League of Infamy: What are Disorder Cards?

By Mantic Games

Welcome back villains! First up, have you been checking our previous blogs about League of Infamy? If not, shame on you. But look, we’re forgiving folk here, so make sure you read our introductory blog, plus the analysis of a villain card and our quick chat about the role of the Keep Master. Today’s article is a big one because we’re talking Disorder!

As we’ve mentioned before, playing as a group of villains doesn’t
always mean you have to play nice. After all, the assembled rapscallions have a
history of arson, theft, murder, treason and anything else nasty you can think
of. Although they’re working together on behalf of the League, ultimately they’ve
all got their own agendas.

Each Villain is trying to earn ‘infamy’ – basically bragging
rights when they’re down the tavern afterwards and want to show off about what
a total bad ass they are. What’s more, they’re all trying to gather the most
gold or the best equipment. As a result, there’s nothing wrong with being a
little selfish when it comes to completing the mission.


As part of their drive to prove themselves the greatest, the
Villains will not hesitate to undermine each other. This is represented by the
Disorder deck, which the Villains will draw from at the end of each round.

Each Disorder card grants the Villain the ability to use a
special Action – usually one which lets them act against their so-called
compatriots for their own good. Disorder cards are one-use, and once they have
been played they are discarded to a face-up discard pile next to the deck. If
the deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile to create a new one.

To sweeten the deal, and encourage some healthy
backstabbing, playing a Disorder card also gives the Villain an amount of
Infamy, shown in the Infamy icon at the bottom of the card. This means you’ll
always be looking for opportunities to stich up your ‘colleagues’ and gain that
all-important infamy. The more you act against the interests of the group, the
more Infamy you will earn.

What’s more, you can also use the Disorder cards to help you
out in sticky situations. About to get attacked by some angry elves? Why not
switch positions with a neighbouring Villain. Urgently need a health potion? Pinch
one from another Villain. Even better, you’ll also earn infamy when you do


Buried throughout the Disorder deck are a number of
Escalation cards. As soon as one of these is drawn it is placed face-up next to
the Disorder deck, and the player who drew it draws another card to replace it.

Escalation cards either give the Keep Master an extra Alarm
token every round, increase the number of Disorder cards that each Villain
draws to at the end of a round, or both. As Escalation cards are drawn the
Villains have more opportunities to score Infamy for their own personal gain,
but this always comes at their team-mates’ expense. Also, the more Disorder
cards are drawn, the more quickly the remaining Escalation cards will be
revealed. Will the Villains push for personal glory, or resist their evil
impulses for the good of the team? That’s for them to decide.

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League of Infamy: What is the Keep Master?

By Mantic Games

After yesterday’s blog looking through the Villain Card, today we thought we should probably look at the ‘courageous’ Keep Master and their pesky elves *spits in disgust*

A little like Star Saga and Dungeon Saga, League of Infamy pits one player against everyone else. Although unlike those games, this time the antagonist is actually the hero! It’s all about perspective. The Keep Master is in charge of the elf defenders that will try and stop the ‘evil’ villains carrying out their nefarious schemes.

“But wait a minute! I hate being the player that has to beat everyone else and ruin their evening – mainly because I also laugh and point at them. I wish this was entirely co-operative.”

Ah, it’s our old friend imaginary blog reader. Don’t worry! There will also be an AI deck that pits you against an imaginary Keep Master, so you can have four players all on the same side. Hooray!

Although their bastion is being assaulted by a team of highly skilled Villains, the Keep Master has a few tricks up their sleeve – after all, they have the home field advantage. This is represented by the Keep deck, from which they will draw a hand of cards at the start of the game and replenish each round.

The Keep Master’s hand size depends on the number of Villains in the Raid, so the more Villains involved, the more Keep Cards the master will be able to draw from the deck.

There are a number of different sets of Keep cards, each with its own theme designated by an icon. At the start of each raid the Keep Master is instructed to construct the deck for this Raid, usually from the “common” set plus one or more themed sets.

Keep cards each tell you which phase of the game they can be played in.


In the Keep phase, the Keep Master rallies the defenders to repel the Villains. The Keep Phase has three steps, which must be completed in order.


In the Strategy step, the Keep Master is able to play a number of their Keep cards, giving them bonus activations, allowing them to heal their Defenders and so on. These cards clearly state how to resolve their respective rules.


