 2019, winner of Special Prize ” Fantasy Original Character” by Michael Kontraros and Jinkoo Park, and Silver Medal in Fantasy Master Open Category.
I hope my process was an inspiration for you.
Thank you for watching and reading.
Keep Sculpting
Link and resources:
-Verbania Model Show 2019
-Daniele Found Miniatures

-My Fb Page


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The difference that colour can make: Seeking Refuge

By Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

Roman and I recently finished the same bust as a boxart Robot Rocket Miniatures.
A beautiful sculpt by Momo Pügerl.
Every time I see the two versions against each other
I am amazed how much a different colour and a different stile can change the way a miniature looks or even what feelings it may transports. It is also pretty interesting to study how different painters interpreting volumes and where they creating points of interest. We will both say some words about our individual interpretation and show you both our versions – this is both beside eachother:
Seeking Refuge
I painted my version to be as innocent as possible. One goal of mine was to transport a pure but scared feeling. With my chosen colours I challenged myself in terms of technical aspects, the pink flesh was more fun then I first thought. The green that should have a cold light on top challenged me a lot in the end. All over the bust I tried to work with texture to breath more life into them and to create points of interest and last but not least as I just really like to paint texture in my recent Projects.
My favourite part was to paint on all her tribal tattoo kind of markings on her arms and face. This step really brought her to live and added something unknown and exotic to her. All in all I was super happy to paint up one of this Box arts of this small gem.

You can find my version also via:

When I saw this sculpt for the first time I was in awe with it. Such a melancholic piece with tons of meaning and story behind it. Lately I am bit bored by painting barbarians, space marines, orcs and many other warframed subjects. I do not enjoy the aggressive attitude in most of the sculpts out there on the market. Maybe it is because I am getting older, who knows. In this case it is still a war-themed
piece and I love the take of the other perspective to it.

When I first had this cast in my hands I knew I will not paint it blue as it would remind me too fast on a certain movie called “Avatar”. I decided to paint her yellow to challenge myself as yellow is a color I do not paint very often. For the clothes I went for a “Mother Teresa” look to create the effect of even more innocence to the girl’s character. From the early stage I knew I wanted to create massive emotions with making the small alien girl dirty with some dried mud and soot that shows that she just got out of a refuge space ship and has been through dark times.

When I was painting her eyes I could not help myself to paint them absolutely alien-like. I wanted to create the look of small galaxies of hope in her glance.

You can find more photos of Roman’s version via:


Tell us what you enjoy about this sculpt and the two different paintjobs!
Happy Painting to you all!

Josua & Roman

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SbS/FM: Waterbuffalo

By Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle

As you may noticed I painted a lot of animals in the last time. Today I want to give you a small insight of how the water buffalo project came to life.

I started with a rather simple but still extremely beautiful buffalo figure. After some cleaning and sanding I glued him down to a simple rectangular piece of wood. My vision was to let him be submerged in a river or pond full of

After this first initial step of bringing colour to the whole thing I started concentrating on other areas. I started to add texture and small details like the eyes to bring this calm guy to life. A few hours in started to feel like he is missing something I painted the whole thing in a pretty cold and bright blue while the base still remained in a rather bright warm green. At this point I realised that I need to bring these two together way more. The base and the buffalo need to look as they would be one unit instead of two different things.

In the next picture you can clearly see what different it made to do so. I do not have any pictures of the steps in-between as I was in some sort of colour and painting rush I completely forgot about time and other stuff. I also started to add some green dots in the front part of the base by stippling as this is a pretty time-consuming thing to do on a whole base I knew that I need to have another solution to create the duckweed.

First of all I put down a thin layer of uv curable resin to give the whole water surface some feel of depth. Now the scary part begins I masked the whole buffalo and the part where I did not want a lot of duckweed swimming around, with Incredible Masking Putty.
After masking the buffalo I mixed up my duckweed colour, as I want to sprinkle the colour on it has to be not to thick nor to thin. At this stage it I use to do test runs to get the consistency right. Soon I reached the level of confidence needed to sprinkle on my paint. This was done with an old toothbrush , just as shown in the picture below I kind of flipped the bristles and this resulted in a lot of tiny droplets of paint flying everywhere. Keep in mind to do this on an area away from your other WIP stuff or you will still find tiny splatters of green paint after months.
The area behind the buffalo was actually the most time consuming part. I wanted to create effect of water swirling around behind the buffalo to give the whole scene a feel of movement and dynamic. The process of princeling on the colour is pretty random so I needed to paint in all the small dots by hand. I was able to bring a playful element to the water thru the little swirls behind him.
The duckweed was a full success so I started to add small details mostly single point of green colour or some reflecting light on the jaw line of the buffalo. Small details like this add another dimension of interest and mostly only can be seen when the viewer takes his time to observe and search for them. A final coat of gauzy agent was applied to give the water and duckweed a nice gloss effect. I also placed some small translucent micro beads around him to simulate some sort of air coming to the surface, and to add another dynamic element.

I also took some High quality images where you can see some of the details I talk about in this article.  

You can find all of them over at Putty & Paint

I hope you liked this small insight of this buffalo project.

See you soon


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