Battle for the Vault

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 26 February 2020


Battle for the Vault

Information on the 2020 KeyForge World Championship

Rumors of mysterious, darkly-colored Æmber have started to spread across the Crucible, with whispers of things changing in unexplainable ways. Are these two things linked, or are they just examples of the unpredictable nature of the world we live in? Maybe we will find out at the KeyForge World Championship.

From May 7–9 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, players who have earned their team an invite will gather from around the globe to compete for the coveted title of KeyForge World Champion. And, as this is the Crucible we are talking about, this event will be a little different from any other World Championship that FFG has hosted. In fact, we will be crowning four players with the title of KeyForge World Champion.

“But… but … how can there be four World Champions in one year?”

Well, that’s part of what makes this World Championship so special.

On day one, players will be competing as a team of three against other teams of three. The Top 32 teams after the swiss rounds will qualify for Day 2 where the elimination rounds begin until we have one team remaining. Those three players will be crowned World Champions of the Crucible!

“But you said there would be four World Champions this year!”

Correct! After the swiss rounds have concluded and we know which 32 teams have qualified to Day 2, we will look at the individual performance of players whose teams did not make it to Day 2. The Top 32 individual players will compete in elimination rounds on Day 2 until we crown our fourth World Champion of 2020. Only in the crazy ever-evolving world of the Crucible can the title of World Champion be bestowed upon more than one person.

“So, it is a team event. What does that mean for invites?”

Each player with an invite is able to bring two more players with them, whether they have an invite or not. Only one member of the team needs to have in invite.

“How do you earn an invite to the KeyForge World Championship?”

You earn an invite for finishing in the Top 100 players on the Vault Tour leaderboard. On February 12, we took the Top 106 (there were ties) from the Vault Tour leaderboard and took note of their username. Those players have now been awarded an invite for the World Championship and will be able to claim that invite here. What’s more, any player who manages to break into the Top 100 on the leaderboard between February 12 and the World Championship will also earn an invite. The leaderboard will then reset for the next season after the World Championship.

Invites can also be won at KeyForge Prime Championships and Grand Championships, where the winner and Top 4 respectively are awarded an Invite. If you have earned an invite, you can claim your seat now using this link! The deadline for claiming earned seats is April 17, 2020.

“What if I really, really, want to go to the World Championship, but neither I nor my teammates have an invite?”

All are welcome to the KeyForge World Championship as long as we have space. On Thursday, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) team event where teams of three can compete to earn a place in the main event, which starts on Friday. We will hold back a set number of seats in the main event for the top teams in the LCQ, but we will also fill the main event with more players from the LCQ once we know how many invites have been claimed. Each invite that is not claimed is another seat handed out in the LCQ.

You can purchase tickets for the LCQ here! LCQ ticket sales will close on April 24, 2020.

“Wow, that’s really cool! But what if I travel all that way and I don’t earn an invite at the LCQ? What do I do then?”

We have got you covered! There will be side events running throughout Friday and Saturday that you will be able to compete in. You will also have access to the Prize Wall that all the other competitors have access to. There will also be some limited-number and exclusive items that will only be available here, at the World Championship! Some new items debuting at the World Championship will appear at future locations around the world, but not all of them.

“What’s the format of the KeyForge World Championship?”

The overall format is Team Archon. However, each player on your team will be playing a separate variant. One player will play Triad, the next player will play Adaptive, and the third player will be playing Solo Best of 3.

For more information on the main events and side events you can look forward to on each day, check out the infographics below!

Join Us in May

We can’t wait to see you all at the KeyForge World Championship and for those who unfortunately cannot attend, we will be streaming on FFG Live over the three days of the events, so please join us there to watch all of the excitement unfold!

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Campaigns of Conquest

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 26 February 2020

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Campaigns of Conquest

Announcing the Fourth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle

In the aftermath of the Emperor’s death, the Great Clans of Rokugan scrabble for power. Some search for certainty amidst the storm, others use the chaos in the Imperial City to solidify their own base of power. The virtues of Bushidō have guided samurai from every clan through countless dangers, but the pressure is building and the cracks in the Empire are beginning to show…

Order your own copy of Campaigns of Conquest at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Campaigns of Conquest, the fourth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

As the next piece of the Dominion cycle, this Dynasty Pack leans into the biggest themes of the cycle, boasting three dynasty deck events and nine cards with the new rally keyword. New cards for each of the seven Great Clans enhance their deckbuilding options, while a new Lion stronghold invites Lion Clan players to explore a new type of deck centered on your Bushi. Can you safeguard the future of the Emerald Empire and uphold your clan’s honor?

The Might of the Lion

The Lion Clan’s power has been shaken and tested by constant warring with the Crane. If you’ve been looking for new direction for your Lion Clan, you may find it with their new stronghold included in this Dynasty Pack:

Hayaken no Shiro

(Campaigns of Conquest, 71).

 With twelve honor, ten influence, and plus two province strength, Hayaken no Shiro offers a good range of starting stats, but the true power lies with its Action. At any time, you can bow your stronghold to choose a Bushi character with printed cost two or lower and ready that character! Just bringing a Bushi into multiple conflicts can be useful for tipping the scales in your balance. But there’s also another compelling new Bushi that you’ll find inside this Dynasty Pack.

Ikoma Tsanuri

(Campaigns of Conquest, 79) weighs in at two fate, making her a perfect target for Hayaken no Shiro—but she packs quite a punch for her reasonable cost, with good stats and the rally keyword to pull an additional card into her province. What’s more than that, however, Tsanuri’s ability reads, “During conflicts in which this character is participating, your opponent cannot trigger abilities on the attacked province.” When it comes to provinces, almost all of them boast triggered abilities that can make life difficult for the attackers. With Ikoma Tsanuri and Hayaken no Shiro, you can lock down the province abilities for both of your attacks each round.

