September 8, 2020

Article 22 The Adventures of Gorgon Lightfoote – Part 4

Andy Jefcoate returns with the twenty second article on Flintloque the forth in the adventurers of Gorgon Lightfoote. If you missed any of the previous articles […]
September 1, 2020

Free Flintloque Zombie in every order this month plus September for us

Welcome to September 2020! What a month we have just had with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar The bitter retreat from Moskova is where you begin […]
August 26, 2020

Todoroni Generale 135mm tall Bust new for Flintloque fans

While you cannot actually use this new release for games set in the World of Valon it may well be a must for those players who […]
August 24, 2020

Come into the Bar Room we have the furniture all laid out

As the Summer Campaign event 2020 draws towards its close on 1st September we are happy to present to you the first codes from the classic […]
August 21, 2020

RUFUS Android new for Alternate Stars range

Allow me to introduce RUFUS to you! This new addition to Alternate Stars is on our website now.  Go R.U.F.U.S stands for Robotic Unit Fighting or […]
August 19, 2020

Wizards Workshop 28mm classic scenics are all back!

 It is my pleasure to announce that the classic 1980’s Tabletop Games wargame terrain collection called ‘The Wizards Workshop’ is now back in production at Alternative […]
August 17, 2020

HOT29 Eagle Lord returns!

Earlier this year Alternative Armies greatly expanded the number of High Elves in the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and this led to the removal of a […]
August 14, 2020

Grey Aliens sixteen new 15mm poses released

 We are delighted to now double the size of the Grey Alien forces in the HOF Range with these brand new releases.  Going from the original […]
August 12, 2020

Splendorous Djinn re-mastered with new pieces now released

Making a return to Alternative Armies a mighty creature in our fantasy ranges.  The Djinn has been re-mastered and transformed into a multiple part kit with […]
August 10, 2020

Kalene the Barbarian Priestess 28mm released and free too!

The Summer Campaign Event 2020 is underway at Alternative Armies and as part of the event every order which ships out from us here in Scotland […]
August 7, 2020

Summer Campaign 2020 – 15% off orders, 20 new releases, free miniature

It is the middle of the year and the second mega events which Alternative Armies runs each year is now on!  The Summer Campaign 2020 event […]
August 1, 2020

Summer Campaign 2020 begins 7th August!

In a weeks time a big event will commence at Alternative Armies.  From the 7th of August until the end of the month we will have […]
July 28, 2020

Coronet Mildew Hervorc foot and mounted released for Flintloque with free rules insert

Our final release for June 2020 is a brand new character officer for the Army of Albion.  For Flintloque and Slaughterloo and following up on the […]
July 27, 2020

Dogmen of Pudigroan divisional army pack for Slaughterloo and Flintloque

The miniature range for The World of Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo and more) is huge and when it comes to mass battle we have a full […]
July 23, 2020

Bell Tent released into our 28mm Terrain range

Now released at Alternative Armies a brand new piece of terrain suitable for Fantasy, Historical and of course Flintloque in 28mm scale.  The Bell Tent goes […]
July 23, 2020

Pro-Painted Stock Update June 2020

Alternative Armies produces many thousands of our own miniatures fully painted and based each year.  This is an ongoing process typically updated weekly on the pages […]
July 21, 2020

Todoroni of Nepolise divisional army pack for Slaughterloo and Flintloque

The miniature range for The World of Valon (Flintloque and Slaughterloo and more) is huge and when it comes to mass battle we have a full […]
July 16, 2020

Skeleton Warriors and Ghosts return to the HOT 15mm Range

After an absence of some weeks four packs have now come back to the HOT 15mm Fantasy Range.  These Undead codes are core to any army […]
July 16, 2020

Eyecast Restoration interview 2020

Adam Pratt has published an interview with me on his blog. I invite you to have a read. It is mainly about Flintloque but also has […]
July 15, 2020

51527 Hussars de Jeunes return for Flintloque with new standard bearer

Following a spell off the website we are delighted to return a core Elves of Armorica cavalry code to the website.  Re-mastered and with a new […]
July 13, 2020

New Modern Tents 15mm scale now released!

Everyone needs somewhere to sleep and often it is not possible to get forty winks in a four poster when you are out in the field […]
July 9, 2020

Further restored codes added to The Torture Chamber collection

We have now added the last of the originally released codes re-mastered into the Torture Chamber range.  This completes what was around in the early 1980’s.  […]
July 7, 2020

Dwarf Runic Golem – 65mm tall Warmachine

“The Guild of Spellsmiths and the Guild of Blacksmiths do not often clank tankards of Beir but when they do great things happen. Imagine said Gumblebeard […]
July 6, 2020

15mm Elephants for Blemye, Sassanid and Selucid return to Isarus range

After an absence of several years we are delighted to announce the return of three Elephants to three different 15mm armies in our Dark Age Isarus […]