Interview: Daniele interviews Tim Bruckner

By Massive Voodoo

Interviews of the Sculptors Legend #1

Daniele Found interviews

Tim Bruckner

Hello everyone 🙂

This is Daniele again and today I have the opportunity to share you something unique.
Something about my personal inspiration. 

Particularly people/artists who inspire me, in this case.

Since I started sculpting I always am fascinated by one of the most talented and unique sculptor all over the world : Tim Bruckner.

Tim is one of the best commercial artists on the scene today (he’s looking at semi-retiring now).
I had the great privilege to ask him some different questions about his process, about his way of sculpting, about his habits and other things.
He worked for years in the toy and collecting business and has an incredible portfolio of sculptures in his catalog.

In origin I have known him basically through his incredible book, which is probably the only publication with a deep insight into the world of figure sculpting, mold making, and toys making.

Risultati immagini per pop sculpture book
“Pop Sculpture” by Tim Brickner, Zach Oat, Ruben Procopio

Enjoy and Keep Sculpting
Daniele Found

Just a little courtesy intro by  DC:

“Tim Bruckner has worked for DC Direct and DC Collectibles for close to 20 years, working under an exclusive contract with the company for over a decade. During that time he has designed and sculpted dozens of pieces and his amazingly accurate designer-specific sculpts have helped shape the line and build the brand. One of his most gratifying professional experiences was designing and sculpting the incredible DC Dynamics line of statues that were based on the art of J. C. Leyendecker.

Bruckner’s earliest memory of sculpting was when he sculpted the heads of the Seven Dwarves out of wax candy tubes at seven years old. He began working professionally at the age of eighteen as a jeweler’s apprentice/wax carver and in those two years, he learned the foundation of his art that would sustain him for over the next five decades.

Bruckner has appeared in the Spectrum Fantastic Artbooks (the premier juried annual of the best in fantasy art) fourteen times and has won two Gold Awards in the Dimensional category. Other awards included two Diamond Comic Distributors Statue of the Year awards as well as an award for Product of the Year. In 2009, he was inducted into the Toy Fare Hall of Fame. His most recent work for DC Collectibles has been on the popular designer series of “power couple” statues.”

The Interview

Immagine correlata
Beethoven by Tim Bruckner

-Sometimes people say that behind a great man there is a great woman: Are you married? Do you have sons? if yes, what they think about your job?
I’m married to an amazing woman. We’ve been married for thirty eight years. Much of who I am and why I am, is due to her wisdom, advice and guidance. We have two kids, a girl, Anne and a boy, Errol. I think they have liked what I do and appreciate the work I’ve produced. Having a dad who is a professional artist has given them the insight and freedom to be who they want to be.

Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

1)I’ll ask you this question because I found out that many artists are created by a singular and very personal routine:
Tell me something about your daily routine. 
These days, I’m much more relaxed about my schedule and the work I do. I semi-retired last year and so, no deadlines. When I was working, I was up at six, was in the studio by seven. Worked until six or so and then went into the house for dinner and a chance to unwind.

Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

How many hours do you sculpt per day? 
I used to work ten to twelve hour days. These days, I’m in the studio around eight or eight thirty and work until four or five. Much saner hours.

What time do you wake up? 
We wake up at 6:45. Let our dog out, have coffee, watch the news. Feed him about 7: 25.

Breakfast? Dinner?

Do you listen to some music while you work? If yes, what music? 
When I was under deadline, I listened to music all day long, often to the classical music station on public radio. My faves were Bach as played by E. Power Biggs, Chopin, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and many others.

Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

Some specific and daily habits? 
I don’t know that I have any specific habits. My day is dictated by what I’m working on and the preparation for it. Doing 3D or 2D or writing, all have their specific needs. If I’m  not sure what I’m doing, much of the day is spent in preparation. These days, the thing that drives me is the challenge. I like starting a work I’m not sure I can accomplish. Finding a way to make it work is what I enjoy most.

2)When you sculpt a new figure, do you always look at anatomy and proportions references, or do you sculpt everything by memory? 
What is a practical exercise to improve the anatomy knowledge for sculpting purposes?
I always use reference. I know anatomy fairly well. But the stress and compression of various muscle groups is vital to a successful piece. An outstretched hand with the palm facing up is different when the palm is facing down. We may not always be aware of the changes, but we know when it’s not right. I want the audience to involve themselves in the composition, what the piece is trying to say, rather than pay attention to the lack of proper musculature and have that be a distraction.