Of course, even if you’re putting most of your effort into pushing strong attacks through, it can help to have a good plan for an extended siege. If you’re playing a Fire role,

Under Siege

(Campaigns of Conquest, 89) can give you a way to burn down your opponent’s prepared defenses. By playing this after a conflict is declared, the defending player must set aside their hand of cards and draw five new cards, potentially leaving them with few options for mounting a successful defense. Alternatively, if you’re in a pinch and nearly out of cards as the defender, you can play Under Siege to refill some of your hand, potentially drawing into the cards that could make the difference between a successful defense and a broken province.

Launch Your Campaign

Whether you’re fighting for the honor of the Lion Clan or you’ve sworn your allegiance to another clan, you’ll find a host of new cards to revitalize your decks and bring new tactics to your provinces in Campaigns of Conquest. You can look for this Dynasty Pack to release in the second quarter of 2020.

Pre-order your own copy of Campaigns on Conquest (L5C32) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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New Abyssal Dwarf releases up for pre-order

By Mantic Games

Just in case you’ve been held captive in the slave pits of Tragar for a few months, we’re pleased to announce the brand-new Abyssal Dwarf Kings of War releases are now up for pre-order. You can order from the Mantic website or pop over to your FLGS while wearing a false beard (if required) and demanding the new stuff in your shoutiest voice. Channel your inner Blessed.


Any self-respecting Abyssal Dwarf general needs to start here. The Mega Army is packed with those awesome hard plastic troops, along with some heroes, Slave Orcs (Operation: Green Shield), Golems and the disgusting new Grotesques.


A fantastic companion to the Mega Army is the smaller army set. This gives you plenty more of those amazing new hard plastic Blacksouls/Decimators, along with some Halfbreeds and an Overmaster to kick everyone into action.


This is the big one (quite literally). The Hellfane is one of the biggest resin kits we’ve ever produced at Mantic. It requires seven(!) moulds just to make one Hellfane and it stands over five-inches tall. Not only that, but it comes with three crew models (including an alternative Overmaster) that can be removed from the howdah and used in your army.


Although the Grotesque army has been around for a while, this is the first time we’ve been able to produce miniatures for them. The Grotesques are the failed experiments of Ironcasters, which live short and painful lives full of anger. It’s been interesting to watch the community responses to these, particularly people saying they’re too disgusting… erm, that’s kind of the point :p


Occasionally a Grotesque will live slightly longer than a few hours, so they’re immediately promoted to senior management as a Grotesque Champion. Sadly the only perks are having a massive iron cudgel fused to your forearm (which makes it impossible to access the managerial restrooms) and a helmet hammered to your skull (which always sets off the security alarms in reception).


The superb new hard plastic Abyssal Dwarfs form the linchpin of the entire release and they’re also available as a regiment box too. Inside you’ll get 20 Abyssal Dwarfs, which can be built as Decimators or Blacksouls. What’s more, you also get four Mutated Mastiffs in each regiment set too. We must be barking mad!


Alongside all the awesome Kings of War releases, you can also grab the new Vanguard releases too. Miniatures like the Hexcaster, Infernox and Charnox all have entries in Kings of War and can be used in either game.


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How to win in Kings of War with Abyssal Dwarfs*

By Mantic Games

Today we’re handing over blog duties to internet legend, Andy ‘2D6’ Ransome. Famed for his striking choice of clothing and in-depth YouTube battle reports, Andy is also currently the number one Abyssal Dwarf player in the UK. So, with the revised Abyssal Dwarf army currently up for pre-order on the website, we asked Andy to give us some tips and tactics for new (or just really rubbish) Abyssal Dwarf players. Andy, take it away…

When somebody mentions Abyssal Dwarfs, you could be forgiven for immediately thinking of incredibly tough lumbering units backed up by a devastating artillery barrage. You’d only be thirty-three percent correct, however, because this is an army list that possesses a lot of options and flexibility. I like to break it down into six distinct sections, which roughly coincide with keywords in the unit profiles. There are plenty of synergistic crossovers, so don’t feel bound to this outline.


Units: Lesser Obsidian Golems, Greater Obsidian Golem, Immortal Guard, Infernox, Hellfane, Ironcaster, and Hexcaster

These units provide a high defence wall of unwavering solidity. Avoid getting multi-charged and most of these units can take a frontal assault from almost anything. A nearby Ironcaster will provide Inspiring to all the Hellforged units, in addition to being able to Heal them (it’s worth looking at artefacts to boost this, since getting back those sweet succulent Defence 6 points of damage can be very significant). His most powerful ability could well be Surge, so you should always be looking to set up flank attacks with your Shambling units. Encourage the enemy to charge into the centre of your line and this should leave them open for some juicy manoeuvre.

Remember that you can Surge a unit into combat after they use a ranged attack, so the Charnox upgrade for the Lesser Obsidian Golems is quite a tasty prospect.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of the Greater Obsidian Golem’s base footprint. Being a perfect square and a Shambling unit can lead to some very sneaky sideways Surging shenanigans.

The Hexcaster can help this section of the army with the Weakness spell, making it even more unlikely that your enemy will be able to kill one of these units.


Units: Angkor Heavy Mortar, G’rog Light Mortar, Katsuchan Rocket Launcher and Decimators (with upgrade)

Nothing too complicated here. Make sure you take note of the relative heights of your army and the enemy, so you know which units you’ll be able to see over to your target (also keep in mind which of your weapons ignore cover). The Angkor Heavy Mortar may well be the most feared War Engine in Pannithor, and with good reason.

