Thank you SO much Secret Weapon Miniatures for your sponsorship…

Thank you SO much Secret Weapon Miniatures for your sponsorship of the Lady of the Lake GT 2017!

We saw a tremendous surge in participation this year as we climbed to 46 players. And, based on the feedback and enthusiasm we’ve already received from players we are shooting for over 60 Kings of War players next year.

We set a new record for our charity fundraising as well. We raised $2,365 for charity this year, which exceeds our record from last year of $1,690. Most of the money we raised this year was earmarked for a local food shelf in which we work with a local nonprofit organization to turn every $1 donated into $10 worth of food. So, we raised approximately $20,000 worth of food for local needy families. The rest was given to the Children’s Miracle Network.

We couldn’t have done that without your generous support of our event.

From those families and all of us who enjoyed participating in the Lady of the Lake GT we truly thank you.

Here’s a video of our event:

We hope you choose to sponsor us again next year!

Kris Kapsner

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As a swede there is a steep import tax on…

As a swede there is a steep import tax on your terranscape line. In the past Mantic had a stock but now they seem only stock a minimum of the line (as I write only urban ruined) Is there another european distributor that I can order your terrain tiles from?

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Unfortunately the heat has rolled into Sacramento again.

Unfortunately the heat has rolled into Sacramento again. The crew will be starting their day early, but even with the A/C running overnight, we have a smaller window in the day in which we can pour resin. This will likely mean a delay of 1-2 business days while we play catch-up in the wee hours of the day. Thank you for your understanding.

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I have no idea if I’m posting this correctly.

I have no idea if I’m posting this correctly. (I apologize if I’m not!)

Photo: Step #1 of converting some Secret Weapon “Tablescapes” terrain tiles to have a retro post-apocalyptic look for some Fallout-themed games for Necronomicon Science Fiction Convention – Tampa, FL (2017). My primary tools are some Japanese “plastic clay” and Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy putty.

The “plastic clay” is pretty much the same stuff as Instant Mold in the US. It comes in ingots, and consists of a plastic with a low melting point, so I can boil a mug of water in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then dunk the plastic in the water, and it turns soft and pliable — then, I get some pliers (mindful of the hot water!) and squash the plastic against a surface with a texture I’d like to “lift.” Once it cools (a trip to the freezer can hasten this), I can peel off the plastic, and now I have a temporary press-mold — and when I’m done, I can cut and re-melt it to use again.

Apoxie Sculpt is your basic epoxy putty (similar to Magic Sculpt, Magic Sculp {sic}, and a number of others), useful for press molds, solidifies over the course of few hours, and can be sanded down once completely hardened. It’s much cheaper than “green stuff,” but far inferior to the green stuff for especially fine detail (such as sculpting faces on 25-32mm scale minis).

So, my basic plan here is two-fold: for my Fallout (Savage Worlds) campaign, the unifying theme is that of a “road trip,” so I want ROADS, and I need wrecked junkers along the way. There’s no way I’m going to smash up this pretty O-scale truck I picked up, so instead my plan is to get impressions of the hood and grill, so I can add some ’50s-ish car parts to my “Scrapyard” board, and a rusty hood and fallen road signs alongside a heavily eroded roadway through the wasteland. (I also posted photos of progress on converting Rolling Hills tiles into “wasteland eroded highway” in an album on my “wall,” but I haven’t figured out how to attach those here as well.)

I have no idea what I’m doing, and I welcome tips and corrections. I’m just making this up as I go along. I reserve the right to back up, chip off pieces of dried epoxy putty, repaint, and try again, if it doesn’t go well. The HIPS Tablescapes tiles are pretty durable, and the deep details give me good anchor points to add some putty details, but I don’t want to bulk them up overly much, or add too much weight, or that defeats the purpose of having these modular lightweight terrain tiles to cart to game stores or conventions.

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