In the Defend step, the Keep Master activates their Defenders. They can always activate a number of Defenders equal to the number of Villain Players and can spend Alarm tokens to activate more.

The first additional activation of a phase costs one Alarm token. The second one costs two Alarm tokens, the third costs three, and so on.

Activating Defenders

When a Defender is activated they can make up to two Actions, and cannot make the same Action twice. Each Defender can only be activated once per Keep phase. If a Defender was activated earlier in the round (because of a special rule, Keep Card etc) they can still be activated in the Keep phase.


In the Reinforce step, the Keep Master can spend Alarm tokens to summon additional Defenders as reinforcements. They can only summon Defender types that are in one of their Defender Slots, and for each Defender summoned they must spend a number of Alarm tokens as shown by the Alarm Cost / Infamy Reward icon on the Defender’s card.

When a Defender is summoned, the Keep Master places it off the board, next to a Reinforcement point, ready to move onto in the next Keep round.

So, there you have a quick preview of how the Keep Master works. Next week we’ll be having more sneak peeks, including a look at the infamous Disorder cards.

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FM: Small Fairy

By Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle,

recently finished a really cool small fairy.
A wonderful and amazing small sculpt by Tom Meier.

I hope you like her as much as I did painting her.
If you want to support me in my work, art and passion and want to make this unique project yours, check back with my PDF cataloge on projects I got for sale at the moment:

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The Expedition Team

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 22 October 2019

Mansions of Madness

The Expedition Team

The Investigators of Path of the Seprent

Pre-order your own copy of Path of the Serpent at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Daniela swore as the smooth handle of the machete slipped in her sweat-covered hand and the blade got tangled in the vines. “You didn’t tell me the jungle would fight back so much, Ursula.”
Ursula just laughed, her pretty smile making Daniela flush as she clumsily pulled the machete free. Ursula pointed to her hand. “If you keep gripping it that tightly, you’ll get blisters. Grip it with your thumb and forefinger and let gravity do most of the swing work for you. Come here, I’ll show–”
“Lesson’s over,” Leo called from where he was helping the old man, Norman, navigate a tangle of kapok roots. “We have five miles to go before nightfall. We can’t afford to keep dilly-dallying.”

The jungle makes its way to Arkham in Path of the Serpent, the latest expansion for Mansions of Madness! In three new scenarios that bring you to a cursed South American expedition, a lavish garden party for Arkham’s social elite, and a forgotten temple chosen as the set for a terrible rite, you must work alongside your team of investigators to battle monsters and solve eldritch mysteries before it is too late. If you wish to survive your journeys, you will need to team up with the most skilled professionals in their fields and prepare for any challenge that you may face.

Today, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the four investigators who will be joining your expedition team in the Path of the Serpent expansion for Mansions of Madness—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

The Expedition Leader

Leo Anderson has spent his life traveling to the deadliest and most obscure corners of the globe. It is always a chance for adventure, and the pay is good, but there is a cost. Along the way, he’s lost good people. Some succumbed to illness, others to the inhospitable climate, and some to unnatural things that will haunt Leo for the rest of his days. His most recent expedition for a mysterious benefactor ended in complete disaster. His closest friend, Mitch Brown, was the only one of his people to survive… or at least, remain human. Leo is sick of burying his people. But now that he knows what lurks in the forgotten reaches beyond civilization, he can’t forget, and he can’t quit until the job is done.

Leo is a hardened explorer who has seen much more of the world’s darkness than he would care to. This helps place most of his skills at a level of four, though he places much more value in what he has seen with his own eyes than in the words of other. Thus, his influence is three and his lore is only two. But, for better or worse, he is still the expedition leader and he will do everything in his power to get his team home alive. Once per round, when Leo moves, he can also help another investigator move one space, ensuring that—no matter what—no one on Leo’s team is left behind. 

The Explorer

When she was young, Ursula Downs was constantly scrambling up trees, scaling rock walls, and using her art supplies to map caves. Any hopes that some may have she might settle down and begin exhibiting more “lady-like” behavior as she grew older were dashed when she procured a degree in archaeology from Miskatonic University and began traveling the world. Soon, she was leaving her mark on the academic community and adding an incredible list of achievements to her name. Not many people can say that they’ve climbed a mountain on every continent. Fewer still can say they’ve stolen a golden idol from a cannibalistic cult, but for Ursula, this is just the beginning.