If your opponent has significant threats to these machines, such as fast Individuals, you may want to consider either spreading them out to keep them alive longer, or bunching them together to make them easier to defend with your own units. All in or all out.


Units: Great Winged Halfbreed, Ba’su’su the Vile and Gargoyles

Many armies have access to a large powerful flying Titan, but the Great Winged Halfbreed is among the scariest. Regeneration is quite a big deal, especially since you should be able to use your speed to avoid the hardest-hitting enemy units and stay alive. Threaten enemy flanks and watch them reposition their entire battle line in sheer terror.

We also have access to Ba’su’su the Vile, one of the game’s more potent Individuals. Perfect for swooping down on enemy units that may or may not have just taken massive damage from artillery, or joining in with a charge from a different angle to add some extra bite to the attack.

Gargoyles are a fairly standard flying chaff unit. A stiff breeze will kill them, so whatever you do keep them out of sight of enemy shooting. They can be used to clog up the enemy for a turn, preventing multi-charges, pinning units back, or just keep them hiding in reserve until the time is right to jump onto a vital objective late in the game.

Any of these could theoretically be used for War Engine hunting, but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth their points cost to do so at any given time.


Units: Halfbreeds, Grotesques, Halfbreed Champion and Grotesque Champion

These units hit hard. They’re pretty fast, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them on the front lines.When using Halfbreeds, you NEED to make sure you’re hitting the enemy before they hit you. Mediocre Defence means they are very much a glass cannon. This is reflected in their cost being slightly lower than more survivable heavy cavalry in the game. Keep them out of harm’s way until it’s time to kick butt.

Grotesques are much more survivable, so they are certainly a frontline option. Just be wary that they can be wavered, unlike the units in the Wall of Doom we covered at the start.

Both these units take a serious hit in damage output when they become Disordered or make hindered charges, so make sure you hit first and consider investing in an artefact (Potion of the Caterpillar, Boots of Striding). Oh yeah, and remember not to charge head-on into a wall of spears.


Units: Slave Orcs, Slave Orc Gore Riders and Slavedriver

Abyssal Dwarfs have access to fairly inexpensive Orc slaves. With so many juicy options for expensive death-dealing units, you may sometimes find yourself looking for cheap ways to boost your unit count. Orc slaves do exactly what you’d think. They provide bodies for the enemy to chew through, while also being somewhat dangerous on the counter-attack. Keep a Slavedriver nearby if you want to give them a little boost.


Units: Blacksouls, Abyssal Berserkers, Decimators, Immortal Guard, Overmaster and Hellfane

It wouldn’t be a true Dwarf army unless you could field a line of painfully slow beard-bearers. Any of these units can benefit from the Overmaster taking an aura of Strider upgrade, especially if you’re planning on camping out in difficult terrain while the (presumably much faster) enemy advances towards your lines. Just remember that while it is tempting to set up Strider units in terrain, if you ever want to leave the comfort of the forest you will be doing so incredibly slowly.

All these units will also benefit from being near a Hellfane with the Brutal aura, if you’re looking for a centrepiece for your line of foot troops.

The Berserkers provide a slightly faster infantry option if you’re keen on actually moving anywhere, plus they hit pretty darn hard. Just don’t let them become pin cushions with that comically low Defence stat.


The best Abyssal Dwarf armies will use elements from multiple “wings” of the army list, providing a balanced and devastating attack that is fiendishly difficult to kill. While you might be tempted to put all your severed heads in one basket, we have so many options that you’d be a fool not to at least dabble in the other options available to you (especially with the extra spicy new resin models arriving soon).

*wins not guaranteed

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League of Infamy late pledges available NOW!

By Mantic Games

Did you miss out on the original League of Infamy Kickstarter? Well, we’re delighted to announce that late pledges are now available for the dungeon crawler where YOU get to be the villains. With the Master of Shadows pledge, you’ll save around 50% on the RRP and get 127 miniatures – including some mighty bosses.

However, if you’re still on the fence, have a read about some of the reasons why YOU should jump on board the late pledge option.


Ever wanted to shoot an elf in the face with a fireball? What about looting a Halfling’s packed lunch? Perhaps you’ve always fancied stealing treasure from under the nose of a Elf Lord on Drakon? Well, League of Infamy gives you the perfect excuse to be as bad as you want! Loot the sanctuary! Take out pesky elves! Steal things from your fellow players! It’s all possible in the League. Just take a look at this quote from a player…


Each of the scenarios can be replayed time and time again. No missions will ever be the same, thanks to the Keep Deck, which randomly generates special actions for the Keeper, the Chamber Cards, which randomly generate the contents of rooms and the huge range of playable Villains.

Plus, as the dungeon master (aka Keep Master) learns how to play the game, they’ll be able to customise their dungeon layout with extra defences or choose any of the available Defenders in their arsenal. Want to team up the elves with The Herd? Go for it! What about adding some Trident Realm Placoderms to your squad. Not a problem! Each of the scenarios can be played multiple times with very different results.


During a campaign your Villain will learn amazing new abilities and discover new weapons or armour. Each of the Villains has a special keyword that allows them to learn certain skills and abilities. Choose your new upgrades as you earn XP during a campaign and carve a villainous path for your chosen character.


Fed up of always being the dungeon master? The Unseen Keep Master provides an artificial nemesis for you to play against. Up to four players can all take on the role of a Villain, as they go up against the goody-goody elves, fishy Trident Realm or hungry Halflings.