3) Do you have a mentor? If not, who he should be?
My mentors have always been artists I admire, Michelangelo, Cellini, Bernini,  Rubens, N.C. Wyeth, J.C Leyendecker. They were masters of composition. Once you arrive at a place of competent and reliable skill, creating a composition that says what you want it to say is the biggest challenge.
Risultati immagini per tim bruckner 

4) Going into technical questions. 
Reading your book, I was very fascinated by your process:
basically, you create a rough sculpture in oil-based clay, then you create a waste mold to cast it in Wax, then you sculpt in wax for detailing and polishing. 
Do you use this process for every size? Why you choose Wax?  
Often I rough out the piece in clay to define composition, attitude and proportion. I will make a waste mold and cast a wax to begin the finish process. I started sculpting in wax when I was seventeen, sculpting jewelry for a Beverly Hills jewelry store. It was the best education I could have received. I read Cellini’s book about process and arrived at my own wax formula. I choose wax because of its ability to give me any finish I want, from very smooth and finished to rough and carved. Large pieces I will finish in clay. A three to twelve inch figure I will got to wax. Sometimes, I may finish part of a large piece in wax. The head, hands costume detail. For me, wax is the most flexible material I could use.

5) Sincerely, do you think that a 3D artist should be considered a real “Sculptor” or better “Digital Artist”?

I’m old school. Very much so. To me, sculpting is defined by manipulating a material with your hands to create the piece you want. Physically working a material tells you things about a sculpture I don’t think you could get from a monitor. It helps you understand tolerance and how do build a piece that can be reproduced.

Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

It also allows you to use light and its various effects to make the sculpture play the way you want it. A sculpture viewed in morning light with look different when viewed by afternoon light. Its character will change when viewed by direct light and be altered by low light. And the material reveals things to you I don’t think possible using digital. I can’t tell you how many times a slip of the hand will push the clay into a shape or placement I would have never considered but turned out to be just what I needed. Using traditional methods also helps you focus the piece. Digital can afford you amazing detail. Sometimes detail is distracting. Using traditional sculptural methods helps the piece arrive at a focus.

6) If you should choose only 2 tools for sculpting which they’d be?
Could you describe why they’re so important and how do you use them?
Your hands. All the other stuff  just lets you use your hands to create detail and finish your fingers are just too clumsy to produce. You look at Rodin’s pieces and you can see the strength and virtuosity of an artist’s fingers at work.

Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

7) As a sculptor, what is the most difficult thing to sculpt in your opinion?
Beauty. It’s easy to sculpt monsters, aliens, fantasy creatures. To sculpt beauty requires a very subtle hand. Beauty and youth, both very challenging.

8) As your experience, if a sculptor should have three basic skills what they would have and why?
The sculptor needs to master a material; clay, wax, plaster, polymer clay.
The sculptor needs to know what it can do and what it can’t and figure out a way for it to look like it can do the impossible.

Risultati immagini per tim brucknerTrain your eyes. You need to be able to see past what’s presented.
A entire sculpture can rely on the smallest gesture.
Human nature helps us read even the smallest gesture.
By being aware of what we see, lets us see how to use it.

Focus and determination.
Sculpture is a lot of work. Not only creating the piece but creating a piece that can be reproduced which means understanding mold making and casting or reproducing the piece. One of the negatives of digital work is the representation of huge amounts of detail and elements are often very thin or of a small tolerance that cannot be physically be reproduced.

9) Today, in the age of 3D Printing and 3D sculpting, in your opinion, is it worth to spend time to learn traditional sculpting for job purposes?
Learning to use your hands to create something substantive will make an illustrator a better illustrator, a digital artist and better digital artists. Understanding how a piece is constructed will inform all the arts and make one more sensitive to its creation.

Interview by Monster Model Review

10) If your son should decide to be a sculptor, what best suggestion you’d give to him?
Love it. Love the hard work. Love the end product. Believe in yourself. Follow your vision, indulge you imagination. Never give up.

11) Where can we find you, your shop, and contact you?
I used to have a website. It was very heavily designed to use Flash. Flash is no longer in use and so my site died. I’m on Facebook.
Risultati immagini per tim bruckner 
-How many figures have you sculpted in your career? :
I have no clue. I recently reviewed my DC work and discovered I created over seven hundred pieces for them. That doesn’t take into consideration my work with ToyBiz, Kenner, Hallmark, The Hamilton group and the various gift, toy and collectible companies I’ve worked with over the years.