When traveling across the globe, you must be ready for anything. As such, Ursula is an incredibly balanced investigator, with seven health and sanity, and all of her skills valued at either three or four. The explorer also has the remarkable ability to move one space either before or after performing an explore action or interacting with a sight token. While she can only execute this additional move once per round, this still gives Ursula more freedom to traverse the board than perhaps any other investigator in Mansions of Madness. And with expansive jungle trails and temples to explore, this is sure to prove invaluable.

The Mechanic

Daniela Reyes always thought she had a good life. She had a loving, boisterous family. She had a steady job that used her brains and her hands. She had money to spend on fast cars, pretty girls, and her prized possession: her motorcycle, Gabriel. Overall, her life seemed normal until one day when her brother, Ramon, got caught up in some trouble. Soon, her mother began warning Daniela to be careful, that a darkness lay ahead of her, and in a town as strange as Arkham, this warning holds a particular weight. 

She only set the glass of water behind the door to appease her fretful mother. It was meant to catch evil spirits. But when she awoke the next morning to find it shattered, she was determined to figure out what happened and fix it. Just like she always did.

Daniela’s analytical mind makes her one of the most skilled problem-solvers in Arkham. Every time a puzzle is solved during a game, whether it be by her or another investigator, Daniela may either gain two clues or discard one horror. This may come in handy as she also has the lowest sanity of the investigators in this expansion. However, Daniela is also the strongest investigator of Path of the Serpent with eight health and five strength. She can both cut through the jungle underbrush and solve the secrets of the ancients, making her the perfect addition to any expedition team.

The Astronomer

Norman Withers is a scientist. He is a rational man devoted to the reasoned exploration of the universe. So, when six stars simply vanished from the sky, he double- and triple-checked his results, then calmly examined the situation from every logical angle. His conclusions were simple. Yes, the stars were truly missing. Yes, something impossible was moving in the void. Unfortunately, when he presented these findings to his colleagues, they did not accept them as the work of a rational man. The entire scientific community dismissed his research as the ramblings of a crackpot. But still, Norman continues his studies. Though his research now touches on ancient lore and magic, he is still a rational man, and when he has gathered enough proof of what is lurking beyond the stars, he will prove it to everyone.

Norman is a man of science—he had thought his days of adventuring would be far behind him. With a health of six and strength and agility values of three, the astronomer must rely on his wit if he is to survive in the jungle. His knowledge of the stars and the movement of the cosmos is his greatest asset, and as long as he can see them, he may either gain two clues or discard one Horror. While he can only activate this ability once per round, this continuous access to clues will help him solve any puzzle or pick any lock with ease. When you are preparing to dive into an ancient Temple of a lost civilization, a scholar may mean the difference between making the discovery of a lifetime and becoming lost in the jungle forever.

Heart of the Jungle

The path before you is filled with countless dangers that will push you to the limits of your sanity and bring you within an inch of death. Only Arkham’s bravest investigators will stand a chance against the terrors ahead. Join the expedition and discover the secrets of the Path of the Serpent!

Pre-order your copy of Path of the Serpent (MAD28) at your local retailer today or online through our website here!

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Info: Beginner Workshop in Bern, Switzerland

By Massive Voodoo

Hello miniature painters,

as the roadmap 2020 hit home in the jungle yesterday
I want to make a proper announcement of the first seminar weekend available in …

Bern, Switzerland
// 31st January – 2nd February 2020  3 day Beginner Workshop
german language – 28/0 –

Jar’s Beginner Painting Class
Instructor: Roman Lappat

This MV class gives you insight into Roman’s way of painting and basing, his thoughts, the background of his inspiration and a lot of fun and happy painting. This class aims at beginners and advanced painters, but also pros are welcome. Of course, repeaters of the workshop can come with their very own topic and project questions. More Information on MV’s Jar’s Beginners class?

Thanks to the help
of the local organiser and MV brother, Josua the seminar will take place in the following location:

Schweizer Alpenclub
Brunngasse 36
3011 Bern

IMPORTANT: The price per student is not the one mentioned in the PDF, due this is an international class with travel cost, room rent, etc.

The individual cost per student will be calculated as soon as we got a minimum of sixteen participants. Check back with your calender and sign up to help us get this organised. I will inform you via mail about the progress.

To sign up, write an email to:

Best Wishes
Roman & Josua
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