Fantastic, plastic, assembled miniatures in the same incredible quality PVC plastic as Hellboy: The Board Game. Or, if you prefer your heroes/villains in resin, we’ve added the option to buy a great selection of miniatures as optional extras. We’ve also got singles available for units that are currently (or will become) units in Kings of War or Vanguard too. Like the mighty Knucker and Halfling Iron Beast.

Late pledges are available until April 6th and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see the new gameplay videos coming up soon!

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Celestial Realms

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 24 February 2020

Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Celestial Realms

Announcing a New Sourcebook and Adventure for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying

The realm of Rokugan is vast, stretching from the tainted Shadowlands in the south to the towering northern mountains—yet all of Rokugan is only a small part of Ningen-dō, the Realm of Mortals. And Ningen-dō lies between the Spirit Realms, below the Celestial Court of Tengoku, beside the enchanted land of Senkyō, and above the torturous realms of the dead. In most circumstances, mortal samurai stay in Ningen-dō, but the influence of these other realms cannot be underestimated.

Order your own copy of Celestial Realms and Wheel of Judgment at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Celestial Realms, a new sourcebook, and Wheel of Judgment, a new adventure for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying!

Celestial Realms boasts three chapters packed with information on the spiritual side of life in the Emerald Empire, covering the cosmology of the Spirit Realms and the Phoenix Clan’s roles as the caretakers of Rokugan’s soul. With new player options and adventure seeds sprinkled throughout, from the introduction of the Centipede Clan to the ancestral swords belonging to each of the Great Clans, this 144-page full-color sourcebook is an indispensable resource for Game Masters and players alike.

Then, armed with the knowledge of the Spirit Realms, you’ll be ready to embark on the Wheel of Judgment adventure—an adventure designed specifically for deceased PCs. From Meido, the Realm of Waiting, you and your fellow samurai face a journey unlike any other, leading you across the realms to hunt down the corrupting influence of Jigoku… and perhaps, if you’re lucky, to return alive to Ningen-dō.

Power of Worship

Even for the inquiring minds of the Phoenix, the Celestial Realms hold many mysteries. In the first chapter of this sourcebook, you’ll find a wealth of gazetteer information on each of these realms, from Yomi, the Realm of Blessed Ancestors, to Gaki-dō, the Realm of the Hungry Dead. Alongside this discussion of the realms, you’ll find the spotlight cast on three sample shrines from around Rokugan, with NPCs and adventure seeds for each shrine. Finally, the chapter concludes with a discussion of the Phoenix Clan families, key locations and characters.

Celestial Realms also introduces the Centipede Clan to the game as a new Minor Clan! This clan falls among the foremost followers of the Lady Sun, Amaterasu, and they view themselves as bulwarks of sacred traditions. They sing their greetings to Amaterasu each morning and tend to one of the most revered locations in all of Rokugan, the place where it is said Amaterasu herself descended from the Heavens to speak with their founder. In addition to the Centipede, this chapter also brings a new school for every clan, a wealth of character creations options, information on the ancestral swords of every Great Clan, plenty of new invocations, and the game’s first inversions (a new kind of technique used by ishiken and Void wielders).

The final chapter of Celestial Realms brings the discussion home to the Game Master with plenty of advice on roleplaying and patterns to create your own religious groups and supernatural encounters within the game. With dozens and dozens of plot hooks and conflicts, corresponding to each of the realms, your samurai will find a thrilling adventure set before them no matter which realm they enter.

Wheel of Judgment

A vast plain stretches away on all sides, one great field of whispering grasses, dotted with distant figures. People, horses, wolves, and even what appear to be goblins all walk toward the horizon, where the towers of a palace rise into the white sky. You feel a compulsion to join them…

In the Wheel of Judgment adventure, you and your fellow samurai are, unfortunately, deceased. You have awoken in Meido, with an endless queue of souls before you and at its terminus, the prospect of judgment by Emma-Ō, the Fortune of Death. You must contend with the bureaucracy of the underworld and the vile machinations of oni, and to escape the underworld, your souls must first go deeper—into the torturous hell of Jigoku!

Like previous Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying adventures, Wheel of Judgment is a complete 32-page booklet, that also comes with a full double-sided map and more than 50 punchboard tokens that help you bring your journeys to life and easily convey the location of every player and enemy.

Death Is Only the Beginning

You may be travelling across Phoenix lands, praying at a spartan Crab shrine, or setting foot on the tainted terrain of Jigoku itself—no matter where the spiritual or the supernatural finds you in Rokugan, you’ll be able to enhance your games of Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying with the Celestial Realms sourcebook and the Wheel of Judgment adventure.

You can pre-order your own copy of Celestial Realms (L5R12) and Wheel of Judgment (L5R13) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today, and look for these to release in the second quarter of 2020!

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Daniele interviews: Pedro Fernàndez Ramos

By Massive Voodoo

Interviews of the Sculptors Legend #2

Daniele Found interviews

 Pedro Fernàndez Ramos

Hello everyone,
this is Daniele and today I’ll interview a friend of mine and a powerful and incredible talented sculptor.
Pedro is an exceptional sculptor.
In his sculptures it is possible to feel technique, expressiveness and strong passion.
In the interview, Pedro will tell us how he became a sculptor, talking about how he started and what were the steps that led him to be one of the most important sculptors currently active.
We will deal with different topics including some ideas and differences between 3D and traditional sculpture, materials for sculpting, techniques, and many inspirations, based on Pedro’s experience.
Pedro, in addition to being a great artist, is a very kind, friendly and very helpful person..
The interview is in Spanish, but I translated the most important thing below

Lo siento por mi Español, soy solo un principiante y estudiante
 Sorry for my Spanish, I’m a principiant and a student 🙂 🙂


Me, Pedro and Pepe

The transcription


How did you start sculpting and how did you start doing this profession?
I started thanks to a father of a friend of mine, who introduced me to monumental sculpture.