-Favorite oil-based clay brand:
Chavant. The best oil based clays around. I use the NSP brown medium. They make a lot of clays to suit a variety of needs. Get a sample pack and play with all of them until you find the  one you like.

-Favorite Wax:
I make my own, it consists of Microcrystalline, bee’s wax, paraffin, injection wax and Crayola brand crayons. You’ll need to play with the proportions until you find a formula that works for you. It will take time and a lot of effort but worth every bit of it.

-Favorite Rubber for silicone mold brand and which shore (hardness of the rubber):
Si, GT 1000. The all-around best. You can push the activator to get a mold to set up more quickly. Always, always use a pressure pot to make your molds. A vacuum chamber is a waste of time. You can use a pressure pot to mold and cast and get nearly perfect results.

-Chopin or Mozart? :
Chopin. I’m kind of a romantic.

-Michelangelo, Bernini or Canova? :
There’d be no Bernini without Michelangelo. There’d be no Canova without Bernini.
Risultati immagini per tim bruckner

-Favorite Film? :
I was thinking about this the other day. I’m a big fan of the old Universal monster movies. I like the Basil Rathbone Holmes movies. The movie that made the biggest impact on me was Fantasia. I saw it when I was a kid. My art teacher took me to an afternoon showing. I had a huge crush on her. Being with her, just the two of us, watching that movie opened up my imagination and made my future as an artist possible.

-Favorite song/composition? :
I am the Walrus. John Lennon.

-Favorite Food? :

-What don’t you resist? :
I resist all my dark sides.

Final Thoughts

What to say? I think that Tim’s works speak themself.
Tim is one of my favourite artists and I feel inside his creations a deep experience, expression and a truly unique and personal style (especially in faces).
In today’s world, with too many 3D sculptures with deep boring details, Tim comes back to the original silhouette of a figure and brings us what one sculpture needs to do essentially: to gift emotions.
Thank you TIM!
Daniele Found Trovato
Link and resources:
-Daniele Found Trovato (author)
-Many articles by Tim from Muddy Colors
-Tim Bruckner Site
-Tim Bruckner’s Book
-Tim’s Interview by Fwoosh
-Tim’s Interview by AP Sculpture Studio
-Tim’s Interview by Action Figure Insider
-Tim’s Interview by Statue Forum

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Masters of the Night funded on Kickstarter 48 hours from the launch

By Ares Games

Masters of the Night, the solo/cooperative game by Igrology and Ares Games, hit its initial funding goal of $25,000 on January 16th, 48 hours after its launch on Kickstarter. As we write, the project has over $29,000 pledged, with more than 640 backers, with the two first stretch goals unlocked and the third goal unveiled. The campaign will run until February 5th. Graveyard district tile: the …

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The Looming War

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 17 January 2020

Legend of the Five Rings LCG

The Looming War

Preview Enlightenment Format Cards in Clan War

Pre-order your own copy of Clan War at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

The specter of war looms large over the Emerald Empire. All-out war has come to Rokugan and conflicts between clans have become more and more complicated. Strategic alliances must be forged to defeat enemies old and new. What will the political landscape of the Emerald Empire look like when all is said and done?

Join us today as we preview multiplayer-centric cards in Clan War, a new Premium Expansion for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Clan War expands the conflicts of Rokugan into all-out war with two different multiplayer game modes, the rules of which can be found here. The Enlightenment format sees three or more players racing to claim all five elemental rings on their provinces, while Team Conquest allows four players to join up into two teams to break each other’s’ strongholds. When the clans clash in open war, none can be victorious alone!

Allies and Enemies

The Enlightenment format introduces a new mechanic in the form of keeping claimed rings on provinces. While these rings can later be taken by your opponent, they can also trigger some potent abilities on a variety of cards in Clan War. The Crab, for example, can collect rings in the

Slaughtered Village

(Clan War, 13), and should the province be broken, they can enact vengeance on their foe before the rings are taken from them. Meanwhile, the Crane can protect their rings with

Model of Courtesy

(Clan War, 14), ensuring that even if their provinces are broken, the Left Hand of the Emperor can still triumph. The Scorpion utilize a similar trick, using a

Shadowed Alleyway

(Clan War, 18) to move their rings out of danger when a conflict is taking place at a province. With subtle manipulation, even if the Scorpion lose conflicts, they can prevent their enemies from gaining any ground.

But it’s more than just provinces that interact with this mechanic.

Kobo Ichi-Kai Jujutsu

(Clan War, 64) can of course work in a single-player format, enhancing a character’s military strength by their opponent’s claimed rings. While this will often provide a boost of one or two skill in single player games, it can be far more potent during multiplayer games, potentially boosting your samurai to greater heights.

