Beyond Reach

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 9 January 2020

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Beyond Reach

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Under Bayushi Shoju’s regency, unrest has gripped the land of Rokugan. Every clan tests the boundaries, pushing to see how far it can stretch its own power. This is the tumultuous setting of “Beyond Reach,” a new piece of Legend of the Five Rings fiction, written by Robert Denton III.

In the far south of the Emerald Empire, a lone pair of Phoenix samurai travel south into Kaiu lands, searching for Isawa Tadaka, Master of Earth. When they encounter resistance, however, Asako Tsuki makes a dangerous choice, with consequences that will cascade into great danger for far more people than Tsuki and her yōjimbō.

“Beyond Reach” is a standalone story and can be downloaded


(9.0 MB)!

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