At the time he asked me to sculpt ( knowing of my interest in sculpture and drawing) .

Jean Fantin
Painted by Magnus Fagerberg

Have you studied art or something like that?

No, I studied advertising graphics, but actually, I never worked on it in that sector.

When I had the opportunity to work with people who already had experience in sculpture, I accepted.

I started as an apprentice.
At the beginning I was totally inexperienced and I asked myself “where am I going”?

How many years does all this?
About 25 years ago.
And so I began to sculpt large sculptures for a Marine Museum figures such as seals, whales, dolphins etc … etc …

Were you already good at drawing?
Yes, I practically devoted myself only to that.
But when I started with sculpture it was beautiful, because sculpting gave me the opportunity to touch what I created and also to create real “things” from scratch.
Drawing is beautiful, but it remains a draw, you cannot turn it over, or touch it. It isn’t a real figure.
And so I began to learn the rudiments of sculpture like the common way: teacher-student.

Risultato immagini per zeus pedro fernandez

And so in 4-5 years I have sculpted more and more complicated things, which however have trained me as a sculptor.

What was the most beautiful thing about that experience?
Certainly that of having learned from people who already had a lot of experience in sculpting, this was crucial for me. Especially in the sculpting’s interpretation, before the technique.
I learned how structures were made and then bronze statues.

Do you still know this teacher?
Yes sure. He is a teacher who lives in a small town near Seville.

Do you have a mentor?
Definitely him. He was very good, because he also allowed me to see the sculptures from my point of view, he gave me this freedom.
He was direct when he had to be direct, and gentle when he had to be gentle.
I always wished to look at the sculptures “with my own eyes”. And he allowed me to do that.

Sculpted for Origen
After what have you done?

At that point I also began to sculpt miniatures.

What was the first miniature you sculpted?
If I’m not mistaken, he was a 30mm mummified Pharaoh.
After that, I began to understand the language of the miniature, which has its own language and interpretation, different from other types of sculpture.

The thing is that a miniature is born for an audience that in turn must be able to interpret it, because the miniature must be Painted.

Red Alabama - Pedro Fernandez Works
Painted by Pepa Saavedra
Do you think it is more difficult to sculpt a small or a large sculpture?
I don’t think it’s a question of size.

It is an interpretation question.

In large sculptures you have a lot to think about where the sculpture will go, the environment, the light, because large sculptures are normally not Painted.

For example, a portrait in natural size, which should not be painted, is easier for me.

I would have thought that smaller is easier because a smaller sculpture “forgives” some mistakes.
Yes, but you have to think of a miniature like theater: an actor at the theater, seen by a distant spectator, he sees the actor but doesn’t see the actor’s face. A miniature is very similar to an actor seen from afar.
The expressiveness of the sculpture depends on the distance from which you look at it

Speaking of sculpture miniatures, do you have any sculptor you particularly like?
Definitely Simon Lee and Noe Serrano who is a modern fantasy sculptor, and hyperrealism.

Risultato immagini per pedro fernandez ramos bust
Painted by Pepa Saavedra
How many miniatures have you carved in your career?
I have no idea. Maybe 100 or something. Consider that normally I sculpt 3-4 sculptures a month.

Sometimes it happens that people see a sculpture and don’t think about the process. They only see the result, without thinking that there is a lot of work and study behind it.
It always happens. Sometimes they ask me how I made certain pieces, but consider that 70-75% is always a study. Study and study. Whatever I sculpt always requires a study first.
I normally never have a clear idea of ​​what I want to do, but then it becomes clear by working on it. But everything starts from the study: study of anatomy, details, textures, etc … etc …

Do you draw your sculptures before you sculpt them?
No, I almost never do it. I prefer to work directly and create while I sculpt. Then maybe even the drawing but normally I work directly on it.
I am very impatient, I want to create it immediately and not draw it. Sometimes I am very confused and I don’t know what to do, sometimes I am very confident and I go straight.

Risultato immagini per pedro fernandez sculpting
Sculpted for FeR

Sometimes I draw it because I need it for a presentation or for advertising

What is the preferred material for sculpting?
It really depend on what I want to do.
I use mainly Super Sculpey and Fimo Classic.
If I have to do something that I don’t have to cut, I only use Super Sculpey because when you cut it, after you have baked it, it is fragile and breaks.
If instead I have to do anatomy, an animal, a bust or something like that, I mix it with 50% -50% FIMO because Fimo is more elastic and flexible.

FIMO and Sculpey have different cooking temperatures, so you need to find the right cooking point for the new mix. But with this mix you can still do everything.

Risultato immagini per the hobgoblin pedro fernandez
Painted by Alejandro Prieto for Beyond Miniatures
Have you ever carved with wax?
I did a test. But I actually like to use it to sculpt larger sculptures.
Alfonso Giraldes “Banshee” suggested that I use it, and I accepted.
I like it very much but I prefer it for bigger things.
The reality is that I have the habit of using my clay that I’ve used since all my life.
Wax takes me too long.
Then, like everything, it’s always a matter of practice.
I use wax when I have to create a bronze sculpture with the “lost-wax” technique, but it is a technical thing that has existed for thousands of years.

