52017 Dwarf Camp Followers – Flintloque 002

The Flintloque project for 2020 continues with the second freshen pack now updated and back on the website. Following up on the Dismounted Orc Dragoons.  Read about this project in full on our
52017 Dwarf Camp Followers
The towns and tails of marching armies are filled with civilians of all types.  Troops of Krautia as well as the Von Rotte Legion and the tiny states of the Confederation of Finklestein have camp followers.  Dwarves selling services of all kinds on the golden coins the soldiers gain from the pay chests.  Great for any game system this pack contains four different 28mm scale metal miniatures. 
Each miniature is about 22mm tall.  Pose 1 is a Dwarven Maiden.  Pose 2 is Dwarf with Blunderbuss.  Pose 3 is an elder Dwarf.  Pose 4 is an elder female Dwarf. Choose from a pack or single miniatures. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and with our resin cartouche bases.  
If you are new to Flintloque then it is well worth going along to our website HERE for the Begin in Flintloque page of resources, starter set and scenarios.
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