15mm scale Jet Bike flying stand released in the HOF Range

A new release into the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range by customer request.  The great little metal flying stands which come with our jet bike codes in the range now have their own code!  Go
HOF88C Jet Bike Flying Stands
This specialised pack gives you ten metal 15mm scale stands ideal for mounting your flying small vehicles or other models such as flying infantry or creatures. Each stand is identical and is 12mm tall total height from top to bottom.  Choose a pack or using the drop down menu a single stand.  You can find this stand included with some of our other codes from where it originated.  Such as HOF91 Cultist Speeder, HOF88 Octopod Jetbike and HOF67 Zidhe Jet Bike.  It can also be used with the great HOF110 Octopod Racer too as example.  Go HERE.
Above are the jet bike codes referenced from left to right.  Below is the Octopod Racer.
A wee release this time but one wanted by request so we delivered it as asked.  We will return really soon with more new awesome!

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