A Thousand Shapes of Horror

By Fantasy Flight Games

Published 9 September 2019

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

A Thousand Shapes of Horror

Announcing the Second Mythos Pack in The Dream-Eaters Cycle

“If a dead man can transmit his visible or tangible image half across the world, or down the stretch of the centuries, how can it be absurd to suppose that deserted houses are full of queer sentient things, or that old graveyards teem with the terrible, unbodied intelligence of generations?”
  —H. P. Lovecraft, “The Unnamable” 

Pre-order your own copy of A Thousand Shapes of Horror at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. today!

Your team has been divided between the world of the dreamers and that of the waking. You have no way to reach your slumbering allies, and with each passing day the danger grows as some malevolent force threatens to bring both worlds together, tearing each apart in the process. As much as you would trust your fellow investigators with your own life, there is too much at stake. With time running out, you have no other choice but to take matters into your own hands.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce A Thousand Shapes of Horror, the second Mythos Pack in The Dream-Eaters cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

As a bonus, when you pre-order A Thousand Shapes of Horror from the Fantasy Flight Games website, you will also receive a collection of four 5” x 7” art cards featuring carefully chosen pieces from this Mythos Pack, ranging from the action of your investigation to the indescribable terrors you may encounter. 

The House with No Name

A Thousand Shapes of Horror is Scenario 2–B of “The Web of Dreams” campaign, which can be played on its own in Standalone Mode or combined with the other expansions in The Dream-Eaters cycle to form either a larger four or eight-part campaign. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s classic short story “The Unnamable,” this scenario takes you to the most haunted corners of Arkham, where the veil between realms is drawn thin and even the most rational mind may be forced to confront the possibility of a world beyond the one we know.

This Mythos Pack follows the team of investigators who have been left behind in the waking world. The evidence you have discovered thus far points to a great calamity that will befall both your world and the Dreamlands as the two are pulled closer and closer together. To stop the merging between the two worlds, you decide to force your way into the Dreamlands in your physical body, instead of traveling there in your sleep. This method comes with plenty of dangers, but it will hopefully prevent you from becoming trapped like your allies. But if you wish to enter the Dreamlands, you must first find a key. 

Even in places where the Dreamlands borders the waking world, one cannot simply walk between them, and no ordinary key will do. A sense of fantasy, a special spark of imagination would grant you passage, but tragically these things are often lost to time along with other wonders of youth as more practical concerns take hold. For your guide, theirs was lost after a brush with death at the hands of an ineffable creature at an abandoned house in the Merchant District. The house itself is not much to look at— a run-down seventeenth-century building that has been abandoned for decades and fallen into disrepair. Its door is scratched, the windowpanes are shattered, and rats crawl around the foundations. You’re not sure exactly what you should be looking for, but you have to start somewhere. With no other choice before you, you take a deep breath and step inside.

Ready for Anything

As you take your first steps to follow your allies, A Thousand Shapes of Horror offers you a wide variety of cards to help you confront any unnatural horrors you may face on your journey. Seekers gain access to a new Tome in the form of the priceless

Otherworld Codex

(A Thousand Shapes of Horror, 158) that lets them search through the top nine terrors of the Encounter Deck. Once you understand the terror that stands before you, you can simply avoid a non-Elite card of your choice, discarding it from play and then shuffling the deck. Meanwhile, Mystics may more directly avoid such encounters by taking on an

Ethereal Form

(A Thousand Shapes of Horror, 164) and using their willpower to not only leave behind all engaged enemies, but also avoid all others for the duration of the round.

But you can only run from danger for so long.

Regardless of your class, if you wish to enter the Dreamlands it may be wise to make yourself as


(A Thousand Shapes of Horror, 167) as possible. This permanent neutral Talent increases your deck size by five and allows you to include an additional level 0 card from any class. While this may provide a nice boost for an investigator from The Dunwich Legacy, this means that any investigator can increase their clue-finding abilities and access to resources with the help of

Dr. Milan Christopher

(Core Set, 33) or take an extra action with

Leo De Luca

(Core Set, 48). Otherwise, if you want to leave your ally slot open, you can prepare for the worst with


(Core Set, 80) or a

Dynamite Blast

(Core Set, 24). Otherwise, if wish to use this single card slot for its maximum efficiency, you may choose to include an Asset that gives you access to Bonded cards, such as an

Occult Lexicon

(Before the Black Throne, 316) which gives you access to three copies of

Blood Rite

(Before the Black Throne, 317), meaning that even a small boost can offer substantial benefits.

With the new world of possibilities that this card provides, you can set up some remarkable combinations that will leave your team in awe. For example,

Tony Morgan

(The Dream-Eaters, 3) does not normally have access to Mystic cards. But if he has prepared a solid defense, the bounty hunter may wish to add

Drawn to the Flame

(Core Set, 64) to his deck, discovering two clues at his location for the price of drawing the top two cards of the encounter deck. With any luck, Tony will uncover an enemy or two with a total of six health, which he can quickly dispatch and use for additional experience with the new Rogue card

“Let God Sort Them Out…”

(A Thousand Shapes of Horror, 160). When you are ready to face anything, every obstacle becomes an opportunity. And with the fate of your friends at stake, you cannot let a single chance pass you by.

Indescribable Terrors

There is no telling what awaits you in “The Unnamable.” Will you discover the key to entering the Dreamlands, or will your investigation come to a sudden and tragic end, leaving your friends to fend for themselves? The only way out is forward—steel your nerves and step into your worst nightmare!

Pre-order your copy of A Thousand Shapes of Horror (AHC40) at your local retailer today or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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