So the material you use isn’t the most important thing, right?
You have to think about expressing your idea, your feeling, your emotion. It can be wax, Super Sculpey or a pencil. The material must be only a means of expressing what you want to create.
If something is wrong, it is not the fault of the material you have used.

Painted by Patricia Sancho
Dangerous question: you are one of the few sculptors who hasn’t yet switched to 3D.
 Do you think that a digital sculptor should be considered a sculptor or rather a “digital artist”?
Very complicated question.
You have to think of 3D as a means of sculpting, nothing more.
There are sculptors who come from the traditional and others who started directly with 3D.
The sculptor who comes from the traditional has an experience, a knowledge, a point of view, he can do everything in 3D.
Example: a sculptor who comes directly from 3D, if you ask him to sculpt a girl, he cannot do it, because he lacks a type of education that traditional sculptors have.
I had this conversation recently with Raul Garcia La Torre who now only sculpt in 3D, but he comes from the traditional.
We cannot blame the medium we use to sculpt, 3D or traditional.
Everyone has their own experience and a way to “express” this experience.
In my case I feel comfortable with the traditional one, but obviously I don’t close the door to 3D.
I miss this language.
If you can sculpt in traditional, you can also do it in 3D.

Risultato immagini per pedro fernandez ramos sirena
Sculpted for Origen

Raul Garcia La Torre is a perfect example because he comes from the traditional and is a great teacher.

Sure. The only thing about 3D that I don’t like is that you don’t have a real piece in front of you.
If I want to give the character an expression, I personally prefer the traditional. But 3D is always a valid tool.
Many always recommend drawing before working in 3D. If you have to make mistakes, first make them drawing.

I would love to interview Raul because talking about miniatures he is perhaps a legend of miniatures.
Yes, he is one of the greatest fathers of the miniature. I met him thanks to Pepa Saavedra who I recommend talking to him. Raul is kind, friendly and has given me his points of view, and I always thank him for that.
But after that I always put mine in the things I do. But every time I talk to him he always opens my eyes. Raul always recommends me switching to 3D.
Another example is Joaquin Palacios who sculpt both traditional and 3D.
 If I had to choose, I would probably go back to monumental sculpture, applying what I have learned now with miniatures, with new materials and with new technologies.

One thing you told me is that you create a story behind each sculpture. In each sculpture you create a character, a story and contextualize it. You introduced me to Pepe Gallego, a very nice person.
How did this collaboration with Pepe start?
Pepe is a writer who has published several things.
I met him through Fran Galàn and Pepe was the meeting point of the two of us. He gave us his opinion.
One day he told me about a fictional character and I sculpted him. This thing I liked very much because the story of the character is very important. We are very aligned and we think the same way. All my sculptures have details related to the story, or what the character is doing.

Painted by Mirko Cavalloni for Aradia Miniatures
What are you working on lately?
As far as I can tell, I’m going to finish the pieces of the OZ series, and after …. actually I have a thousand ideas. You will have many projects and things even outside the world of miniature.

Final thoughts

I want to thank personally Pedro for his availability, kindness and to share his experience with us.

Thank you Pedro!


Link and resources:
-Daniele Found Trovato (author)
-Pedro Fernandez Site
– Advanced sculpting workshop with Pedro Fernandez

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Creating the new hard plastic Abyssal Dwarfs – part two

By Mantic Games

Hello! Studio Dave again. Welcome to the second part of our in-depth exploration of how we made the awesome new hard plastic Abyssal Dwarfs. In yesterday’s blog I explained all about the early concepting stage and now we’re onto the good stuff: sculpting. Enough waffle, let’s dive straight into it…

After the concepts were finished and approved, this was all
sent over to our supremely talented sculptor, Luigi Terzi. Luigi has worked on
plastic kits in the past, so he has a great understanding of what’s required in
order to have the parts work in that material. One of the major concerns that hard
plastic has that since the molds are made from steel and the plastic doesn’t
bend well, there cannot be undercuts – the mold has to close and open around
the piece without going into it. This means that details on the side of the
models have to be flat so that they work in the mold. This is different to
resin and metal, which both have silicon or rubber molds that can bend around
the pieces, so they can have details all over the place.

Using the concept art, Luigi sculpts the pieces for the
sprue, adding details as he goes. Luigi developed ‘flames’ that appear as
filigree on a lot of Abyssal Dwarf armour – so this became a visual staple of
the range. The careful part of this process was ensuring that each piece fits
on all of the bodies in the kit – so that any arm goes with any body. We had to
add about 1/2mm of space to the shoulders on each side to stop the arms from
hitting the legs too much and limiting the poses you could make. It sounds like
a small change, but it makes a large difference when you’re working with the
models. We also check with Luigi and on 3D prints that everything ranks up –
this is a requirement of any units we produce.

One of the questions on the new sprue was why we’re leaning
more towards ten-man (or dwarf, in this case) sprues rather than fives, or
less. In the short run, it’s a larger investment for us, but in the long run it
goes towards keeping the kits inexpensive for you guys and saves a lot on
packaging (and thus shipping and the environment), too! Each time we do a new
sprue, we work off what we learned from the previous ones. For example, one
piece of feedback from the lovely Northern Alliance Clansmen Sprue is that they
could do with just a couple of extra heads so you had a little more choice,
rather than exactly the same number of heads as models. So, the new Blacksouls
sprue comes with thirteen heads, one of which is fancy enough to use for a
commander. We made sure to include some extra parts of the sprue so that you
could build the leader point for using them in your games of Kings of War too.