The Lion also benefit from rings on provinces. When the

Righteous Akodo

(Clan War, 41) is attacking a province with a claimed ring, she gains two political skill, making her a valuable player in any conflict for any one fate. But the Lion can do far more than boost skill. From their

Privileged Position

(Clan War, 79), they can ensure they will not be ganged up on if they keep your honor low. In an Enlightenment game, alliances are constantly shifting and you never know when a betrayal is waiting in the wings. Privileged Position can ensure your safety to some extent, limiting the amount of times a conflict can be declared against you during a turn.

While the Lion can limit conflicts, the Unicorn have a whole new way to turn a battle on its head.

Diversionary Maneuver

 (Clan War, 90) completely cancels out a military conflict and replaces it with a different battle at a different province. While this can of course be used on the same opponent’s province, it may also come about as part of a deal, and find your Unicorn forces attacking a different player entirely. The Unicorn can run down any target, and having them on your side could be vital to victory.

Every clan will also have access to neutral cards to give them the edge in multiplayer battles.

Seize the Day

(Clan War, 93) works in the traditional Legend of the Five Rings: the Card Game format, but excels in multiplayer games where you can become the first player for free. The more opponents you have, the longer it will take to reclaim the first player token. When you need it most, Seize the Day can provide you an opportunity to act first and strike down your foes; all you have to do is reach out and take it.

Players can also mitigate their opponent’s strongest characters by listening to

Hige’s Sermon

(Clan War, 92). Though playing this card is Heresy, it provides every player the opportunity to bow an opposing character. By working with your allies, you can use Hige’s Sermon to strike fiercely at your enemies, bowing several of their characters. Just make sure your closest friends don’t betray you when it’s their time to bow a character. 

The Specter of War

Though Rokugan is a land built on honor, who can you trust when the specter of war looms so brightly? The Clan War is coming, what side will reign victorious when all is said and done? Find out when Clan War releases this February!

Discover your allies and enemies in the Clan War Premium Expansion (L5C28) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States today!

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The Widow’s Sting

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 16 January 2020

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The Widow’s Sting

Announcing the Black Widow Hero Pack and Game Mat for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

“No one will ever know my full story”
   –Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow #1 (2014)

Pre-order your own copy of the Black Widow Hero Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

KGB assassin, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., villain, hero: Natasha Romanoff has taken on many roles, and played many sides in a life shrouded in mystery. But throughout every new stage of life, Natasha has developed a unique set of skills that she now uses in the role of the Black Widow, international super-spy. Soon, you’ll be able to make use of these skills as you battle villains from across the Marvel Universe.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Black Widow Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

The Black Widow Hero Pack includes a pre-built deck for Black Widow utilizing the Justice aspect, the Taskmaster nemesis set, and additional cards to help increase your deck building options! With well-rounded base stats and a Preparation card for every occasion, Black Widow is always ready for what’s coming next!

The Dance of Death

As one of the world’s most notorious spies,

Black Widow

(Black Widow, 1A) is always rewarded for proper planning. Within the Black Widow’s hero cards, you’ll find a variety of Preparation cards. Each of these cards is an upgrade, with an effect that triggers automatically when a specific event occurs. For example,

Widow’s Bite

(Black Widow, 10) won’t do anything when it’s played, but the Widow’s trap will be sprung when her prey appears. While Black Widow is always prepared for enemies, she can also ready a quick escape by playing a

Grappling Hook

(Black Widow, 8) that can be used to avoid a treacherous situation. Black Widow also has plenty of ways to ensure these Preparation cards are in constant rotation.

Even if most of these cards can only be used while Black Widow is in her hero form, her alter ego

Natasha Romanoff

(Black Widow, 1B) is just as vital of a role, keeping your hand stocked as you prepare for upcoming operations, whether it’s undertaking

Covert Ops

(Black Widow, 3) or performing a

Dance of Death

(Black Widow, 4).

In the Name of Justice

All of Black Widow’s espionage actions are undertaken in the name of Justice, so it’s fitting that this aspect fills out the rest of her deck! While aspect cards can of course be used in any deck, these new Justice cards synergize particularly well with Black Widow. For example,

Agent Coulson

(Black Widow, 34) is a solid ally for any hero looking to thwart a villain’s plans, but can specifically help Natasha find one of her many Preparation cards. But this doesn’t mean Coulson is useless with other heroes, as several new Justice cards in the Black Widow pack are also Preparation cards! This includes giving you access to


(Black Widow, 17) to outwit the villain’s schemes.  

