Gen Con 50 … Impact!

Gen Con 50 … Impact! will be at booth #124 and we’ll have our new 24 dice sets with the full dice chain with all the numbers from 3 to 20 and all the evens from 4 to 30. They will be available at 25% off retail just for Gen Con 50 and this is the first time they will be offered for sale. The 24 dice sets will be available in Black, Purple and the shown Rainbow. In addition we will have our previous 20 dice sets now available for the first time also in Translucent Teal, Light Purple and Glow in the Dark.

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So today was a banner day.

So today was a banner day. 2 KickStarters that I’m deeply involved with launched on the same day! Chibi Giants & Swarms is looking to make some fun 2″ Chibi models based on fantasy Giants and Elementals as well as producing the massive 134mm Trojan Horse.

And in addition Brandon approach me to help him figure out KickStarter budgeting and design cuts for some nice looking 45mm to 60mm Mech miniatures that could be used with a number of different systems. Besides helping get the project set up, Impact! will also be helping him with the pledge manager, casting and shipping of rewards (as well as sales after the KS).

Flipping back and forth between the comments and activity of 2 KickStarters made for a busy but enjoyable day!

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Having one of those moments that I just really wish I could help a creator.

Having one of those moments that I just really wish I could help a creator. This game looks like it could be fun … the art work look family friendly and well done.

But they are trying to do a lot without much powder in the barrel. No Twitter, No Facebook, no previous projects backed. And a funding goal that seems really high for a card game (could you not have just tried to fun the game using print on demand for the first goal … and then had mass production, and the 2 extra decks as stretch).

Just bumming because this probably has no chance to fund and I’d actually really like to play it.

Cards & Stuff – A Collectible Card Game

Your mother would call it a waste of time. We wanted to create a strategy game with deep meta – without a bunch of lengthy rules.

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I wish there was some way to show a flag if the total amount pledged…

I wish there was some way to show a flag if the total amount pledged for a project is way out of line with the total of the pledge levels. Self-funding a KS to get a backers money normally does not end well for a backer.

This project was spamming creators of successful KS projects over the last month and saying since your project did so well in overfunding could you please back my project with your extra wealth. I got 3 messages from him in one week.

And now suddenly his project went from not doing well at all to funded. $1802 pledged and when you add up the rewards it comes to $695. My crystal ball says this one is not going to end well for any backers that did give it money.

Luturas 3.0 My Dreamed Deck Game Make/100

A TCG where you have to takedown your foe’s HP. You could use Luturas and Tools, but don’t forget to defend your Crystals.

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