Babes IV Final Week

Only 60 hours to go to wrap up the Babes IV campaign on Kickstarter. So far we have funded the initial sculpts available at the BOMBKIT Level plus unlocked the Noxyma Brown, the Stegosaur Sidekick, and Necralia the Liche Queen.  We are already half-way to the next goal.

$10,500 unlocks Sarah Seaworthy, ruthless buccaneer every bit as tough and salty as any other member of her crew. When Sarah is unlocked she will be an ADD-ON available for an additional pledge of $10 and also included with the BOMBKIT Level for FREE!



Basic forms have been made for the orc fighter. Once she’s posed, there will be much more added for costuming, armor, and gear.

Our Orc Fighter Babe will be unlocked at $12,000. Jump in and help us get there if you can!

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