As always, this Hero Pack also includes an additional card for the other three aspects, increasing your deckbuilding options. In this case, each of the other three cards take the form of a Preparation card, providing new ways for Black Widow to be effective in any aspect. For example, 

Rapid Response

(Black Widow, 31) lets an ally return from the brink of defeat thanks to careful planning. And if your team is under the leadership of Black Widow, you’ll always be prepared for anything!

Like any Marvel hero, Black Widow has her own personal demons to contend with. The life of a spy is dangerous, enemies are around every corner, and even your employers can turn their back on you at a moment’s notice. Receiving a

Burn Notice

(Black Widow, 25) requires all of Black Widow’s attention, as she suddenly finds herself on the run without support, and her best prepared plans can crumble around her.

But that’s not all Natasha Romanoff has to worry about. With perfect memory, the insidious


(Black Widow, 26) can copy nearly any move he sees, making him one of the deadliest mercenaries in the world. The more prepared you are, the stronger Taskmaster becomes, gaining boosts to his attacks and schemes based on the number of upgrades you control. And even if you defeat Taskmaster, you can never truly be rid of him. He’s always hiding in the shadows, working with the main villain and lending them his skills when he is used as a boost card. With the skills of some of the most iconic Marvel heroes, Taskmaster is no easy to foe to overcome, but Black Widow will have to find a way if she hopes to complete her mission.

Necessary Preparations

Launching alongside the Black Widow Hero Pack will be the Black Widow Game Mat!

This 24″ x 12″ slip-resistant game mat gives you plenty of space for your hero’s deck, identity card, upgrades, supports, and more, while showing off beautiful art! Prepare for your mission with the Black Widow Game Mat at your side!

Mission Accomplished

When you need a job done with grace and subtlety, there is no better agent than the Black Widow. Not only does she have the skills to accomplish any task, proper planning and preparation means she’s ready for any fight. Will the villains feel the Widow’s sting when the Black Widow Hero Pack releases in the second quarter of 2020?

Prepare for battle with the Black Widow Hero Pack (MC07en), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free continental shipping in the United States!

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Explosive Speed

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 15 January 2020

Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition

Explosive Speed

Preview the Fireball Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing

“That thing’s a disaster.”
   –Kazuda Xiono, Star Wars: Resistance

Some starship pilots make a name for themselves in the heat of battle, showcasing their skills as they shoot down enemy fighters. Others take a different path entirely, beginning their careers as racers, working around the clock to keep their cobbled-together ships in the sky long enough to cross the finish line.

Pre-order your own copy of the Fireball Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Whatever route they take, these pilots need nerves of steel if they’re to find success. A rare few —such as Kazuda Xiono—live in both worlds, building a reputation as both a racer and a starfighter pilot. Soon, you can help Xiono on this journey to become the best pilot in the galaxy with the Fireball Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

This expansion features a beautifully detailed, pre-painted Fireball miniature that can bring its incredible speed to your Resistance squadrons. In addition to this miniature, you’ll also find four ship cards representing the brave pilots willing to fly this explosion with wings. Finally, seven upgrade cards invite you to add your own improvements to the ship while two Quick Build cards offer useful pre-defined combinations of pilots and upgrades to get your ship into the battle.

Join us today as we take a closer look at what you’ll find in the Fireball Expansion Pack!

An Explosion With Wings

Designed for racing rather than combat, the Fireball immediately sets itself apart from the other ships you’ll find in a typical X-Wing squadron. While it is armed with wingtip-mounted laser cannons and missile launchers, these weapons are secondary to the features that give this ship the speed and maneuverability it needs to win races. When they find themselves in a space battle, then, Fireball pilots rely on the breakneck speed and tight turning granted by the SLAM action to give them an advantage against enemy fighters.

But harnessing such incredible speed comes with its own risks. The Fireball is an old ship with a reputation for bursting into flames or exploding at the worst times and this affects how you fly from the very beginning of a game of X-Wing. No matter who’s in the cockpit, the Fireball is dealt a facedown damage card during setup, and while this may seem like a serious disadvantage, the Fireball can quickly turn it into a strength. Its pilot can choose to expose a damage card after taking the SLAM action to remove the disarm token that comes with this action, keeping its weapons systems online for an attack.