We worked with the tooling company in China to fit all of
the parts on a couple of frames. These are both inside the mold, so each time
we order one, we get both frames of parts. There’s a lot of thought put into
the size of this frame, as a small change in the measurements can stop it from
fitting in the box! Ideally, a regiment should fit into one of our standard
sized boxes. This is the ‘glamourous’ side of wargaming you don’t often see.

There are then lot of approvals and back and forth at this
point as each file is amended to fit onto the sprue and then checked carefully
at our end to make sure that they still do what they need to. Sometimes you
have to compromise a little, losing a rivet here and there, to get the parts to
work properly. The toolers had to add an extra piece to the mold (a slide core)
to give one of the mutated mastiffs horns, for example. Plus, a couple of
shields had to be taken off their arms to keep the detail on them when they
cast. So these were spread out on the sprue and labelled, which means you can
tell which part goes where.

All of this work – which at this point has taken several months – culminates in the test shot. This is the first time the mold has plastic injected into it and we are sent the results – the very first sprue. At this point, it was around October 2019 when we could hold one of these for the first time.  These are built and checked (I swear it’s work, honest!) and were then sent off for painting. This is also a final opportunity to spot anything that’s not quite right and get it fixed.

Speaking of production, that’s the final step. It takes a couple of months after approval for the thousands of sprues to be produced and make it across the world to our warehouse in Nottingham. By the time this has happened, I’ve usually forgotten most of the work on the sprue and have been focused on seventeen other things since (which are squeakret, so shhh!). The Abyssal Dwarfs now being happily packed into boxes and will be on their way to equally happy players soon.


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Video Matt’s RPG adventures…

By Mantic Games

The best selling Games Master’s Starter set is back and even better than ever! To celebrate Video Matt flexed his Role Playing muscles to create some examples of how Terrain Crate can be used in any adventure… Over to you VM!

‘The Tavern’

Like most good stories this one starts in a tavern. As our heroes find out about an ancient magical sword that was stolen from the local temple, they discover that the main suspect was a robed man with magical talents. With this information the party agrees to retrieve it and stop whatever plans he hopes to achieve….

‘Wizards Study’

After locating the study of the main suspect, the party must seek out any clues regarding the stolen sword. As they enter the study they find a packed room filled with books and scrolls. Whilst undead servants are on patrol, looking for any intruders.

Could they sneak and avoid the undead or must they fight their way through the undead guards? With luck they find a map on the Wizard’s desk with the possible location of a portal and his insidious plan to bring forth an ancient dragon into this plane.

The non-perceptive group are not aware, however, that the wizard had left a stealthy counter measure. The innocent form of an owl familiar is spying on their every move.

‘The Trap’

As our brave heroes move towards the portal site a trap is sprung. The owl familiar has relayed information back to its master. To buy him some time the wizard has acquired the skills of a band of orcs who have set up camp in the valley and with the promise of power and more importantly gold they angrily guard the entrance to the cave. To add to the danger, the evil Wizard has ordered traps placed to hinder the parties progress.

‘The Portal’

Pushing through the trap our adventurers find the portal room, but they are too late! The dragon steps through the portal with a ferocious roar!! But his powers are not yet fully restored, the party must act now if they hope to save the city!

Through clashing of swords, firing of arrows and casting of spells they manage to defeat both the wizard and the dragon. Closing the portal by retrieving the sword just in time before its unstable magic destroys the cavern.

With the evil wizard defeated the brave group has one more job to do… Help themselves to his vast horde of treasure…. Payment for a job well done…

All miniatures shown are from the GM’s Dungeon Starter Set and key Terrain Crate sets.

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Creating the new hard plastic Abyssal Dwarfs – part one

By Mantic Games

Hi! Dave from the Studio here to ramble on about the process we went through creating new Abyssal Dwarf infantry sprue, plus a general look at the design process of kits in general. The Decimators and Blacksouls were hybrid metal and plastic kits – some of the earliest Mantic has ever produced – and with the Blacksouls out of production for years, they were more than due an update to match the rest of the range.

So, once we’d decided that we were going to do a new hard plastic Blacksouls kits, I set to work writing up briefs. These are used to describe the models and the kit for concept artists and sculptors. They’re usually based on a combination of the background, the rules, and how the kit is going to be produced. I think it’s important so say that this written way back in May 2019 – that’s how early we start planning! With this sort of thing I generally start with a short brief before going into too much detail:

“Abyssal Dwarfs, same scale as modern Ironcaster. 20mm based infantry to be made in hard plastic. Heavily armoured, but more lightly armoured than Immortal Guard – cuirass, pauldrons, helmets, some chainmail. 5x Torsos/Legs, 5x sets of arms with blunderbusses. 5x arms with axes/hammers/curved swords,  5x arms with shields, 1 bare head, 10 helmeted heads (lower sections), 10 helmets (upper sections), 1 champion helmet (upper section only), 1 champion arm with imposing weapon.  Includes 2 mutated mastiffs who have interchangeable heads.“

From this brief you can see a quick parts breakdown (before anything had even been sculpted) and a description of what we need and other details. One of the key things with the new range was to update the scale of the core troops a bit. The best way to do this was to use a model with a scale we were happy with – in this case, the metal Abyssal Dwarf Ironcaster. This was to be used as a guide for the size and proportions of the new models. Helpfully, this model was digitally sculpted, so there is a digital copy of it that can be referenced by the sculptor.

From this short brief, we went into more detail about how the kit worked and how the physical models would look.

“These are line infantry for the Abyssal Dwarfs. They must rank up next to each other, so please take this into account with posing. Additionally, most components in this kit must be interchangeable with others.

