Alternative Armies releases for April 2018

Let me begin by thanking our customers for their kind words, their custom and their involvement across Alternative Armies over the last three weeks.  The March to War event is now over and packages will begin winging their way across the globe from the morrow and will continue until everyone gets their order.
It was a grand event and saw a dozen new releases across the Flintloque, High Fantasy, Sengoku, HOF 15mm Sci-fi, HOT 15mm Fantasy, EH Monsters and Oddness and battlefield scenics too.  See them all above in 15mm and 28mm scales.  Sengoku Monster Hunter a new set of rules in print and digital download.  Go HERE to our new releases page for the fullness of them.
Later this month we will have a free Flintloque scenario continuing the adventure of General Saindoux as he Escapes the Dark Czar.  So until then!
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