This ability makes the Fireball a threat to nearly every ship in play, but it also requires pilots who can handle its blazing speed while also managing the many problems that arise. A veteran of the Galactic Civil War as well as an experienced racer,

Jarek Yeager

is no stranger to high pressure situations. He exhibits grace under pressure while at the controls of the Fireball, continuing to pull off challenging red maneuvers while he has two or fewer stress tokens. He can do this even better with the assistance of his trusty bucket of bolts


 who can quickly repair any major issues that pop up with the Fireball while Yeager is pushing the ship to its limits.

Yeager is certainly a highly skilled pilot, but that doesn’t mean R1-J5 has to back him up forever. He can also take control of the ship


using his mechanical expertise to look at and choose which facedown damage card to expose at crucial moments. This can be especially useful when using the Fireball’s built-in Explosion with Wings ability, but it can also help him deal with the unpredictable outcomes from using

Coaxium Hyperfuel

to rocket himself forward.

Unlike Yeager or Bucket, other Fireball pilots are less accustomed to the challenges that come with flying a racer. Trained as a starfighter pilot, it’s only natural that

Kazuda Xiono

would take a more combat-oriented approach. He starts with a significant advantage over all but the lowest initiative pilots, rolling an additional die while defending or performing a primary attack against other aces. This advantage slowly dissolves as the pressure mounts and the Fireball takes damage, but even then Xiono remains effective against top enemy fighters.

Xiono can press this advantage even further with the help of an

Advanced SLAM

that gives him the chance to perform another action after he activates the ship’s SubLight Acceleration Motors. Alternatively, he can make up for some of the Fireball’s offensive shortcomings by outfitting it with a

Targeting Computer

that allows him to acquire locks and help his shots find their targets.

In addition to his skills as a pilot, Xiono is a novice mechanic who can put his own spin on the

Fireball itself.

With his help, you receive a Ship damage card of your choice while resolving Explosion with Wings. Not only does this help you avoid a devastating

Direct Hit

 later on, it can also give you more opportunities to activate it throughout a game. If you choose a

Disabled Power Regulator,

 for example, you’ll always have a card to expose after it repairs itself. This comes at the cost of ionization, but you can also use this time to repair your other damage cards to keep their negative effects from multiplying.

Feel the Rush

With its powerful engines and unpredictable nature, the Fireball might be more at home on the race course than in battle. But any pilot with skill to tame it can bring down the galaxy’s deadliest aces.

Harness the power of this blazingly fast racer with the Fireball Expansion Pack (SWZ63), arriving at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2020. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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© and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

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News: Help Australia’s wildlife!

By Massive Voodoo

Hi everyone,

due the horrible bush fires in Australia my heart is quite heavy and as far as I could I have already donated to support the fire brigades. Due the devastating size this also has a terryfing impact of the wildlife. I wanted to do more to help and I painted a figure, sculpted by Peder Bartholy for Robotrocket Miniatures: The Koala.

Link to raffle via NOCF:

I painted it with my emotions to the situation in Australia. It hurts to look at it,
but it feels honest, brutal and is real.

This piece
– called “Australian Koalas” –
will be raffled with the great help of the 
NOCF, Nova Open Charitable Foundation let me explain …

I really wanted to raise as much help as I could with this piece and first thought of putting it up to ebay, but remembering the great work the NOCF does and how organised they are with their worldwide raffles I reached out to them for their help.

The Team helped me to find the perfect place I want this money go to as they helped me with the research. The donation of this raffle with directly go to

An Australian Wildlife Rescue organisation that is serving Australia’s wildlife for over 30 years now. There is tons of informations on their homepage and they are doing amazing work right now.

The “Australian Koalas” raffle will be live for just one month, from Jan 15 – Feb 15, 2020. We hope each of you will share this raffle and encourage your friends and families to participate.

The drawing will take place on Feb 16 and the piece will ship no later than Feb 17 to the winner – anywhere in the world. As an added value, I will put the winner’s name to the plinth and sign this one-of-a-kind collector’s treasure. Ninety-Five Percent (95%) of every dollar will go directly to WIRES. The other five percent will handle shipping and paypal fees, just to have this transparent for everyone.

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Link to raffle via NOCF:

Please also see the great initiative ‘Brushes for the Bush’, 
miniature painters, companies and furthermore are donating great material, painted figures and many more things to this good cause.

About Brushes for The Bush

An informal collective of hobby miniature painters and artists, focused around the OzPainters facebook group, coming together to raise much needed funds for those affected by Australia’s current bushfire tragedy. Since we kicked off this initative we’ve had donations from the UK, Croatia, Poland and Spain, as well as all across Australia.

Thank you all!

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