“These are armoured infantry, wearing a cuirass, pauldrons, and an armoured tasset (loincloth) – this is similar in make up to the existing Immortal Guard miniatures. They wear heavy leather gloves and boots, and have a small amount of cloth hanging down from beneath their armour to cover the back of the legs to the knee. Some may carry small items from their belts, such as bones, skulls, metal runes, daggers, or animal teeth. All of their armour should be ornate, with sculpted demonic faces where there is space, or geometric designs on smaller plates.

“Blacksouls are armed with hand weapons and shields. They regularly carry hammers, axes, and short, curved swords. These weapons should look heavy and cruel –crafted by an evil society. The shields can be variable in design, as each warrior would have acquired their own, rather than being issued with them as a military.

“Decimators are armed with short blunderbusses. These are also made with demonic faces – please use the existing miniatures as reference for the design.

“Abyssal Dwarfs wear tall, ornate helmets which often feature horns and leering demonic faces. Their faces exposed, usually very ugly and always featuring beards. These should be in the same style as the Iron caster’s, with rings and trinkets in each one.”

There was also a full component breakdown for the kit, too, but the details were in the text above. Abyssal Dwarfs don’t have a standing military: they tend to fight in loosely organised groups of individuals. Every single warrior has taken their own path to Tragar and the models needed to reflect this. So, we tried to include as many different forms of armour in the kit as possible, but with all of them having roughly the same equipment as each other. Each dwarf is heavily armoured – but not as heavily armoured as the Immortal Guard.

From this, the supremely talented Juan Diego Dianderas created concept art. This was to iron out visually how the new models would look. There was a range of different heads, shields, weapons and armour which we could pick and choose for the sculptor to work from. Juan did a great job of coming up with similar, yet individual designs for armour for each dwarf.

There are a few interesting notes to take from these. Abyssal Dwarfs make more use of swords than their southern brethren, so there are more of those present than any other type of weapons. The shields don’t bear symbols of allegiance, because each one would only belong to the soldier who bore it. There’s some round shield designs because the Free Dwarfs (from which the Abyssal Dwarfs originated) tend to use round shields. We also took this opportunity to redesign the helmets a little. Although they’re still over the top and ostentatious, there’s less height and weight to them so they’re more believable to look at. Those of you who are getting the new sprues will be able to spot the design and pieces that made it into the kit.

One major change we made was to down armour the designs so that these would work well as line infantry alongside the immortal guard. Also, since they don’t have the blank shields like the Immortal guard, there needs to be an area to add colour that isn’t on the armour. The above diagram was used to demonstrate this point. The warrior on the left has less armour than the warrior on the right.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll move from the concept stage to the actual sculpting of the new hard plastics!

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Atomic Bonds

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 20 February 2020


Atomic Bonds

Announcing a Cooperative Upgrade Pack for Fallout: The Board Game

Order your own copy of the Atomic Bonds Cooperative Upgrade Pack at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Sometimes in the Wasteland, things can get lonely. After all, you’re wandering across an irradiated hellscape, taking potshots at passing ghouls and eking out your best existence. But maybe you don’t have to be alone! Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a few people out there who want to stick around for a while. You might even accomplish something great together.

You’re not on your own anymore. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Atomic Bonds Cooperative Upgrade Pack for Fallout: The Board Game!

With Atomic Bonds, the number of scenarios available to you just doubled. This upgrade pack has everything you need to play every competitive scenario from Fallout: The Board Game and the New California expansion as a cooperative scenario. Rather than struggling against each other, Atomic Bonds lets you and your friends travel the Wasteland, grab the best gear, and push your chosen faction to victory—together! Combine that with the addition of modifications, mutations, and workshop upgrades, and Atomic Bonds pushes your games of Fallout to dizzy new heights.

Cooperate with Your Friends

As a cooperative upgrade pack, it’s safe to say that cooperation is integral to the contents of Atomic Bonds. In fact, this expansion takes the game’s previously released competitive scenarios—whether from Fallout: The Board Game or New California—and transforms each of them into two fully cooperative scenarios!

In each of the game’s competitive scenarios, two warring factions are matched against each other. This could be the Enclave versus the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad versus the Institute, or another iconic pairing. When you’re cooperating with your friends, however, you’ll choose your side at the beginning of the game by picking one side of the double-sided scenario sheet. Not only does this change which faction you’ve aligned yourself with, it promises to dramatically change your gameplay experience and set your party on a unique path.

Since you and your friends are all actually friends now, you’ll also be able to help each other survive! Whether you’re assisting in combat by firing from afar or setting up C.A.M.P.s for you and the other players to fast travel between, it’s perfectly apparent that teamwork makes the dream work.

Mixing It Up

Cooperative scenarios aren’t the only change offered by Atomic Bonds. You now have the power to radically change your weapons, your apparel, your workshop, and yes, even yourself! Modifications, mutations, and workshop upgrades are three new types of cards, all offering new perks and powers to you and your fellow players.

You may find a C.A.M.P. with an attached

Chem Lab,

enabling you to easily lose the Addicted trait. You may tweak your weapon to be


letting you perform a second fight action for free. Or after taking enough rads, you may suddenly become a


giving you additional cards for you inventory, but negating your Intelligence during tests. No matter where your adventures take you, there’s always room for some unexpected change, whether that’s a magnifying scope or an extra limb!

Forge Your Bonds

Maybe you’ve already enjoyed the countless dangers and lurking mutated beasts of Fallout: The Board Game. Maybe you were waiting to jump in with your friends. Either way, you’ll find the ideal next step to your journey with the Atomic Bonds Cooperative Upgrade Pack!

Pre-order your own copy of Atomic Bonds (ZX05) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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